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What are the symptoms and treatments, and how do u get Trichuriasis and what is away to prevent getting it, and how many people have it

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has anyone ever heard of an infection on the brain caused by trichuriasis?

my granda was first diagnosed with alzheimer's but further tests revieled she has an egg on her brain by those things?
please explain if possible, she is another country so I don't have much info

Yes I have heard of it. It is a very rare thing, mostly due to the fact that Americans in general have good living conditions. The infection is from the bacteria that resides on the egg itself. The egg was probably laid through her ear while she slept, or if she is debilitated in some way, maybe even without her knowing it while awake. If you can get her back here it would be best for treatment. Some high grade antibiotics are certainly in order and maybe more invasive measures if the egg happens to survive the anti-body attack.  (+ info)

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