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Will a darkened tooth (after injury) ever get white again without root canal treatment?

Tooth was sensible but fine until days ago when it turned dark overnight ten days after the accident. A Any chance I can escape root canal treatment? If not, should I wait until my post concussion syndrome is gone or do I have to run and get it done asap? Any alternatives to the treatment?

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8 year old with loose permanent front tooth?

my 8 year old has a very loose permanent front tooth. she had an abscess a few weeks back but no other injuries. other permanent teeth are fine . She is terrified of going to the dentist any ideas?

I am a dentist. I know you said it was a "permanent tooth" but first i have to wonder how she got an abscess at this young age. Did she receive trauma to it? Second, if by chance it is a baby tooth maybe the permanent tooth is erupting and caused what you believe to be an abscess. Third, if it is indeed an abscess we need to find out if this is caused by something even more serious like a cyst or a tumor.
An xray needs to be taken ASAP so that the dentist can find out the whole story.
If she is too afraid to even have a picture of her tooth taken maybe she should see a pedodontist or children's dentist who can give your child some "sleepy juice" or a mild sedative before she comes into the office to help relax her. I hope this helps!  (+ info)

What injuries have you had in the past?

I've had a broken leg from running into a fat girl colliding with her at the corner(I was only little and she was big) broken arm from falling out of a tree when I was little broken chin from being pushed around on a bike(when I was in kindergarden) without brakes by an older kid and it ran into a rock. Ive also chipped my tooth going over the handle bars of a bike, busted my knuckle on the t.v. set. Multiple scars on my face from cutting myself up with a razor blade. I've also got scizophrenia and yer I guess you could say I feel a little beat up huh?

Broken nose (tag football into a large satellite dish)

Broken finger (trying to tackle a "ram" you know, a bah bah (my parents had livestock)

Shot once with a be be gun (left boob) OUCH!

Multiple scars from glass cuts that poke through trash bags because stupid people put broken glass in plastic bags???
But, I have to say I have never had my a-s-s kicked by another person.  (+ info)

Can you tell whether a tooth is a baby tooth or permanent tooth?

So I'm 12, and I have lost most of my teeth. I thought that I lost all of them until last week when I found one to be loose. I always wiggle my teeth as a habit, so I'm nit sure whether or not this is a permanent tooth. I think I may have caused it to be loose by pushing on it too much. Are there anyways to tell whether a tooth is a baby tooth or permanent tooth besides size? (I have nothing to compare it to.) Thank you to anyone that answers. Merry Christmas!

Stop wiggling that tooth, and as soon as practical go see a dentist. Your dentist may need to stabilize it by wiring it to an adjacent tooth. But a dental x-ray will show whether it's permanent.  (+ info)

What is the best teeth treatment when your fragile dead tooth turns gray?

I had a motorcycle accident 6 years ago which caused my upper front gum to break and bend backward towards my mouth. My two front teeth did not fall off, so the dentist pulled my teeth and gum back to the front and did root canal treatment to both of my upper front teeth. My teeth are supposed to be dead after that with no root canals, but one of them now has turned grayish in color (half of the tooth). I'm thinking of tooth crowning, but I'm worried that it might fall off, since they
were fragile after the accident. What is the best treatment for me?

Internal bleaching. An access is created on the back of the affected tooth, bleaching gel is applied and sealed. The process is repeated until the tooth goes back to its regular shade. Ideally the tooth needs a crown or porcelain veneer since trauma and root canal both can significantly weaken the tooth structure.  (+ info)

What hip injuries can you get from falling off a horse?

Aside from breaking the hip, what bad injuries can a person get in their hip from falling off a horse?

I'm writing a story, and I want my character to have a bad hip injury that would lead to complications -- possibly arthritis or something. Can anyone suggest something?

Thanks very much!

Falling off a horse sideways and landing on their side. Could result in a dislocated hip causing arthritis or hip joint deterioration.

Thrown off to the front (flipping over the horse's head) they could shatter their pelvis, tailbone or vertebrae.

Thrown off to the rear (due to the horse rearing up) the horse could flip over and the saddle horn could cause severe internal damage to organs etc. due to the full weight of the horse landing on them.  (+ info)

Tooth injury - has this happened to your child?

My daughter fell and hit her mouth, and had a terrible gum injury. She has been to the dentist for x-rays, and a 6-month follow up. The dentist says the root of the tooth is abnormal. Do you think she'll lose her tooth? Do any of you have experience with this? Her tooth turned gray, and back to white, so I'm hopeful.

My daughter hurt her front tooth at preschool when she was 3. It turned a grey color and our dentist informed us it could stay that way until it fell out! I was scared because it looked like her tooth was rotting. Fortunately they grey color went away and it turned back to a normal white tooth. The grey color that we experienced (because both of our children's tooth colors turned back to normal) was just blood stuck underneath the tooth from the gum. My daughter's tooth never fell out so hopefully you're in the clear.   (+ info)

Why does my tooth that I had a root canal on suddenly start hurting?

I got a root canal a couple months ago and everything was fine. It didn't hurt at all and they told me to take good care of my teeth because that tooth is more brittle or something. Well, I brush my teeth twice a day and floss once a day. But suddenly, as of yesterday, my tooth started hurting every time I bite down on it. If I don't, there's just this dull ache. Any idea what happened?

Please Go back to your dentist. Either it was irritated because after your treatment you might happen to accidentally bite something that irritate the tooth or there might still something that was there that needs to be re-open and re-treated.

I urged you to go back to your dentist and talk to him/her if he /she prescribe pain reliever still describe him/her the pain and ask that if there will be a need to re-open and re-treat what possibility this might happen and why. take care.  (+ info)

What injuries do you get from a motorcyle accident, that can eventually kill you?

I'm writing a story, and the guys dad dies from a cycle accident, but I don't know what injuries could kill him. Help?

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How would a tooth repair itself in a root canal treatment?

The dentist put a temporary filling and some medication in my molar tooth in order for it to repair itself. However, I do not understand how a tooth would repair itself without the dental pulp? As there is no pulp there would be no blood supply to the tooth, so how would the tooth repair itself?

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