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How does smoking lead to tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease?

I always hear that tobacco smokers have a greater risk of developing many different dental and mouth problems. I realize that smoking stains the teeth brownish yellow and causes bad breath(besides causing many serious diseases), but how exactly does it lead to tooth problems like causing cavities and gum disease? Please note, I am a non-smoker, but some people in my family smoke. Does the same go for marijuana smokers, or only tobacco smokers?

Smoking and other tobacco products can lead to gum disease by affecting the attachment of bone and soft tissue to your teeth. More specifically, it appears that smoking interferes with the normal function of gum tissue cells. This interference makes smokers more susceptible to infections, such as periodontal disease, and also seems to impair blood flow to the gums — which may affect wound healing.  (+ info)

How loose does my adult tooth have to be before I get concerned?

I am 40 years old and I was hit in the mouth with a baseball. My tooth is slightly loose, and I wondered if loose adult teeth generally heal them selves.

If it barely moves, you'll be fine in a couple of weeks. See your dentist anyway to find-out for sure.

If it moves freely, see your dentist immediately. He *may* be able to save the tooth.

In the absolute worst scenario, the tooth has been fractured, and the "live" part of the tooth may or may not have been damaged. In any case, you will likely end-up with a cap.

In the absolutely best case, you've suffered no more than a glancing blow that will heal in a few weeks. In this case, the bruise to the face, fat lip, and the eating funny for a couple of days are the worst of it.  (+ info)

How fast does a wisdom tooth move neighboring teeth?

I feel my wisdom teeth coming out (and I have been getting occasional fevers) -- I even feel the ridge of one of them. I'm not entirely sure if it's impacted or not, I'm getting an x-ray in a couple of days at my dentist. How quickly (if it does) can a wisdom tooth move neighboring teeth? I have never had braces and my teeth are straight.

very slowley  (+ info)

Will a new tooth cause the others to wobble?

I am almost 18 years old, and my top canine teeth is only now growing in. My other teeth are acting wobbly, especially my top incisors. Is it normal to have all of my teeth slightly wobble as this new tooth is coming in in both upper and lower rows? Thanks so much!

When new teeth come in, they sometimes apply pressure to the adjacent teeth, causing them to move (very slowly). Teeth become loose as they are moving. The same can be seen when people have braces, their teeth become slightly loose as their teeth are moving. These teeth stop becoming "wobbly" once the teeth stop moving, which in your case, when the canine tooth stops pushing the other teeth.

Dentist Vaughan
http://www.bcdentalcare.ca  (+ info)

What is the time between tooth extraction and implant placement?

What is the proper procedure for Implants in terms of tooth extraction and implant placement? I have been told the tooth should be extracted and then wait several weeks to get the implant. I have also been told both can be done at the same time. What is the proper procedure?

Both are correct in different situations. If a tooth is infected and needs to be extracted, generally you wait 4 to 6 weeks for your body to completely heal the infection before you would put in an implant. If the tooth being remove is heavily damaged (or whatever), but has no infection in the bone, an implant can often be placed the same day. This will be dependent on the surgeon's experience. If he's had lots of failures with immediate placements, you'll be waiting. (and vice versa)  (+ info)

What is the average cost to get veneer on your teeth per tooth?

My dentist wants to charge about $900 per tooth and I have 8 teeth at LEAST that need to be done. I think that's really steep. Does anyone know a cheaper place like in southern Michigan, Northern Indiana, or the Chicagoland area? What about going to a dental college would that be cheaper? I'm just frustrated because my teeth are TERRIBLE.

Dr Miller is right I am afraid that veneers are costly and between 800 - 1200 is about the going rate out here in CA. You may want to look into getting a dental discount plan. Normal it would save you about 15 to 20 percent on the cost of veneers and with having to have eight veneers that would still be hundreds of dollars you could save.

Also try to find a dentist that is willing to work out a payment plan. If you can not find that then look into Advance Care Card it is like a credit card for your dental needs.

Good luck to you  (+ info)

What happens if your loose tooth has a cavitiy on it and it's about to fall out?

My friends tooth is falling out and there is a cavitiy on it, the tooth is about to fall out. What should i do about it?

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How do you lose a tooth without it hurting?

My little brother is 5 and he has a really lose tooth and he wants to get it out without hurting before thanksgiving. He's never lost a tooth but. How can he pull it out without hurting?

Ask him to chew on Mentos or any Xylitol-based chewable candy. It would loosen the tooth and he won't even notice it. Distraction, like watching TV while chewing, takes his mind off the tooth. Eventually it will come off with constant motion.  (+ info)

What are the options when a baby tooth does not fall out?

I am 19 years old, and I still have an upper baby tooth. My teeth look fine, but I have been told that I need full braces to make room for my permanent tooth and I need a chain to pull the permanent tooth down. The process is supposed to take 18 - 24 months. I am in college, and I don't want braces. Do you know of any other options? How likely is it that my baby tooth will fall out? If I have the baby tooth removed, is there any other way to make room for my permanent tooth? How likely is it that it would come down on its own? I need ideas of possible options so I can ask the orhtodontist about them.

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Is it possible to move a wisdom tooth with braces to replace a missing tooth next to it?

My ortho is telling me that she can move my wisdom tooth to the gap where an extracted tooth used to be.. the wisdom tooth is right next to the gap obvoiusly.. can this be done?? Will wisdom teeth feel like my regular tooth in terms of chewing.. and will it last as long as a regular tooth if it is moved over in place to fill the gap?

i dont think so, the roots would have to move to a new socket. Unless you have a REALLY small jaw. and it would hurt alot!  (+ info)

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