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Does anyone take the medication Guanfacine for tic disorders?

I would like to hear about any side effects that anyone has had from the medication Guanfacine. It was prescribed to me for nervous tics, but it is also a blood pressure medication. Is there anyone out there??

A neighbour was prescribed Tenex (Guanfacine ) and felt weak, washed out.
It doesn't affect everyone in the same way though. You never know until you try it for yourself.  (+ info)

Does anyone know anything about tic disorders and Add ?

My son has both of them and I wonder what could tratments are avalible.

try to learn more from these websites, these will help you get some questions for your pediatrician alongwith improving understanding on the disorders, good luck  (+ info)

What is Tic Disorders?

Movements or vocalizations than can't be consciously controlled; presumably caused by a nervous system abnormality. Tourette's Disorder is probably the best known tic disorder. Some people have motor or vocal tics, some people have both.  (+ info)

Is clearing your throat a vocal or motor tic?

Ok so i think i have some form of tic disorder but don't know which because i don't know if clearing my throat is motor or vocal because its different on each website i have seen.
So if you know please answer thanks.

it's considered a 'phonic' tic because it's a noise, but really, it doesn't matter which type of tic it is. What matters is how you manage it and if it's causing you difficulty.

Unfortunately, treatment for tics and tic disorders often comes with significant side effects. There is no cure, and the basic cause of tics, in the brain, is poorly understood...much less how to fix it.

If it bothers you, it's worth seeing a professional, but otherwise, it's best to see it for what it is; a tic, that will most likely go away on its own.  (+ info)

I am diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. I need some tips on getting rid of my nervous tic...?

When most nervous (speaking in front of a group), the muscles in my neck tense up. I can prevent my head from twitching by rubbing the back of my neck constantly, but this is not an appropriate method. Does anyone have any suggestions, other than medication? Can anyone explain the physiology behind this to me? Thanks.

The nervous system is found in every inch of your body and that's why most anxious people complain about aching muscles. So the sensations you feel are nerve related.
Muscle tension can cause a lot of pain. For example, pains in the neck or back can cause the blood vessels and nerves to become restricted and this can cause a headache.
Massage is the best way to relax the muscles, even if you are not in a social situation, so try to get a friend to do it for you, this way it'll be better.
Hope this helped!  (+ info)

How to prevent tourettes's Syndrome (tic disorder) whic is common in childrens ?

childrens brain disease how to prevent it ?

Tourette's is a neurological disorder. It's believed to mostly be a genetic issue and connected to neuro transmitter problems.

It can sometimes be brought on by a certain reaction to a medicine or develop with certain other diseases. Some children have developed it after an immunization shot.

Do you have a child that you suspect it is developing?

Best wishes~  (+ info)

Folks, my step-son is 15yrs old and has a 'tic' disorder?

He has been to the neurologist, tested for tourettes syndrome and the test came back negative. He said "He will out grow it by the time he is 13" and prescribed catapres. I do not remember the dosage. Every once in awhile, the "tic" comes back, lasts for a few days then goes away. He has had it for about a month now, is seeing a GP today, unfortunately at school he is known as "The Twitch". Obviously, the neurologist was wrong, I warned his dad he will never out grow it. He stopped the medication when I believe he was 10. Vocal and shaking of head and shoulders, the disorder continues. Any safe meds for a 15 year old to "control" this? Thanks

I think he VERY well might have Tourette's. I was diagnosed with it. Besides Clonidine (Catapres), there's another medication, called HALDOL-Haloperidol. Maybe he can try the Haldol.  (+ info)

What is the correct and safe way to remove a tic?

I found a flat tic in my underarm and I need to remove it, please don't tell me to go see a doctor for something as trivial as a tic removal. Notice i said DO NOT tell me to go see a Dr., if that's your answer, move on to the next question.

Grab it by the head with tweezers and pull. Then clean the area with antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandaid. Watch for signs of lyme disease (such as a circular red rash surrounding the bite mark and flu symptoms).  (+ info)

I think I have a tic disorder or Tourette's, but most websites say people start to show signs around 7-10 yrs.?

But I started my tics when I was 15-16. The website continues to say that most people stop doing these tics around their late teens and 20's. I am in my late teens! HELP!

Tics have to start before your 18 years old to be diagnosed with tourettes. I'm not sure about a tic disorder. My tics started when i was 14. With tourettes, it never goes away. tic disorders might though. When you get older (if you have tourettes) most of your tics go away but you will still have a few. For some people with tourettes, though, their tics never get better.  (+ info)

Why are orange flavored Tic Tacs softer than the rest of the flavors?

I've noticed for quite some time now that the orange Tic Tac mints are a lot more chewy/soft than the other flavors. Does anyone know the reason why?

Probably the chemicals in the orange tic-tacs are different than the chemicals in the other flavors, making the reaction from saliva slightly different. I've never noticed before...

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