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I have had trichotillomania (the irresistable urge to pull your hair out) for about 7 months. I was wondering, approximately how long it would take for my hair to grow back? I would say i my trichotillomania is very mild, and my hair is not horrible, and most of the original hairs I pulled out, are starting to grow back in, but very slowly. Thank You!!!

Hi! I'm also a fellow "trichster". Have been for about 15-16 YEARS. Please, please, please get yours under control NOW. I know it's been 7 months, but don't let it turn into years like me. I'm practically completely bald. I've been wearing wigs for about 11 years now.
I too was a member on www.trich.org (VERY helpful website), I highly suggest it. It's out of the UK, but USA (where I am) doesn't have any helpful sites as this one. They have ALL the info you need, including how fast your hair grows.
No, there's no cure, but many people have stopped after many years of pulling. I've tried many times, made it to like 31 days~than started all over again! UGH! It's soooo hard. Find the strength to fight this!! U can do it! It's not too late for you.
Wishing you the best!  (+ info)


i live in lasalle county, illinois.
i suffer from trichotillomania. it's a form of obsessive compulsive disorger. trichotillomania is when you pull out your hair.
any way, i was wondering if anyone else has this disorder. if so, do u have any advice?
i hate it. my bald patches are really bad and i know that they'll just keep getting worse.
i don't think there is any professional help near me. can someone please tell me anything? i really would appreciate it.

I also had a picking and hair pulling disorder.
It was due to anxiety. Love yourself and treat yourself like the most important person in the world. Your hair will grow back. Once you get a bald spot it's a big deterent.
Find something else to do with your hands. Clay. Updo's hide the bald spot until it grows back. Having your hair up will help to break the habit as well. Remember it takes 27 days to create a habit. Having a this disorder doesn't mean that you are mentally ill. It's just a bad habit. Make some new friends that don't care about your little anxiety issue. I was teased a lot when I was dealing with the issue.
Find ways to relax. If you stress it it will get worse.
Good luck.  (+ info)

Can you have mild trichotillomania and is it possible for your hair to grow back to its original fullness?

I think I have trichotillomania as I pull my hair out by running my fingers through my hair and pulling it, but I think my condition is mild. I usually do it without realising, but I do it consciously at times to see if hair will come out and I usually do it until hair does come out. I have realised that my hair overall is finer and my scalp is becoming more and more prominent. Is it possible for the condition to be mild, because even though I do it, I don't go that crazy with it. My hairs are becoming thinner and thinner all the time. If you stop pulling your hair, is it possible for it to grow back to its original fullness, before you started pulling it out? Please, if you have ANY relevant information, respond. Thank you.

I had trichotillomania (mine dealt with my eyelashes), and the psych doctor I was seeing said it was a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. If you are currently being treated for any type of mental health disorder, if is very common for there to be a co-existing condition; in fact, I was told that no one can have just one mental health disorder. So, even though you don't feel an urgency per se, it could still be OCD, and my advice would be to seek either your medical doctor's opinion or that of a psychiatrist.  (+ info)

How can I cure my Trichotillomania and panic attacks?

I suffer from Trichotillomania (an OCD) and it is getting worse. I also have anxiety nervosa and panic attacks. I have seen my doctor and I've been on Zoloft for 2 years now. I've also seen a Psychologists and tried various diets. I know my disorder relates to post traumatic stress. I exercise regularly which helps in some ways. Maybe I should try accupuncture or hyponotherapy. What is the most effective way besides trying to deal with my hurts and depression?

Therapy. Have you tried paxil, it is FDA approved now for PTSD. I think you need an anxiolytic for the anxiety. I am all for alternative therapies, whatever works.

Trichotillomania is pretty rare, I have only seen a couple of cases (5) in 20 years  (+ info)

Any good websites to research trichotillomania?

I need to research trichotillomania for a health project.
Any good websites I could look at?

Here is some good material:




Good luck for your project!  (+ info)

I have trichotillomania, it is a hair pulling disorder, do I need to go to a doctor in order to be diagnosed?

