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Can an injury to a 2yo tooth cause it to turn brown?

My 2yo banged his front tooth a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to have shifted into his gums. There was minimal blood and we thought nothing of it. Now I noticed that it is brown. What could be wrong?

I'm a dentist.

Absolutely. A traumatic injury to a tooth can cause it to discolor to a brownish hue.

Basically, as the pulp of the tooth dies, sometimes the breakdown products of the blood inside stain the tooth from the inside.

At this point, his tooth is almost certainly non-vital (i.e. dead). If your child were older, I would recommend a pulpectomy in order to reduce the risk of developing an infection associated with the tooth. However, I know perfectly well that no two year-old would cooperate with such a procedure. Hence, I would recommend the following: Take him to his dentist to evaluate the injury (and rule out any other injuries that may have occurred). If the doctor doesn't recommend any treatment, then you can simply monitor the tooth (and the gums above the tooth) for infection. Basically, you'd be looking for redness and/or swelling and/or a "pus bubble" on the gums above the injured tooth. If an infection develops, treatment should be performed.

When your child is old enough, i.e. around three or four years old, a pulpectomy should be performed, period.

Like I said above, take him to his dentist for an evaluation.  (+ info)

My front adult tooth is loose due to an injury. Will it fall out or if left alone, tighten back into the gum?

I took a bad fall and my tooth is still loose over a week later. I am nervous that it is going to fall out. Is it possible that it will simply become firm again? What should I do?

It won't become firm again. It may stay loose for awhile & eventually fall out, unless you pull it out first.

Go see a dentist & ask what can be done. Maybe they can put a dental implant in, like a fake tooth implanted into your gums.  (+ info)

Grayish colored tooth after injury , will the tooth fall out?

I am 13 and I had a skating accident a while ago , i chipped one of my front teeth and had to get stitches on my lip , the tooth that i didnt chip is a little grayer than the other one , it has been about 4-5 weeks since the injury , will the tooth fall out and do i need a root canal?If i do , how much will it cost and how long will it take?

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Can an injury to an infant's gum scar/hurt the incoming tooth?

My little girl fell about six months ago and hit her upper gum. Her tooth was just starting to emerge. Now it's discolored and seems as though it's got a little indentation. She doesn't act like it bugs her and we're not in an area where there is much dental care. But the more I think about it I worry. Can an injury to a gum cause tooth damage when they're that little and their teeth are "soft"?

Yes it can. My daughter has a tooth that she must have injured right when it was coming out. It has never bothered her, but the enamel is noticeably chipped and its discolored. Thankfully its just a baby tooth and it'll eventually fall out!  (+ info)

How is a missing tooth replaced?

I am 13 years old and when I was little I tripped on a board walk in Florida. This injury caused two of my teeth to grow in fused together. One of the fused teeth made it but the other did not grow a root so it fell out. I have been missing it ever since. I am using a expander right now and am waiting for my last couple of baby teeth to come out and my orthodontist said he would replace the tooth. My teeth are in reasonable good shape so how is it replaced?

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How can I keep positive even though i have Tooth injuries?

I'm in pain right now and it feels like there will never be healing. But if i just give up like this, it's no good. What can i do to see light at the end of the tunnel when it doesn't feel like there is a solution?

My injury was molar Pain from biting something hard. I've had pain for 4 days and went to dentist , he said that it will heal in 2 weeks.
That's what he thinks but as i experience this pain all day long.. i feel like i'm death.

Well it's not pain constantly but the pain keeps looping( coming back and then going away)and it's not even that much but i'm a sensitive guy and i get worried by anything.

did he take x-rays. Normally if you have "bruised" your tooth you should be feeling better in a couple of days and complete within 2 weeks. If the pain is there even when the tooth hasn't been stimulated then a root canal may be necessary. Take some advil or ibuprofen. They are anti-inflamatory drugs and help the inflammation and swelling if there is any around the root. If it is still hurting tomorrow you should call them back.  (+ info)

what have i done to my tooth? and what can i do to stop it hurting?

i dropped a remote control and the corner hit my front tooth, it really hurts, especially when i eat but there are no physical signs of injury to it. The pain is sort of like a bruise what have done to it? and how can i stop it hurting?

You have likely "concussed" the tooth, which is when you have injured a tooth without it fracturing, breaking or moving within the bone. Sometimes, this is sufficient to traumatise the tooth enough that the nerve and blood supply (pulp) start to die. This might be causing your pain. It is important you get the tooth checked by a dentist, including xrays, even if only to monitor it over time.  (+ info)

Whats the difference between using a heat pack and an ice pack for injuries?

My wisdom teeth are pushing in and it is swelling my right jaw up and I'm in quite a bit of pain until I get them taken out. Should I use an ice pack or heat pack for comfort?

Stay clear of the heat packs. Heat in the area will increase the blood flow and will therefore intensify the pain. A cold pack will help by numbing the area and reducing blood flow. I recommend you see a dentist as it's likely you have an infection which is indicated by the swelling. In the mean time rinse with warm salty water or an antibacterial mouth rinse if you have one, this will help remove any food or debris which is in the area. Hope this helps.....I know wisdom tooth pain isn't a pleasant experience!!  (+ info)

How do I heal injuries on my cheeks?

I got these things on my teeth which make me bite my cheeks a lot. I have these bumps on my cheeks now (inside my mouth) and they hurt really badly. It makes it hard to eat. Is there anything that would make it better?
The things in my mouth are similar to the start of braces; they are metal rods around my teeth with small tubes that allow me to attach my night braces. I have 4 of them; 2 on my top row, 2 on my bottom row.

what do you have on your teeth that make you bite your cheeks? and then i would be able to figure out how to stop it. if its braces then there is always wax, but if you fix why you are biting your cheeks then you can heal them because the tissues in your mouth heal fast.  (+ info)

If my general dentist broke a file into my tooth during a root canal?

Is he financially responsible for any endontic work that will have to be performed in the future? I have MS and require frequent MRI's and have been informed by my neurologist that this file MUST come out or I risk serious injury during the MRI. I was not told about the broken file until after he had filled my tooth with the rubber compound.

Broken files are a common 'side effect' of a root canal......You might want to get a legal opinion on this.  (+ info)

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