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How long does your tooth stay sensitive after a large cavity is filled?

I had a large cavity filled the other day. The dentist ever had me feel the hole with my tongue to try to scare me I think. The dentist said that the tooth would be very sensitive for a while and she had to put some medication on the tooth to try to stop the sensitivity. I as wondering if anyone knew how long it would take before the sensitivity went away, and if there as anything I can do to stop the pain/sensitivity?

It will last any where from three days to six weeks. It should start to get milder as time goes on. If it doesn't then it will need a root canal. She did everything right, placing medication in it to protect the pulp, etc. But if the filling is high, the sensitivity will last until it is adjusted. If your teeth don't all meet at the same time (both sides) then the filling is high. I do not think that is the case here though.
The best thing to do is to avoid that tooth if at all possible. Stay away from extremely cold things. And try Sensodyne toothpaste.

Hope this helps and good luck  (+ info)

How long does it take to heal after a tooth extraction ?

1) Do you feel pain due to cold or hot food once you extract a tooth ?
2) Does the gun close up the cavity left after extracting a tooth and how long would it take ?
3) What other caises can there be for tooth sensitivity once a tooth has been extracted ? Any experiences ?

1) stay away from hot foods!!! for the first 10 days or so.
2)there will still be a ddep gash in your gums even after healing. it will take about 10 days before fully healed.
3)just the tender gums and the teeth around the extracted will be very achy. my expereinces were not a good one. very painfull. make sure to eat with your pain meds. if youre sensitive like me youll barf and thats never good with a gaping hole in your gums.

good luck =)  (+ info)

How to tell the difference between Baby Tooth and Adult Tooth?


The root of one of my teeth disappeared when I was a teenager and the tooth just staid there. This is an adult tooth, however the insurance is considering it as an baby tooth because it has no root. Is there no other way (size, color) that could help me confirm to the insurance that this is an adult tooth, not a baby one?

This tooth needs to be replaced by an implant, and insurance would cover it if this is an adult tooth only.


Your dentist should def. be able to tell the difference between a primary tooth and an adult tooth. Depending on where it is located and what size it is in comparison to the other teeth. Some people do not get a permanent tooth in one or more places, thus the baby tooth stays present in the mouth as there is not another tooth under it pushing it out. The roots on baby teeth resorb so they can get ready to become loose and come out to make way for the adult teeth. Even though there is not a root present the tooth can still remain in the mouth for several years, sometimes a lifetime if you are careful. I have seen grown men with a primary tooth still in their mouth. Maxillary perm molars (upper, back teeth) have three roots, and mandibular perm molars (lower back teeth) have two roots. Depending on where this tooth is should tell your dentist if it is a primary or permanent tooth. Some people do have their permanent tooth roots resorb for some reason, in this case if the tooth becomes loose then they would have to have an implant. I know of a case where this happened to a lady in the dental field, she has excellent home care, it just so happened that a back molar root resporbed leaving the tooth loose, so she had an implant placed. I am sure there is a way for your dentist to find out one way or another what is going on in your mouth. Insurance companies can be very picky so don't give up, keep trying.  (+ info)

How long before my tooth stops hurting after my root canal? Also can I start eating hard food in a week?

I just had my root canal done yesterday, but my tooth per se doesn't hurt, it's only when I accidentally chew on it or bite down on it that it hurts.

But there is no pain at all when I don't do anything on the teeth, it's only when I bite down.

I will get my crown in 2 weeks, so can I eat hard food before then? Or should I wait to eat any steak, burgers etc before then?

It is not uncommon for a tooth to be sore for even a couple of weeks after a root canal. Avoid chewing on it if you can so that it will have a rest. If it has not gotten any better when you are scheduled for the permanent crown, I would be a little more concerned. Good luck.  (+ info)

How do I reduce the extreme sensitivity pain in my front tooth?

All my life my teeth have been sensitive to cold and hot things. But earlier today my bottom front tooth started to hurt as if there was something cold on it, however there isn't. This pain is consistent, but will hurt more if I touch it or drink water or anything that involves it. I have looked in the mirror and there is no black spot or white spot or even a chip on the tooth and the pain is in the tooth so I know it is not a problem with my gums, any idea whats wrong with my tooth?

Teeth sensitivity to temperature is a variable thing and will probably go away in time. The only problem is you don't know when it will go away. I had that problem when I was young and it took until I was in my late 20's before my sensitivity went away.

Teeth with large nerve chambers often have sensitivity problems and as one gets older, the nerve chambers decrease in size. This will cause a lessening and eventual ending to temperature sensitivity.  (+ info)

Is it logical to have dental ache (all teeth sensitivity) after the extraction of the wisdom tooth?

I had my wisdom tooth extracted (low jaw) about a month ago. After several stages of mouth discomfort, I now feel that all my teeth have become sensitive and ache whenever I drink or eat sth cold (in fact, even when without doing anything.) Is it logical? Will it go away by time? Can the strong mothwash that I used be a cause of the problem as well?

no, you should not have pain or sensitivity after extraction of wisdom teeth. Sensitivity can be due to decay or wearing off teeth. Go back & get it checked.  (+ info)

Can a full erupted wisdom tooth that is straight be used as an abutment for bridge?

I have two teeth missing next to the wisdom tooth.. Will that one wisdom tooth be strong enough for an abutment? Is there anything about a wisdom tooth that is less strong than regular teeth?

If the root structure of the wisdom tooth looks like a good anchor. You have already said it is fully erupted and straight...that is good. If the roots are spread out in the bone a little and not just like a cone, and if they are long enough to offer support, then heck yeah, it would make a fine distal abutment.  (+ info)

What are some signs of infection after wisdom tooth removal?

Well I had a wisdom tooth taken out 5 days ago. The pain got worse for the next 3 days and then gradually decreased and today it's not bad at all. I have no swelling whatsoever. However, I had some chills and fever last night. I wonder if it's a tooth infection or some other infection. When I get chills and fever like that it means I have some kinda infection. Am I supposed to have more dental symptoms if i had a tooth infection?

A really bad taste in your mouth would be an indication. Listerine might help some.  (+ info)

How does the "tooth fairy" find those little teeth under the pillow without waking up the child?

My son lost his first tooth and the "tooth fairy" couldn't find the tooth. Fortunately it was found in the morning before he realized it was still there.

most children are very heavy sleepers. Also, to make it easier for the tooth fairy, maybe you could get a special box for teeth/money exchanges and leave it on the bed side table? ;)  (+ info)

How do I know if my tooth is a baby tooth or adult?

Hey, so the other day I noticed my tooth hurting. It is a teeny bit wiggly but im not sure if it is an adult tooth or a baby tooth. Im 13, and I thought i already lost all my baby tooth, but i don't know ! And im scared it is an adult tooth because than that would suck.

Hello...OK, heads up...are you certain all your 12 year molars have come in ?? If the tooth is small when compared to surrounding teeth, it's likely it is a baby tooth...Of course you need to do the very wise thing...go see your dentist and find out for sure...if perhaps it is an adult tooth, it's very unlikely it's the only tooth and or issue you have a problem with...adult teeth just don't up and get loose for no reason....Given your age, I suspect that the reality is that your losing a baby tooth and it's going to be replaced by a late arriving 12 year molar..Good luck and I wish you well..The Denture Pro.  (+ info)

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