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How can I find biofeedback or hypnotism to control tremor?

My husband has severe tremor in one hand. It stops when he falls asleep. Medication has not helped. Where do I look for a place that can teach him biofeedback, or hypnotise him for tremor? I don't know if it works, but it's worth a try.

www.quantumassociatesofutah.com. We are Quantum Biofeedback Therapists. On our website under links are 2 directories that will help you locate practitioners in your area.  (+ info)

how can i start walking if i have an uncontrollable tremor?

i have had an uncotrollable tremor since i was 21.

omg since it is so serious u ought 2 consult a doc 2 1st!  (+ info)

Any ideas on how to detox at home? How to help with the tremor's or headaches?

I am detoxing my sister at home & we are 7 day's in. Any advice on how to control the tremor's, or headaches, hot 1 min. & cold the next. Any adice or information from anyone evr gone through this will greatly help. We love our sister and just want any help or advice you have to give.

You, yourself will need support. Be sure to get her into AA meetings. Suffering through the withdrawals is something she will have to do on her own. Be sure to only by products(toothpaste & mouthwash) that Don't contain alcohol. Below is a website that may have many answers for you. Good Luck to both of you.  (+ info)

How much inderol is safe to take for essential tremor?

Taking primidone and mysoline for essential tremor i have had for 5 years. It seems to be necessary to keep increasing the dosage on both medications.

The human body can get use to medications and cause the need for higher doses to achieve the same effect. The maximum safe dose of Inderal depends on many factors and is individual with each patient. You need to ask a medical doctor this question.

I believe you will find it beneficial to check out the International Essential Tremor Foundation website. You can learn a great deal there: http://www.essentialtremor.org/

Their Frequently Asked Questions page has medication information: http://www.essentialtremor.org/information/faq.php  (+ info)

What would a description of a tremor be?

So i'm trying to understand what a tremor is. Is it like a muscle spasm? Sometimes random parts of my body will randomly bump or move on their own. Should i be concerned?

It's like a chronic (on-going) case of uncontrollable muscle spasms. It's "the shakes," in other words, as opposed to just some twitches. Parkinson's is characterized by tremors, for example.

I'd only be concerned if this is very frequent, new, you're past puberty, and you hurt yourself so bad recently that you think you may have done some nerve damage. Otherwise you have nothing to worry about; your body is behaving normally.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of any effective treatment for benign essential tremor?

I have BET (benign essential tremor) which is nothing life threatening but just a high frequency tremor throughout my body. In my case it mainly affects my hands and is very noticeable to other people. I would like to know if anyone has had any success with accupuncture, hypnotherapy, etc... There are no prescription medications which I am permitted to take and would love to get rid of the shakes.

i do its relllyyyyyyyyyy bad  (+ info)

Does anybody have tremor that causes total insomnia and gerd?

My teeth, eyes, and brain tremor. And I can not go to sleep at all without medications. It also causes gerd. Does anybody have same symptoms?

my teeth, voice, back and hands...

what medications r u on?

I take primidone and Inderal, but they only help a little.

I sleep all of the time, but I sometimes get crazy nightmares from my tremor.  (+ info)

What can I do to lessen the tremor in my hands?

I have been to several doctors, including a movement disorder specialist, but ended up with no diagnosis or any tips on how to lessen it besides prescription medication. The closest they offered was essential tremor with myoclonic finger movements (it kind of looks like I'm playing an invisible piano at its worst), to give an idea what it was like, but they also said that wasn't definite. Is there anything I can do to relieve the twitching and tremor?

smoke a joint. i'm not trying to be funny. marijuana has many medicinal properties. it will relax your muscles. if it's your first time. take it easy. sometimes you might only need 2 puffs if youre a first timer. i'm sorry no ones been able to help you. good luck.  (+ info)

What can i do to Help with an essential tremor?

I've had a small tremor all my life but it seems it keeps getting worse making me twitch and shake.It happens more when i try to stop it But recently i landed a job at a coffee shop i really need the job but i keep spilling the coffee and I don't know how to fix it. it worries me that i may need to give up the job just cause of it please any help will be greatly appreciated!

You need to learn to live with it. It might help you to inform yourself about ET over Internet. Learn details about this problem and ways to cope with it. Truth is that as much as you try to stop it, it will make you shake more....Once you admit to yourself: that you shake, that it might get worse with age but surly when you are nervous, that people might wonder why it is happening to you (specially if you are young to shake) and when you learn to respond to it, the better you will feel and less you would shake. Anxiety will not be so strong, and you know that getting nervous increases the shaking. You have ET, so what?! Many people do...many just shake for no reason, just because they are nervous by being in public (not having ET at all)...The bottom line is that all people suffer something, so you have to learn to cope with it and live your life at full! Don't let ET define you....You have so much more to give that could put your shaking in a background, and once you start doing that you will see, people won't even notice your trembling....
I know I wouldn't....I don't have ET and I know I would never mind if someone next to me was shaking and serving me coffee! It would be a pleasure to drink it as you made an effort to make it! :)

Hope this helps!  (+ info)

Can Inderal (propanolol Hydrochloride) be used to treat both essential tremor and hypertension?

The doctor has prescribed Inderal 40mg once a day as a medication both for essential tremor and hypertension (for which I was taking another medicine). Does this mean that i will have to take this medication forever or it can be withdrawn after some time. What can be the side effects.

The side effects of Inderal are: bradycardia (slow heart rate), paresthesia (numbness) of hands, light-headedness, insomnia, weakness, nausea, vomiting.

The length of your treatment may depend on how you respond to the medication. For hypertension cases, blood pressure may decrease after 2 to 4 weeks after initial treatment. Constant monitoring of your BP is needed. For essential tremor, individualized dosage are done. The iniital dose is 80mg daily in divided doses. It may be increased to 120-160mg for optimal effects. If the patient does not respond with this optimal dose, further increase in dosage will produce no therapeutic effect.

Never stop the medications without your Doctor's knowledge and consent. Don't stop the medication abruptly and your physician should taper you off from these drugs.  (+ info)

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