I know I have trichotillomania, but do I have to go to a doctor in order to be diagnosed with this cumpulsive disorder? Without having a professional opinion could I just say I am a trichotillomania?

yes i have it as well. you don't have to be diagnosed to know...if your pulling your hair out of your body either your head eye lashes or brows or arm hair any hair that you constantly pull out that is trichotillomania...i saw a doctor when i had a bad sickness (flu type) and i brought up that i pull my hair out and don't know why she wanted to try and treat me but drugs wont help so i said no. i do it at different times when i am bored when i am busy when i am happy when i am driving when i am watching TV when i am bout to shower...i have been for a year my hair is thin and i wear a hat everyday but grows back just normal so i am telling myself everyday i can stop...it is all in my head...i was thinking about shaving my head....so i wont have hair to pull for a lil while and maybe i will break it...it is just a bad habit like people that bite their nails or smoke cigarettes....they say they cannot stop and they dont know why they do it........we can get through this. =)  (+ info)

Does anyone know if the 9 minute cure for trichotillomania work by Alex LeGrand?

My daughter suffers from trichotillomania and so far nothing has worked. Does anyone know if this 9 minute video will work? I have spent thousands of dollars on therapy and hypnotherapy and medicine and nothing works? Please help.

Well I have had it for 3 years. I am female and I am 23. I am just trying to not get stressed and keep busy. I think if I can pin point why I started then that will help me stop. I don't think medicine can help it is completely mental. I think if the reason you started can be helped by meds then good but you have to figure out what that is first. Good luck!!  (+ info)

Thinking of starting a support website for people with trichotillomania should I do it?

I've suffered from it for many years to the point where I have bald patches. I thought it may be a good idea.

main idea of the site is basically to give advice from trich sufferers to others. There'd be a gallery to show progress to people and there'd be a forum where others could talk and give advice. Where we have a shop and trich sufferers can request what they would like us to supply. we'd sell hats wigs devices that others found helpful to them. support bracelets (like the charity ones).

Articles contributed by trich sufferers (written by them) which they can contribute. Trichotillomania is a hair pulling ocd/disorder/condition basically.

Aren't aiming to be doctors or psychiatrists just a friend and some support to maybe to help stop it or if unable to, learn to live with it.

I think it sounds like a good idea - I definitely konw of this - sometimes I will pick the eyelashes on part of my right eye, but nowhere else. weird huh? I really try to resist, but sometimes it is hard....I don't know why - it seems so odd esp to other people.

I think a support group would be a good idea as many people are embarrassed about this disease and do not openly speak about it. Would probably give a lot of support to people and to let them know that they aren't alone  (+ info)

Is it possible to develop Trichotillomania from the thought of going bald?

Well basically I lose a lot of hair all the time... I've spent hundreds of dollars at the hair specialist but everything seems normal. I feel like i'm definitely going bald and as a result I tend to touch and pull on my hair a lot to see how much hair will fall out. I'm just wondering if this is related to Trichotillomania??? thanks!

If you are irritating it enough (I.E. straching) than yes you could be causing it. If it is falling out in patches you probably have a condition called alopecia areata, if it is falling out all over you probably have alopecia totalis. Talk to your Doctor about cyclosporin  (+ info)

How do you think im doing so far with my trichotillomania?

Ok so I have trichotillomania, and i feel so proud i havent pulled out one hair in 2 days yeah i know your like omg, i havent pulled ever, but once you start pulling its like impossible to stop its seriously addicting and me i pull when im bored so i never really noticed and then i couldn't stop but do you think im doing good so far?? 2 days. i know not much but still LOL!

oh my gosh 2 days! im so jealous :(
i have trich too and i just want to be normal more than anything..
i used to have such long thick blonde hair and it was so pretty and now my hair is thin and a bunch is shorter than the others. im going to the psychiatrist next month and i hope to get some medications to slow it and eventually stop but its so hard because you dont realize your doing it! but my gosh, 2 days is amazing. i am so jealous of you.

oh and just a tip, if you start back up (try to keep up your good work though) make sure you try to pull from diffenent parts of your head so you dont have a big bald spot. but try not to pull at all!

congrats!  (+ info)

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