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How safe is professional tooth bleaching when done at home?

Just wondering how safe is professional tooth bleaching if you're doing at home. What's the best way to go about professional tooth bleaching?

Professional tooth bleaching is quite easy and safe as long as you're using the right products. Use this resource site http://whiteteethsecrets.com to get started. Follow the simple steps there and you'll be good to go. Professional tooth bleaching is really not that hard just need a simple safe regimen to follow. Any more questions just let us know.

professional tooth bleaching  (+ info)

When a tooth filling wears off, does natural enamel start to grow in its place?

When a tooth filling wears off, does natural enamel start to grow in its place?

no, teeth do not knit back together like bone does. the filling will have to be replaced or the tooth reconstructed with a cap or other artificial filler.  (+ info)

How much does the tooth fairy give for the loss of a first tooth?

My 5 yr old daughters first tooth came out at school today.
Steven - There's no need to be rude. Before you tell someone else to go back to school maybe you should check your spelling.

my mom did something pretty cool when i was young, she glued glitter onto 4 quarters. i still have them! but for the longest time i thought the fairy made them special for me :)  (+ info)

How long should my tooth hurt after a root canal?

I had a root canal last Saturday. My tooth still hurts when I bite down on it. It seems like it shouldn't hurt this long. How long should I expect pain in my tooth when I bite down?

Anywhere between a week to 2 or 3 weeks..  (+ info)

How long does it take for permanent teeth to grow after you lost a baby tooth?

I need answers quick before i go back to school which is on august 7th and i dont want to go to school looking like hill billy with a tooth missing.And my vampire tooth just fell off.

It could take a few weeks to a few months and don't worry you won't be the only kid with teeth missing!  (+ info)

What in dentistry is it called to replace a missing tooth?

What is the term used in dentistry to replace a missing tooth? I had a root canal done on a tooth, and it was never finished, the tooth was left hollow and it recently just broke off and only a small peice up close to the gum line is broken. It is my left front tooth. It's very unattractive, and I need to get it fixed. Would this procedure be called a crown, a cap or what exactly is involved in cosmetic dentistry to replace a missing tooth? Is it expensive?

Now that the tooth is decayed you have several options
1. Crown Lengthening and crown; Since there the body (coronal portion)of the tooth is gone. You can have a procedure done to actually remove bone to expose healthy root structure(usually no more than 2mm). this procedure allows the dentist finish a crown on the health tooth structure. This procedure is destructive to bone but is usually chosen by the patient who is not ready to loose a natural tooth.

2. Bridge; You can have the tooth removed and have a bridge placed. This is an option provided that it is not the last tooth in the arch. so there has to be a tooth in the front and the back, to allow the bridge to be placed.

3. You can have tooth removed and have an implant placed. This is by far the most expensive in the short term but has the potential to cost you less in the long-term since implants don't decay. The only risk is of structural failure and bone infection (low with reasonable care). this is a great option. However prices can skyrocket if you need a bone graft. Since you had the root canal a couple of years ago chances are the bone is still pretty good in your case.

4. You can have the tooth removed and have a "flipper" made. The is a plastic partial denture, made to fill the space. This is an option if funds are limited and you need the gap filled for aesthetic purposes.

5. You can have a removable permanent denture made. This is similar to the flipper, but the design is different. It has metal bars and lots of spaced to allow the tissues to breath thus allowing it to be used long-term without harming the gums.

Prices range from $350 for a flipper, to $3500 for implant and crown.

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How can you tell if your wisdom tooth is infected?

My tooth is barely coming out and the gum is sore. Part of the gum around my tooth looks like it's risen up. I'm not sure if it has to do with infection or if it's just part of the normal process of getting a wisdom tooth. The gum is not red, it just hurts a bit.

How old are you? It may just be trying to come in or if you are older it may be trying to come in and can't and you will have to get it out. My gums use to swell a lot every once in awhile when they tried to come in.  (+ info)

What is the likleyhood that my wisdom tooth will be impacted?

By the time I was 16 I had both my 1st and 2nd molars removed leaving me with no teeth on my bottom right side. Now that I'm almost 19, my wisdom tooth is starting to come in on that side. I'm afraid, though, that it will be impacted with no teeth in front of it to push it upright. Is there a big chance that it will be impacted? Should I possibly check about a spacer or a partial?

If the 3rd molar is visible...it is not impacted. The definition of impacted is that it is covered in bone. If it is only partially erupted then it may be considered partially impacted, but that's sort of splitting hairs.

3rd molars are pretty useless 90% of the time. I would recommend pulling the 3rd and getting implants to replace lost molars. If you don't have the $$$$ for that right now, just get a partial made so you can chew and keep other teeth from tipping and especially from upper molars from super erupting downward (very bad your your bite).

The partial will give you okay function and will keep the rest of your teeth from going to s&%#! until you can afford implants.

remember you are young (19) and if you have lost that many teeth by this age you need to start taking your teeth seriously or you will be in dentures by the time you are 30.  (+ info)

How to tell if its your baby tooth or Adult tooth?

My tooth is wobbling but is it an adult or baby tooth, i cant remember if it has ever fell out before.

If you are around 11 or 12 it is a baby molar.  (+ info)

How long does it take to get used to a tooth bonding?

I got a tooth bonding today for the gap in my two front teeth. Looks 10x better. But when eating it feels like food is still on my teeth and everything in my mouth is different. Harder to spit and brush teeth as well. How long does it take for my teeth to feel normal?

The mouth is highly sensitive to any changes. Even the most minor differences your tongue will notice. Consider how small a rasberry seed is, then think the last time you had one stuck in a back tooth... it feels like a mountain.

If the bonding is well polished and smooth as it should be, your mouth will adapt to the changes within a few days. Spitting and brushing your teeth are actions that you've been used to doing for years with a gap, it will take a few days before your tongue and lips relearn these actions without that gap. If a week from now you still feel like food is sticking in that area, go back to your dentist and have him/her check it, it may need a minor adjustment.

Good Luck!  (+ info)

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