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Can you give blood with essential thrombocytosis?

I might have essential thrombocytosis and I would really like to give blood, but I don't know if I can if I really do end up having it.

why risk it  (+ info)

What is a substitute drug that is cheaper than Agrylin, medicine for Essential Thrombocytosis disease?

My father has this ailment where his platelet counts reaches 6 million where standard count should only be 400+. Agrylin, which was manufactured by GenAsia and his only medicine for this sickness is so expensive. I want to know if there is an alternative generic drug for this.

I would get your Father to a Naturopath, or someone versed in Herbal Remedies. My suggestions would be to try "Ginko Biloba" which is a Blood Thinner for better circulation, along with Vitamin E which will help put elasticity back in the veins, & Co-Enzyme Q10 which will help normalise the Blood Platelets.,& you can Google the above 3 elements on Google, & also Google "Thrombocytosis" but only look for Natural Health Answers. Your Father should get 20-30 minutes of sunshine on as much bare skin as possible each day, the sunshine, along with the Cholesterol under the skin produces Vitamin D which is used by the body in various ways to fight cancer & produce Viramin K which helps the Bone Marrow produce new Blood Cells. Your Father needs to have his diet assessed & eat more Raw Fruits & Vegetables. Check Raw-Diet on Google. Below is a Link to a Website that may help. http://www.herbal-treatments.com.au/herbs_thrombocytosis.html I hope this is helpful, Keep well, robertringin.  (+ info)

Does anyone have or know someone who has Essential Thrombocytosis?

I am interested in young women with the disease. Trying to evaluate different treatment options.

Usualy symptomatic treatment of the disprder is all that can be done. If the person does not show symptoms it is still good to have regular checkups from the local doctor.
Encouragemnet not to smoke or take it up is the first thing.
Preventing formnation of blood clots and careful monitoring of the medications given to prevent these is imperative as they are susceptible to unconrolled bleeding.  (+ info)

Is Essential Thrombocytosis a blood cancer?

A relative has been diagnosed with Essential Thrombocytosis. The condition was detected due to a high platlette count, and confirmed by a bone marrow biopsy. She is now taking Hydrea.

We can't work out if this is a blood cancer or not. Does anyone know?

It is not cancer but a blood disorder. A very serious one. It CAN become cancer but, in less than 1% of patients. The survival rate I was able to research is 65% up to 10 years. It sounds like a rare or fairly rare disorder and there were several "unclear" findings as to what causes it at the sites I researched.  (+ info)

Is it okay to take birth control if you have essential thrombocytosis?

I'm just wondering because birth control runs the risk of blood clots and thrombus and if you already have a greatly elevated platelet count, should you still take it?

Honestly if you have any type of thrombosis,you will have a greater risk.So if you already have a greater risk i would not take it.But if you really want to know talk to your doctor as they are the only ones Qualified to answer this  (+ info)

Were there real life success stories on illness of Essential Thrombocytosis getting cured?

My father might got it from clinical operation for his hernia when he was young. His platelet reaches 6 million and we're recently using Agrilyn which I think only controls his platelet count but not exactly curing his illness. Were there cases of this same situation where platelet production went back to normal? How was it done?

Some people develope this, and it resolves completely. Sounds like your dad has something else going on underneath the thrombocytopenia.  (+ info)

What is wrong with me with thrombocytosis & neutrophilia?

I noticed a muscle cramp on xmas in the back of my left ankle and a bruising feeling behind the ankle. After 10 days off my foot with no improvement, I decided to ignore the doctor (who said he thought I might not be able to walk again), threw away the crutches
and started walking. WAlking is not making it worse, nor better. I've been for an xray, doppler, and ultrasound of bursa, and they've found nothing, but the pain behind my ankle is still there and the surrounding muscles are spasming. I also started experiencing numbness when I was sleeping. Today I got some blood test results back which indicate mild thrombocytosis, mild neutrophilia with a left shift and some poikilocytosis.
I recall no trauma to my ankle...only injury I think could have caused it is from sitting on it (I've noticed I sit
on that foot alot).. also had a bout of
hypersensitivity vasculitis around xmas. Doc has no answers...do you? Any idea who I should get referral to...he's suggested nothing. Thanks
I should have added that I'm supposed to fly overseas this month, and that I have a history of hypersensitivities/allergies.
Should have added that the "rheumatoid factor" was negative, I've had/have no infection that I'm aware of, and other inflammatory markers aren't there.

neutrophilia and thrombocytosis suggest infection or inflammation. infections could be in the skin or bone (osteomyelitis). inflammation could be various types of arthritis including gout. see your doctor again.  (+ info)

What medications have the side effect of thrombocytosis?

From what I have found, there are no medications that will cause it. The exact cause is not known, but usually, it is secondary to another problem, such as infection.  (+ info)

Has anyone heard of essential thrombocytosis?

My wife has it, but we are still wondering if is bad. Any ideas?

Essential thrombocytosis is a slowly progressive disorder with long asymptomatic periods punctuated by thrombotic or hemorrhagic events. Many times the patient will not need treatment at presentation, it won't affect them until later. It is however treatable.  (+ info)

Can thrombocytosis cuase cancer and if it can what types?

I have a high platelet count diagnosed as thrombocytosis

No it can't , but it could be a sign of bone marrow proliferative disorders ; such as , Essential thrombocytosis . Thrombocytosis usually is a sign of acute infection , instead of a primary event ( platelets are a kind of acute phase reactants ) .  (+ info)

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