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Thyroid Diseases?

Management of Goitres

Have you had any testing done? Are your levels high or low, hyper or hypoactive? Any symptoms of thyroid disease? Dry skin, insomnia, heart palpitations, dizziness, anxiety, depression, weight gain/loss, the list goes on and on. Is there a family history of thyroid disease? Managing goiters isn't too difficult, there are some simple and not so simple tests that need to be done. Depending on the results of some of the tests below.

For instance, they usually start with a simple ultrasound, then a thyroid scan with radioactive isotopes. This will determine if the goiters are hot (working) or cold (not working). Generally if they are (hot), your thyroid levels may be elevated, determining that your thyroid is producing too much. If this is just the beginning, they could be borderline and your physician may just watch things for a while. If they are too elevated your physician may recommend having dose of Radioactive Iodine to shrink the goiters and reduce over activity, in some cases your thyroid levels will go back to normal. However, this may also lead to hypothyroidism at which time you will be placed on thyroid replacement therapy. But untreated hyperthyroidism can be very bad health wise (poor calcium absorbtion is just one effect) so better to be on replacement therapy.

Now if you have a scan and the goiters are cold, they are not functioning which can mean a number of things. They will have to do a fine needle biopsy. Not a big deal. If they are not functioning in most cases they need to be removed. It does not mean that if they are not functioning that you have cancer. This test will determine if in fact they are benign or malignate. If surgical intervention is required, they may be able to remove the just the part that is effected and hopefully your thyroid will resume normal function. In most cases they will try to leave a portion of the thyroid intact. If they find that your entire gland has to be removed, then after surgery you will be put on thyroid replacement therapy.

Hope you fine this information helpful. By the way, I am also a patient, I have multi-nodular goiters, July 2006 I just had the treatment with Radioactive Iodine and so far my thyroid is producing normally without any further intervention.
I am also a nurse. Good Luck!  (+ info)

What are 12 diseases/conditions in the endocrine gland that involve the thyroid?

What are 12 conditions and or diseases that happen in the thyroid gland that is related with the endocrine?

Thyroid cancer  (+ info)

Is there any relation between the respiratory diseases and sodium levels or thyroid levels?

Is there any relation between the type 2 respiratory disease and low sodium or thyroid. If the body is deficient of sodium or thyroid do they cause type 2 respiratory disease.

  (+ info)

What are some treatments for Thyroid diseases?

I'm doing a group project on Tyriods and we're having a hard time finding information on treatments. They don't have to be complex, just to give some ideas.

here check out webmd.
on the left side there are bullet points and several of them have to to with treatments.

here is the link for hyperthyroidism:http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/hyperthyroidism-topic-overview

and here is the link for hypothyroidism:http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/hypothyroidism-topic-overview

hope this helps you out.

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Are certain thyroid diseases heredity? Could it be passed down from mother to daughter if the mother has it?

Take a mother and daughter for example. The mother has some thyroid disease (I do not know what it is exactly, maybe the one where the thyroid is overworking) but the father does not have any disease. The daughter is still young, and so it probably is likely the disease won't appear until she ages. Please name which diseases are heredity or if none of them at all are. Like if it just by chance its your body malfunctioning or what.

The mother has low hemoglobin, hematocrit, and iron, but has high TSH (high sensitivity in the thyroid I think?), and cholesterol.

Thanks. Need this for both educational reasons and possible reality situations.

from what i was told by an endo i saw from thyroid issues it can be passed on and occur younger and younger in each gereration....
my grandmother was hyper...diagnosed later in life
i was diag. hypo in my 30's
my daughter was diag hypo at 9

ck out www.about.com and go to the thyroid section under health to get some great info about this.....  (+ info)

Low basal temps should I get tested for thyroid diseases?

Have been ttc for a yar with no luck every morning my temps are very low.

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What diseases can occur when the thyroid isn't working correctly?

Thank you!!
I need answers ASAP!!

Heart disease, rising cholesterol, rising blood pressure, weight gain, adrenal fatigue, hair loss, lowered temperature...plus here's a list of problems that patients have when they are not on a good treatment: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/long-and-pathetic  (+ info)

i would like to know if there is someone here specialized in throat ( Thyroid) diseases?

i have a problem with my thyroid, Hypothyroidism (Under-Active Thyroid)
and i would like to know what fruits and veg i should eat to improve its function and have a much higher metabolism. what should i avoid in my diet too. i don't like the idea of pills, i would rather do it the natural way. Many Thanks.

Thyroid problems can very very tricky. You should speak with an Endocrinologist.  (+ info)

What is a good site to go to to find out about all types of Thyroid diseases?

for young people 18-20 years of age

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What diseases can be caused by thyroid glands complications.?

Is heart problems one of them

Most definetely your heart can be affected by an abnormal thyroid function. Heart arrythmias is the most common complication. Common conditions of the thyroid are hypothyroidism and Graves disease, less common is carcinoma. All are treatable-but without proper treatment they can actually affect your entire body. Hormonal balance is essential to proper organ function. Your thyroid function needs to be monitored regularly and meds adjusted accordingly to maintain homeostasis of your body.  (+ info)

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