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Can tooth injuries only get worse, or can the tooth fix itself?

... if I brush my teeth very well, can the tooth injuries I have fix itself in a magic way?

Sorry to disappoint you, but the outer layer of teeth are formed by tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is one of the structures which is not nerved or supplied with blood. It's pure mineral. In humans, tooth enamel is not regenerated (except dentition). You will have to see a dentist, else way the tooth can only get worse.  (+ info)

You know how some parents use saltwater when you lose a tooth and it stops, does that work for other injuries?

Oh no! It is only for the mouth. It will burn cuts on other areas. Peroxide and bacitracin is great  (+ info)

Is busting my tooth through my lip enough of an injury to go to the emergency room?

This has already happened... and I did not go to the emergency room. Could I have, though? I mean, it's kind of serious compared to some injuries, but not really as big as breaking legs or fainting...

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Why is my gum bleeding only above one tooth?

Over the past few days, I have had a discomfort and bleeding (when I brush) above a tooth on top. I do not see signs of infection or a bump (like when you need a root canal). I do typically have a sore issue with this spot -- due to sinuses -- but the bleeding and swelling worries me. What could be causing this? I don't recall any injuries and i have good hygiene (except i don't floss all the time). How long should i wait before going to the dentist?

Just because there are no bumps or anything, doesn't mean there's no infection. You might have slight infection in your gums; the bump comes with infection in the tooth. Small infections or irritations in the gums are usually caused by something that gets stuck in them, such and popcorn kernels or even toothbrush bristles. It could also be possible that you have a bit of decay below your gumline. The only way to know for sure is to see a dentist. but if you would rather hold off, I suggest swishing around with a mix of peroxide and water. Hydrogen peroxide is a great debriding agent, plus the mixture will get rid of bacteria. This way if it is a minor gum infection or irritation, the peroxide rinses will clear it up. if it doesn't get better after a few days of doing this or it gets worse, please see a dentist so they might x-ray the are to find out what is going on. Good Luck!  (+ info)

As a veteran with no service related injuries will the VA pay for dental work to be done.?

I had to have a tooth distracted and now that it's gone I have problems chewing. Will the VA pay for me to have dental work done to have my tooth replaced?

Nope. They have a percentage disability scale that you have to be rated inorder for them to take care of dental work. I am a veteran myself with service related injuries and I'm not eligible for it and only from not being rated high enough. Go to your local VA for further information and Good luck.  (+ info)

How serious is a chipped tooth?

My little brother chipped 3 of his teeth, one of which was his front tooth. How serious are these injuries? And how can they be repaired? And what's the estimate cost?

He can get fillings, and when hes an adult or close, he can get veneers which is more permanent. It should cost around 100+.

with fillings he cant bite anyhing hard, or else they will come off, but it doesnt come off too easily. Just no biting into chewy candies, apples, etc.  (+ info)

help!!! very suddenly swollen cheek, no tooth problems or injuries... am i in danger??

i noticed about two hours ago a few lumps on the inside of my cheek suddenly swole up. i have no tooth aches or problems of any kind, and the lumps are high up, not near the teeth at all... i haven't bitten them or anything. they're not really painful but seem to be swelling at a pretty rapid rate which is what worries me a bit.

i'm also slightly nauseous, but not enough to actually vomit.

i think i have/am starting to get a sinus infection, but no glands in my neck are swollen or anything...

i did have a lot of caffeine today, way more than i have had in a long time, but i have never had an allergic reaction to it before.

any idea what could be causing this? i've been sick with a cold (possibly mono--one of my friends has that--haven't been checked out for it yet?) for the past couple days.

ANY help would be wonderful, i am a little worried and won't be able to sleep without knowing whether i should be worried.

please help! thanks!

You may have an infection or an allergic reaction. If you have a high fever or bad head aches see a doctor right away. You can try gargling with a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and water , do not swallow this. Just swish in your mouth for a minute and spit it out. Do it two or three times a day to kill a bacteria infection. This will not help with an allergic reaction.  (+ info)

i fractured and dislocated my jaw, wisdom tooth taken out and minor scaring how much compo will i get of cica?

Im 16 and was assualted causing me a fractured and dislocated jaw, loss of wisdom tooth due to surgery and minor scaring sue to surgery. the police have been informed and i have filled out a criminal injuries compensation form and was wondering roughly how much compensation am i looking at geting.

This would be a great question for a lawyer.

You might want to re-post this in the 'Law' section.  (+ info)

widsom teeth removal complications and injury to the tooth next to the wisdom tooth?

I have removed my wisdom teeth and happened to get dry socket. I removed my dressings today and the whole is very big. When I drink water, I experience severe pain. I looked at the whole carefully and it looks like the root of the tooth beside the whole is exposed. Is there a high chance that I lose the tooth? Would implants work to save the tooth?

The cold water is hitting the exposed root of the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth socket. This shows the tooth is alive and hopefully it has a very good chance of being okay. As the socket heals over with gum tissue and fills in with bone, thing should get back to normal. Good luck.  (+ info)

How long will it take for a dead tooth to fully discolor and turn black?

I recently had a very traumatic experience and both my middle two front teeth were damaged. The nerve in both is dead and in one there was a complete horizontal fracture and that tooth is a dull grey. It has been 3 weeks since my injury. Can I expect the tooth to drastically change color in coming weeks?
So I shouldn't worry it about it changing from the greyish color it is now for a while?

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