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Turner syndrome?

A human female with Turner syndrome (45,X) also expresses the X –linked trait hemophilia, as did her father. Which of her parents underwent nondisjunction during meiosis, giving rise to the gamete responsible for the syndrome?

The father.  (+ info)

Turner Syndrome?

I have Turner Syndrome and watched Law & Order SVU last night and got some conflicting information does anyone know about Turners or does anyone have it

I have Turner's Syndrome. Almost all women with Turner's are of short stature and are infertile. Bottom line, it is possible to lead a normal life, with the exception of needing a step stool sometimes. I am married, a lawyer, and participate in a variety of sports including dressage, skiing and camping. I am quite healthy and strong.

The most common treatment for TS is hormone therapy and growth hormone.

Some serious medical issues can be associated with TS, but not necessarily. Newly diagnosed patients should be checked for heart or kidney defects.
The most common adult medical issues are minor, such as hearing loss or low thyroid. I have normal hearing with hearing aids and take levothroid.

You can get more info from either the Turner's Syndrome Society of the US or of Canada, both of which have websites. There is some medical info that is useful to give to your doctor.

Now about the Law and Order episode. It was completely erroneous and wrong. We are normal people, not "trapped in a short body". We are not particularly fragile, in fact I am robust. With growth hormone therapy many younger TS women reach 5'2", a height within normal range. We do develop breasts and other secondary sex characteristics with the normally prescribed hormone therapy. It is important to treat people and for them to behave in an age appropriate manner. Turners is not associated with sexual dysfunction or hypersexuality. Finally, it is among the least debilitating of genetic disorders. Even if that were not so, and people with TS were thereby disabled, we would still wish to be regarded and treated as people like anyone else.  (+ info)

turner syndrome?

can my newborn have turner syndrome? my first baby did

Because your first baby had Turner's, I would immediately assume that the second pregnancy would have been even more thoroughly followed. Did you have a Genetic Counselor involved? I would hope so.

Basic info: Turner syndrome may be diagnosed by amniocentesis during pregnancy. Sometimes, fetuses with Turner syndrome are identified by abnormal ultrasound findings (i.e. heart defect, kidney abnormality, cystic hygroma, ascites). Although the recurrence risk is not increased, genetic counseling is often recommended for families who have had a pregnancy or child with Turner syndrome.

A blood test, called a karyotype, analyzes the chromosomal composition of the individual. This is the test of choice to diagnose Turner syndrome.

After birth, most trained physicians should be able to identify physical signs that are common with Turner's. If they've not said as such, then I would take the newborn to a qualified pediatrician or endocrinologist.

Best of luck.  (+ info)

What is the type of mutation responsible for Down Syndrome and what for Turner syndrome?

What is the type of mutation responsible for Down Syndrome and what for Turner syndrome?

Neither of these conditions is caused by a mutation - a mutation is a change in the base pair sequence of a gene. Down Syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome and Turner Syndrome is caused by a missing or damaged X chromosome.  (+ info)

How many people are affected by Turner Syndrome?

I am doing a school project and every website i've been to doesn't know how many people are affected by TS(Turner Syndrome) HELP!

approx 1 in 2500 live female births will result in a child with turner syndrome. It is quite common though at conception, but around 95-98% of babies conceived with TS are miscarried or born pre maturely still born  (+ info)

What kinda nurse/ doctor to become if wanting to work with kids that have turner syndrome?

I want to work with babies/ young children that have turner syndrome. What kind of doctor or nurse, or specialist would that be.?

Usually girls with TS are seen by a pediatric endocrinologist.  (+ info)

Does any one know a famous person or family that has Turner Syndrome?

I have a science project about Turner Syndrome. Part of the project is to list any famous (well known) people or families that have it. Exept I didn't get much luck finding any. Can anyone help?

Linda Hunt. an actress, she was in Kindergarten Cop and loads of other film
Jennette Cranky
and my daughter, (well she may get famous one day)  (+ info)

Some questions about Turner syndrome for a project?

Answer as many as you can. Thanks! This is for my bio project.

1. What is the pattern of inheritance?

2. What is the location or type of mutation?

3. What is the long term prognosis for females with Turner syndrome?

4. What are the chances of inheritance?

5. What are recommendations for genetic testing?

6. Are any specific ethnic groups affected?
I don't need a punnett square or a pedigree anymore. I've now found out that Turner syndrome is not inherited.

actually there is a very slight chance of inheriting TS. IF a female has turner syndrome and has some eggs (rare but not unheard of) She could fall pregnant naturally, If she has an egg with a missing X chromosome and it's fertilised with a female sperm the baby will likely have TS, It does not happen often but there are some cases of both mother and daughter have Turner syndrome. Usually these mothers have the mosaic form of ts not classic TS.  (+ info)

How subtle can the characteristics of Turner's Syndrome be?

I have a niece who exhibits what I believe to be subtle physical characteristics of Turner's Syndrome. If girls who are affected by Turner's Syndrome have all or part of one X chromosome missing, can there be such a small part of one missing that the physical characteristics go almost completely unnoticed? Though the physical appearance of Turner's Syndrome might be very subtle, she has definite sensory-motor coordination problems. I know that early detection is key and so far, I'm the only one who's almost convinced.

Turner syndrome often goes un noticed until about the age of 14yr old. Many are diagnosed then when parents look into why their daughter is not developing a womanly shape (breasts,hips,pubic hair)..
Many are also diagnosed aged around 4yrs when their growth slows down dramatically and all their friends get much taller than them.
Co ordination problems are not always present in girls with Turner syndrome or they can be so subtle they are not really noticed. My daughter has TS and the only fine motor skills she has problems with is writing. Her hand eye co ordination and gross motor skills are good.
A blood test to annalys her chromosomes will give an answer to if she has TS or not..
MOST but not all TS girls will have puffy hands and feet at birth. My daughter was diagnosed initially because of her swollen limbs. then the blood test 100% confirmed it  (+ info)

I have mosaic turner's syndrome will i have premature menopause?

I have mosaic turner's syndrome. I have gone through puberty and I have a period without the aid of hormones. My question is will I go through premature menopause and what is the average age of menopause for turner's women who are fertile?

My understanding is, yes, women with mosaic Turner's who menstruate on their own usually do so only for a relatively short time and then go through premature menopause. I can't answer your question about the average age; I would talk to your doctor about it.  (+ info)

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