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What are those female trench coats with key print on the inside?

I've seen them in red and gray, and they are kind of like sherlock-holmes trench coats only shorter and for girls. They have prints of keys in different colors on the inside. What are they called? I can't find them anywhere.

London Fog?  (+ info)

What designer made the tan trench jennifer lopez wore in Wedding Planner?

I'm looking to buy a trench coat very similar to the one jennifer lopez wore in that movie, i just can't figure out who made it. Help!

armani  (+ info)

What kind of trench coat should a short girl wear?

I want a trench coat but I'm only 5'2 and most of the trench coats out there are too long. Are there any out there that would look just right for me? Where would they sell them at?

trench coat, why.  (+ info)

What type of hat goes good with a brown leather trench coat?

I've got this awesome trench coat, but I need a hat to go with it. Any advice on what Type of hat goes good with one.

I found a pic,


is this what your after?  (+ info)

What is the longest a fever can last in children?

My 9 year old son has been running a fever for almost 4 days now. He's been on antibiotic for 3 full days but still has temperature unless I give him a fever reducer. They say that you shouldn't give a fever reducer unless the temperature reaches above 102 (he's been getting 101 and 102). I am getting more and more concerned that the antibiotic is not working and it may be something more serious. It's been 72 hours and to my experiece, antibiotics usually take effect after 42 hours, tops, where there is no fever. Does anyone know how long a fever can go on for and if I should be concerned and take him in for another visit?

Antibiotics can take up to 7 days to work. Don't be afraid to give him a fever reducer (over the counter kind), for goodness sake, the poor kids is suffering!
Yes take his back to the Doc. ASAP! Maybe get a second opinion.  (+ info)

Where can I find a trench coat in mumbai?

Where can I find a trench coat in Mumbai? A non leather trench coat, something suitable for using in the rain.

Go to any MALL or at COLABA,u will get it.  (+ info)

What designer or brand is the ruffled trench coat that is worn by Robin Scherbotsky on How I Met Your Mother?

Any insight? What designer or brand is the ruffled trench coat that is worn by Robin Scherbotsky on How I Met Your Mother?

This used to be open to the public but now you have to register, sometimes you find what characters wear on tv shows:

https://securesale.seenon.com/account.php  (+ info)

How long does a fever typically last without use of antibiotics?

I have a fever. I'm pretty sure it is from my wisdom tooth being infected. I will be getting it removed in about three weeks (I'd do it sooner but I want to wait until I'm done with school so I can be at home and be relaxed)

If I don't take antibiotics, how long will it take for a fever to go away? I got a fever on Saturday and it's getting better, I think, but what is the average?

If you have an infection, you should take antibiotics. Otherwise the fever can be very dangerous.  (+ info)

What harm does spiking a fever over 100 do to a fetus at 30 weeks?

I am 30 weeks, yesterday had a fever of 101. I have already called my OB. The fever broke with the help of Tylenol. I was just wondering what potential problem could be caused with a fever that high to my baby.

Temperatures over around 102-103 can cause birth defects -but only in the first 12 weeks. After that heat is not teratogenic.

It does however tend to raise blood pressure, dehydration and cause other stress to both your body and the baby. But a healthy pregnancy at this point is unlikely to be effected  (+ info)

Taking antibiotics for fever - How much is considered to be an overdose?

My doctor prescribed antibiotics for fever. Blood or other tests were not performed, so this could have been viral fever. I am concerned about taking antibiotics, as the body(bacteria) may become immune to the antibiotic in the long run. Should I take antibiotics? How much is considered to be overdose and may develop immunity in the body?

Your doctor is trained to know the difference between a virus and a bacterial infection. Testing is costly and often not necessary. ABSOLUTELY finish your meds! One of the MAIN REASONS we have created the "super-bugs" you are worried about is that people don't finish their antibiotics. If you are following directions, there should be no overdose. As far as immunity to the drug, I wouldn't worry about it. Take your meds and feel better soon. And if you don't trust your doctor, maybe you should find a new one.  (+ info)

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