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How do you know when your molar tooth is dying?

Pain in my upper last molar tooth, so unsure if it's dying or not? If tooth is dying does it pay to get a root canal plus crown on it, or have it extracted ? What are the chances of having to do an extraction if root canal and crown are done? Can a molar tooth be ok with a root canal and crown, or will it have to be removed anyway? What happens to the other teeth if a molar tooth is removed?

It is a bad sign and a sign of expenses and grief to come.

You need to get it checked at a dentist. None of us on Yahoo can see it from here.

If the tooth is valuable (easy to see in your smile and a big molar necessary for chewing) you should do your best to save it. That includes root canal and crown. Unless the root canal is done by a poor dentist who cracks the tooth it is likely the tooth will be perfect after that work.

If you ignore it you will be in more and more pain as it rots away waiting for the extraction. If the tooth is extracted the bone will tend to diminish near it and the adjacent ones will start to loosen.  (+ info)

What does it mean if the tooth is said to have lost part of its bone?

How can one tell if a tooth has lost some of its bone??? From its gum? Or any other symptons?
For what reason would the tooth lost its bone? How can this be improved? Is it possible for the tooth to undergo root canal treatment later?
There is no decay or cavity on the tooth and it is not shaking. A little waggy or pain sometime. Can this be improved through brushing?
Anyone who know or have this knowledge, please kindly advise.
Thank you very much.

loss of bone around the tooth is next stage of gingivitis ..called pericoronities..deep scaling has to done .u must do daily compulsory gum massage over the area...  (+ info)

How many injuries are there related to knee joint?

I want to know how many injuries are there related to ligaments of the knee? Can you provide me a list of these injuries? What are the symptoms of these injuries?

in the knee there are four ligaments, the anterior cruciate, the posterior cruciate, the lateral collateral and the medial collateral ligaments. injuries to these can include a partial sprain or a complete rupture. Typically when injured there is a lot of swelling and considerable pain in the area. the severity of the sprain is described using degrees. 1st degree would be a minor sprain, which would still allow for walking and use of the limb, but there would be some pain and a little bit of inflammation. A second degree sprain can range from moderate pain and swelling to a more serious amount of pain, swelling and joint instability. The person may or may not be able to walk, or would need crutches or a walking aid to get around. Rehabilitation may include surgery or strengthening of the surounding musculature. A third degree sprain is a rupture of that ligament. this would result in instability of the joint and surgery would be required to safe guard the knee.  (+ info)

How long will the upper front tooth take to grow after the child looses his baby teeth?

My 8 year old son lost his tooth about six months ago and still his adult tooth ain;t even showing. I am really starting to get worried...

He does has his cleaning check up coming up in July and will have x-rays done.

Does anyone else have experienced a long delay in the adult’s teeth coming through?

6 months to one year
babys milk tooth r normally lost when the new are already in the process of formation and they push the milk teeth out  (+ info)

How can you make a wiggly tooth fall faster?

I have a wiggly tooth. On one side the tooth is moving the other is moving but not alot. So I want to make it fall faster. I also want to make my other teeth fall down so my new teeth won't grow up behind them when they still haven't fell down.

If you want your tooth to fall out and you are just a young child you should eat apples and just play with it with your tongue. I think if you tie a rope around it is not a good idea because it might hurt if its not ready. If you want to pull it out without hurting you should get a gel call Orejell. Its an numbing gel you put in your mouth. It might taste gross but i use it for things like this too!!

Good Luck with you tooth =)  (+ info)

What kind of injuries could someone realistically suffer from after a fight?

I have to write an alternate ending for a book in English class. I want the main character to die from injuries sustained during a fight. The victim is fifteen years old and skinny, and he is beaten up viciously by a strong eighteen-year-old. The person beating him up punches him, kicks him, etc, but only uses his body to fight., The victim doesn't fight back.

Causing Neck and back bone severe fracture which is also called heavy dislocation.. This might end into coma or even death...
Punching and breaking or even collapsing the neck/throat by twisting the neck with hands or legs..
Giving heavy punches to back of head (at brain) will cause head injury.. This includes eyes too if kicked in eyes..
Heavy kicks to balls and penis will cause damage and internal bleeding to the reproductive system...
Breaking atleast 6 to 8 bones in the body.

By Giving all these together, i guess no one can survive unless he is lucky.... Even thou he survives, some of his body parts wont work at all...

I hope u r asking this for book purpose ONLY and not for real revenges...
Dont try this school, at public, or anywer....  (+ info)

How long Does it take for a Tooth to grow back?

I've recently lost a tooth (yesterday) and I'm 12, so You seem like a baby when you loose your teeth. I'm wondering how long it takes for a tooth to grow. I can see a little point of the start of it. I also have another tooth right beside the lost one which is wiggly and it will fall out soon. I don't want to be made fun of, because of a BIG gap between my teeth. Please help me.

1 year usually it depends on what tooth  (+ info)

What is the best and healthiest way to whiten your teeth without hurting your tooth enamel?

I have tried all those tooth pastes that say it makes you teeth whiter but it has not helped at all. I want to bleach my teeth but I heard that is really bad for your teeth. Is there any cheap and healthy way to whiten your teeth without hurting them?


There is no best way to whiten teeth its chemicals your putting on. Use a whitening toothpaste on a daily basis like crest and try the crest white strips they really work but be careful your teeth will hurt in the beginning. If you drink coffee, tea, wine or soda that can stain your teeth so make sure once u whiten your teeth to stay away from those things. If you smoke that definitley stains your teeth. My advice as a dental hygienist try the strips first and if your not happy with the results u can even try the whitening trays from your dentist or zoom which is an hour procedure.  (+ info)

what is mild pain/sensitivity in a capped tooth mean?

for 20 years, i had a cap put over my 1 of my front teeth due to an injury i sustained. a couple weeks ago, I had a new cap/crown put on it, the old one removed, for aesthetic purposes....lately, i have been having mild pain.throbiing sensations in the gum/root area since the procedure. Is it merely one of thos "its going to rain" sensations or could something be wrong?

i will be calling the dentist soon, his office closed today.

  (+ info)

What injuries would someone have after critical condition from car accident?

What are some specific injuries for car accident victims who are in critical condition? BTW this is for a book. What is a good combination of injuries that I should give the character??

Broke Collarbone, Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI), Neck Whiplash, Broken Arm, Internal injuries, Temporary Loss of hearing, Memory loss  (+ info)

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