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Why does hypomagnesemia cause tetany?

I understand how magnesium deficiencies can occur, etc., but I'm looking for a resource about the physiological effects on the nervous system. Specifically, the actions that might occur around the chemical synapse to produce muscle spasms. I've found a lot of information about how calcium plays a role, but not much about magnesium.

Does anyone have a good website I can go to?
I know how to look on Wikipedia, and the information I need is not in their articles. I need a research reference or scientific paper/study report.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypomagnesaemia  (+ info)

Does anyone out there have Hypoparathyroidism and have to take lots of calcium to keep from going into tetany?

Huh? No. See your endocrinologist. Have your levels checked every couple of months.  (+ info)

how does the cardiac action potential prevent the heart from achieving tetany?

explain please

  (+ info)

Can we use the "mytomycin" antibiotic against "cholisteridium tetany" bacteria?

"mytomycin" antibiotic can remove pasmid from bacterial cell and infectious agent in "cholisteridium tetany" is on its plasmid.

Mitomycin is an anticancer drug. Why would you want to treat a bacterial infection caused by clostridium tetani with it?  (+ info)

i get tetany quite a bit what causes it?

I get muscle spasms alot throughout my body. The dr had done tests on my kidneys and also found too much protein in my urine

talk to your doctor about your calcium level. I have the same condition, but mine is caused by me having my para thyroid taken out many years ago. The para thyroid gland controls your calcium level in your blood.
If your doctor tells you to take a calcium supplement, ,I suggest Viactive chewables, they taste great, and is the fastest way to get calcium in your blood. Trust me, I have tried them all.  (+ info)

Tetany from panic disorder?

Sometimes I panic really bad and my heart races and I hyperventilate and go into tetany. My extremeties cling up and i feel pressure near my diaphragm. I went to the ER because of it once, they didnt seem concerned they just ran some heart tests and sent me home with anxiety meds. Is this dangerous to keep having?

That was not tetany. Tetany is painful. Whatever you had was mediated by your central nervous system.  (+ info)

tetany medical question?

I think i over exercised the day before yesterday (just goin up and down on my toes) and so i got this tetany in my calf muscles, they're like always contracting and i can't seem to stand well, it sorta hurts (as in flexed feet) and pressing them hurts also.
did u ever hav such thing? any idea if it will go away or i should check a doc? its started one day after my exercise and its still goin on for 2 days..

try a multi vitamin with breakfast.  (+ info)

Does Anyone Understand TETANY?

I just started a Nautilus class, and in the Car on the way home, my arms and legs were shaking. I couldn't even open a bottle of water, when I got home.

I actually know what Tetany is - My Questions are --

1. Did I work my muscles Too Hard (I understand the soreness to come, but not the shaking)

2. Did I not Eat the right things during the day?
Any feedback from anyone, is appreciated :)
Bronwen - ROTFL on my Avatar.

Thanks :)

Okay, first things first. Your avatar is from Patti Smith's "Easter".

Tetany of the type you describe is usually caused by a slight chemical imbalance. Calcium is generally the most common cause in adult females in the US, because we rarely get as much calcium as we should. Hypocalcemia (low calcium levels in the blood) can destabilize one of the muscle mechanisms (and I am sorry, I cannot remember what it is called), and cause the trembling.

I, too, have had it before. I was advised to drink more milk, which I did, and the condition improved. I am now unable to drink milk due to lactose intolerance, but I have noticed that I will develop tetany if I don't take my calcium supplements like I should.

Try either adding dietary calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt--yogurt is really great, it's very concentrated calcium), or a supplement, and you should see the problem go away.

And no, you didn't work your muscles too hard. You just worked them hard enough for the low calcium levels to cause some trembling. Eating calcium-rich foods will help, but it may take a little bit of time for your blood levels to raise, so don't panic if you still have it after your next class. Also, spread your calcium consumption out throughout the day--your body takes only what it needs at the moment, and discards the rest, so you have to have a sort of steady supply of it for it to build up in your body and correct the imbalance.

Good luck, and remember that if you don't like milk, they go down a lot easier with some Oreo cookies!  (+ info)

Muscle tetany and bacterial intoxication??????????

How does muscle tetany differ from the bacterial intoxication tetanus in mechanism?

A infection releases toxins , however inflammation like stiff person syndrome can also cause tetany just by inflammation.

In one case there is a infection and the other inflammation, it can also be caused by calcium and magnesium level variations  (+ info)

what is hypocalcemic tetany?

With low serum levels of calcium the skeletal muscle fibers are persistently contracted because they are depolarized.  (+ info)

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