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What in the world is tobacco use disorder?

This was a diagnoses that an E.R. doc tried to bill my insurance and I'm just wondering if it is an actual disorder and what are the symptoms?

LOL, sounds like he diagnosed your problem as you are a smoker. Boy bright dr! Sounds like he is just trying to get all the money he can out of your insurance.  (+ info)

Does tobacco smoking exacerbate bipolar disorder and schizophrenia?

Please indicate if you are a smoker in your answer.

Actually no, there is a reason that a large percentage of people who suffer from schizophrenia smoke cigarettes. The cigarettes actually help with schizophrenic symptoms.

As for bipolar disorder, I'm not really sure as that is a seperate disorder. (By the way, people who have bipolar disorder do not have 'schizophrenic episodes', but may have psychotic episodes brought on by severe mania or depression)  (+ info)

Does smoking tobacco cause bipolar disorder?

Does smoking tobacco cause bipolar disorder?
I have noticed that an aquaintance when not soking but otherwise medicated for bipolar totally loses the propensity to have paranoid thoughts and that these thoughts promptly return with taking up smoking again.The two situations I am talking about are very pronounced.Am I alone in noticing this?

I guess these people will find out.. http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/NCT00382915

But these people seem to think smoking does exactly the opposite: "Some experts speculate that nicotine use may be a form of self-medication because of its specific effects on the brain. This absolutely makes sense to me. Another study says "Smoking was less prevalent in patients who were less symptomatic". Yet another study states that juveniles Bipolar Disorder need to be carefully monitored for the early initiation of cigarette smoking and substance abuse. "

http://www.healthcentral.com/bipolar/c/41/2066/smoking-tobacco/  (+ info)

What cold and or allergy meds are save to take with anxiety disorder with panic attacks?

My husband has recently been diagnosed with gen. anxiety disorder with panic attacks and there is a tobacco barn in our small town which is irritating his allergies he took the cough med. Delsym and it aggravated his anxiety. Help what can he take?

I usually take claratin and it doesn't react with my anxiety medication. However, everyone is different. The best thing to do is to talk to your dr before trying another medication. Especially if he is on prescription drugs, the worst thing to do it have them comflict.   (+ info)

which childhood disorder is most closely linked to environmental tobacco smoke (second hand smoke)?

a. emphysema
b. asthma
c. heart attacks.
d. lung cancer

Asthma.  (+ info)

How does caffeine and tobacco affect somebody on mood stabilizing medication ?

A friend of mine is on two different medicines for her bipolar disorder. Her medication dosage has increased constantly, and it has me wondering about some things about the medication.

This particular friend smokes cigarettes on a regular basis. In addition, she constantly drinks caffeine shots. I know that cigarettes are unhealthy on their own and that caffeine is a drug. However, I am wondering how either or both can affect her body and mind along with the mood stabilizing drugs.

Could the caffeine and/or cigarettes have anything to do with her medication dosage being increased?

Thank you

You see, caffeine makes you a bit hyper and if your friend is bipolar then this might affect her drastically.

If your friendĀ“s parents know about her disorder (which is obvious) the why not try talking to them.

Cigarettes also affect her, thy have certain toxins that might also have other effects with the medicine she is taking.

As I said, try approaching her parents and let them know what is going on.

You might help her dosage not to be increased all the time.  (+ info)

Can you smoke pot with a blood clotting disorder?

I have factor IV liden or whatever. And I'm aware that i can't smoke tobacco anymore, but does pot go into the same category? All for academic reasons :D

You smoke tobacco. You smoke weed. It's still smoke that you inhale.  (+ info)

What's the difference between the tobacco in cigarettes and the tobacco in cigars?

What's the difference between the tobacco in cigarettes such as belmonts and the tobacco in cigars such as century sams and philly's?

which would you recommend more for rolling a spliff? is it okay to use the tobacco from cigars rather than cigarettes?

Officially, a cigar is defined as a tobacco product that is wrapped in a leaf tobacco or other product containing tobacco. A cigarette is a product that that is wrapped in paper, or at least a material that does not contain any tobacco in the wrapping. While this may seem like a small difference, it does indicate that size is not nearly as important as substance when it comes to the difference between a cigar and a cigarette.  (+ info)

How can you tell the difference between pipe tobacco and rolling tobacco?

I recently received a bag of George's Choice tobacco as a gift and im not sure if it is a pipe tobacco or a rolling tobacco. How can you tell the difference? Preferably, is there a way to tell from appearance alone?

I don't smoke often so please no responses telling me how bad it is to smoke. I know its bad! thank you

pipe tobacco is usually dry and kinda crunchy but rolling tobacco is moist and stringy  (+ info)

What type of chewing tobacco has a fruity type of smell to it?

I have caught my fiance quite a few times with a can or spit bottle in his truck and the stuff in them smells kind of fruity. He lies to my face and says that he doesn't do chewing tobacco even though the evidence says otherwise. I even have found a few light brown packs of a type of chewing tobacco in his tool box last year a few times and he still denies it. I would just like to know maybe what kind smells fruity and what I may be looking for.

I would imagine he is chewing Skoal, which makes a "berry" and a "peach" blend. It definitely gives off a fruity aroma. If you're finding his spitters (containers he spits into) then you've caught him red-handed. If you were to pour one of them out, you'd undoubtedly find little flecks of tobacco leaf....unless he chews pouches, which look like little brown pillows. I'm pretty confident he's chewing Skoal.  (+ info)

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