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What is the long term prognosis of tibial plateau fractures?

18 months after the accident, I still have pain and swelling on a regular basis. Will it ever change?

Hard to say without an xray and advance imaging studies to figure out how serious it is. Overall, it takes a few years for a fracture to heal, takes even a bit longer in areas of weight bearing like a tibial plateau. The best thing you can do for it right now is to not to do anything very active like running/jogging on it. Use a cold pack (never heat) to control the swelling -- 20 mins on, and 40 mins off, repeat as necessary --, and do swimming for rehabilitation.  (+ info)

Can calf pain be a sign of Tibial Stress Fractures?

both Tibias are tender to touch, but do not give me much grief while running. Both calfs is where I feel the pain while running. Could it be a case of the calfs over compensating for the stress fracture causing pain?
thanks for the replies. however, i'm simply asking if calf pain can be a sign of tibial stress fractures. just a yes or no please.

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what does tibial tuberosity bilaterally mean? could i have knee fractures?

I was in Airborne School back in Oct. and had one hard landing. I had a bone scan to check for broken bones in my back. The results came up with tibial tuberosity bilaterlly. I don't know what this means or what to do about it. My knees are in pain all the time and I can barely walk. Can someone help me out.

Your tibial tuberosity is the bone that sticks out a little just below your knee cap. Bilaterally means on both sides. There is no pathology in the wording that you gave. Basically tibial tuberosity bilaterally means "knees on both sides"....it doesnt say what may be wrong.  (+ info)

After healing of tibial fractures, do u always have pain, soreness & swelling in that leg.?

I had dislocated tibial fracture from car accident. External fixator was applied & bone later healed. But I have constant swelling, stiffness,& soreness, worse as the day goes on & upon walking. will this ever resolve? I'd love to hear from those who had severe leg fractures, with internal or external fixation surgery. How is it years later? Will it forever be painful & swollen leg? worse during damp weather? Thanks for all sincere replies.

I know your pain. I did pretty much the same thing you did a couple years ago. I still have pain and yes, it does get worse during damp weather, though I find with mine it get's worse whenever there is a major change in the weather. The best thing that works for me is acupuncture. It gets rid of the stiffness and soreness for me. Ask your doctor and he/she can probably give you suggestions on how to reduce the swelling, stiffness, and sorness. Best of Luck  (+ info)

i have stress fractures in my "medial tibial bilateral plateau"....?

How long does it take to heal? Anything I can do to speed up the process? And when I'm at rest what is the best position to keep my legs in (bent, straight forward, elevated, etc)? Any other information would be helpful please.

Generally, healing can't be sped up in any way, other than keeping stress off of it and avoiding any kind of strenuous activity that could worsen it. If you think that you could hurt yourself again doing something, don't do it.  (+ info)

Tibial Plafond Fractures how long to heal?

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should you do heel walks and toe raises if you have a medial tibial stress fracture?

I recently just got diagnosed with a medial tibial stress fracture, and i want to strengthen the muscles around my shin to prevent this from happening in the future. But i dnt know if i should take it super easy on that area of my leg.

For injury, get a qualified personal trainer- someone who have done sports medicine or know about training for injury to assist you. It is strongly not advisable to attempt any exercises on your own because it may make the condition worst. Take care.  (+ info)

What are the symtom of Tibial Stress Fracture?

Will the Anterior Muscle get affected and causes pain by TSF?

Or TSF Symtom is just Pain in the Tibial Bone?

All the muscles & other soft-tissues connected to the fractured bone-site will be affected. Follow the doctor's directions exactly.

If you did not receive directions regarding when to resume any exercises, call the nurse & ask. If the fracture site involves any ligaments you should definitely have some prolotherapy also (helps prevent future problems in the area too).

Expect 8-10 weeks recovery time. Good luck! :)  (+ info)

Tibial fracture that extends from the plateau into the diaphysis?

Can anyone explain to me what a fracture of the right tibia bone would look like if there was a 4inch fracture beginning from the lateral surface of the tibial plateau and extending medially into the diaphysis of the tibia just below the tibial tuberosity. This fracture created a moderately displaced bone fragment.

If anyone could help me I would appreciate it. This is on a case study for Anatomy and I am having a hard time determining exactly how this break would look, and I have to sketch it.

The link below has pictures and x-rays of such fractures. Maybe they will help.  (+ info)

Can i wrap my tibial lower leg stress fractures?

I have been diagnosed with bilateral stress fractures in my lower right and left tibias. My doctor said i needed to be booted, but if e decided to place boots on both of my legs, i would become miserable. He then ordered me 4 weeks of physical therapy. I am approaching my second week. I am having pain in the middle of my tibia on my right side. I was wondering if it would be okay to wrap my leg with an ACE bandage, or wear a compression sleeve to help support my bone. Also, I am 16 years old, i go to a very big school, and have to walk the halls and climb many staircases along with a 20lb. backpack. Can i wrap my legs? especially during the school day. PLEASE HELP.
please help me, the pain is becoming unbearable

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