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What are the risk of high abnormalities and pregnancy?

Im 19 and i hav a pap smear done a couple months ago which came back posible high abnormalities. Im booked for a calapsy in august.
I was wondering what are the risk of having high abnormalities during pregancy.

There will be no risk if you go and get this problem sorted out. You shouldn't be thinking about pregnancy at 19 though. I can't imagine why if your pap came back normal it took them a few months to book you for a colposcopy. They booked mine with in a few days. they went in, did their biopsies and stuff and nothing was wrong. I've had 3 children with no abnormalities.  (+ info)

What are the odds to having a down syndrome baby with 2 ultrasound abnormalities?

I went in for my ultrasound at 19 wks and found out the baby has echoing in the heart ventricles and a cyst at base of brain. Individually, they would not be concerned, but because 2 abnormalities are present I need to go in for a level 2 ultrasound. What are my odds for having a down syndrome baby at 30 with these abnormalities being present?

I am 34 and had 2 abnormalities on my son's ultrasound. He had an echogenci foci (white spot on the heart) and a dilated kidney. He is a perfect 3 month old. 2 abnormalities is not unusual at all. Try not to worry. I know that's hard because I've been there.  (+ info)

want to understand the link between chromosomal abnormalities in parents and recurrent miscarriages?

I learn that one of the reasons for recurrent miscarriage of a pregnancy is the chromsomal abnormalities found in atleast one parent. I have the following questions:
1. Does this problem always result in a miscarriage or are there chances of delivering a live baby ?
2. If it results in a child-birth, are there chances of the baby born with abnormalities ?
3. Is this problem curable/treatable ?

1. The problem does not always end in a miscarriage. Most chrom abnormalities that result in a miscarriage happen before 6 weeks of pregnancy.

2. 1 out of 150 babies is born with a chromosomal abnormality. These types of abnormalities occur when the structure of a chromosome is damaged or the number of chromosomes is off (extra or too few).

3. Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Patau's syndrome (trisomy 13), and Edward's syndrome (trisomy 18) are common chromosomal abnormalites. Prenatal testing, like amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling, can be done before the birth and I have heard that they can now go in and remove the extra chromosomes or fix them which would fix the abnormality but most of them are non-curable and non-treatable.  (+ info)

What are some examples of brain abnormalities?

Can anyone give me a list of brain abnormalities?? I need ten for my psychology class I started this week....thanks!
I've been searching on search engines for a few hours, so if anyone know some off of the top of their head...it would be greatly appreciated!

Google it!

There are so many brain abnormalities and causes - both injury and birth defects.

Try googling neuropsychology or neurological disorders.  (+ info)

Can a tooth adjacent to a severely decaying tooth move over to fill the empty space?

Could a tooth next to a severly decaying tooth that is already chipping move over to fill the space that the decaying tooth is not occupying anymore?
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Short answer no. Over many years the adjacent teeth will shift slightly and close off the gap a little, but there's no way they'd move so much to close the gap completely. I had to have a molar taken it 15 years ago for the same reason. After time you dont even realise it's gone.

If I could have afforded a bridge at the time I would have got one. I can now afford to have just about any dental procedure going but my dentist tells me my teeth are in "tip top" condition. Ironic.  (+ info)

Why does my tooth that I had a root canal on suddenly start hurting?

I got a root canal a couple months ago and everything was fine. It didn't hurt at all and they told me to take good care of my teeth because that tooth is more brittle or something. Well, I brush my teeth twice a day and floss once a day. But suddenly, as of yesterday, my tooth started hurting every time I bite down on it. If I don't, there's just this dull ache. Any idea what happened?

Please Go back to your dentist. Either it was irritated because after your treatment you might happen to accidentally bite something that irritate the tooth or there might still something that was there that needs to be re-open and re-treated.

I urged you to go back to your dentist and talk to him/her if he /she prescribe pain reliever still describe him/her the pain and ask that if there will be a need to re-open and re-treat what possibility this might happen and why. take care.  (+ info)

Is it normal for other teeth or tooth to be sensative after a tooth filling or crown?

At the moment one of my top back Wisdom tooth/teeth are sensative after my front Molar was scrapped and filled in order for a crown to be put in next week. Is it possible for the other tooth or teeth to feel sensative even if they are three or four teeth apart? if so why does that happen, because nerves are connected or something or should only the tooth/teeth right next to the one being worked on feel sensative & not the one few teeth apart. Thanks.

yes your gums and teeth need to heal, everything will be fine!  (+ info)

How much does it cost and what metods are available for tooth replacement?

I have a missing permanent tooth (from genetics). Its the tooth 1 place from the first 2 main largest front teeth. Beside that tooth (on the side that isint missing) is a triangular tooth. However, on the other side, my third tooth is missing, and my triangular tooth is in its place, therefore beside my two large teeth. I was wondering what options I have in adding my "should be" tooth in its place and how much is would cost?

There is a procedure called dental implants available now. They drill a post into your jawbone. They then let this set and allow it to heal. After about 3 months they put a tooth on it, which for the most part lasts for life. It looks real and you don't have to worry about it falling out or anything.

The problem is, however, that this method is pretty expensive. Call around to cosmetic dentists in the area and see if anyone offers free consultations.  (+ info)

is it possible to save the baby from any abnormalities if i start medication for thyroid at 10 wk pregnancy?

i am at my 10 th week of pregnancy and am hypothyroidsm .have strated the medication only at this week...is it still possible that the baby will have problem during birth or afterwards...is there any solution to save the baby from any of the abnormalities due to hypothyroidsm?

well i take synthroid for my hypo and i am 23 weeks pregnant. Mine was controlled before i got pregnant but has required some adjustments during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about it but my guess is it should be fine.
gl to you  (+ info)

How can i whiten my teeth if I have a fake tooth?

I want to whiten my teeth but I have a fake tooth. I'm not interested in whitening my fake tooth. What I was thinking is once they give me my permanent fake tooth, I could get it a shade or two lighter than my other teeth, that way I could whiten my other teeth to the shade my fake tooth is. Is that a stupid idea? I've struggled with all of this stupid teeth problems, and i would love for something to turn in my favor.

Please help, suggestions or anything! Thank you!

No you are right on.. When I got my crown my dentist asked me if I wanted it lighter then my other teeth by a few shades. Since she knew that I was also wanting to whiten my teeth. If I got it the same color as my teeth were then, I would have had one dark tooth after I had whiten the rest of my teeth. So speak to your dentist about getting the right shade for you, since you do want to whiten the rest of your real teeth.

I hope this has helped
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