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How come after a dream sometimes I get unconscious? Then, even if I get out of that unconsciousness state, why do I easily slip back into unconscious state?
Also, whne I'm in that unconscious state, and I'm trying to get back to the conscious state, I hear voices. One time, it was familiar, from a guy I know , but most of the time it isn't.

Well in order to dream you have to be unconscious.
It's called REM sleep, which stands for rapid eye movement.
It is the deepest form of sleep your body can achieve.
If you can't stay conscious during the day when you are supposed to be awake, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder known as narcolepsy.
There is therapy and treatment (meds) for that disorder.
Go to see your Doctor and perhaps he/she will send you to a sleep disorder clinic for evaluation.  (+ info)


does anyone know how to make yourself unconsous without hurting yourself in the process ive heard you can do by putting pressure ona part of your body anyone know how to really curious about this a mate told me dont worry not going to try it

no i dont know sorry are you sure your ok because that is one weird question  (+ info)

What does the transition from fainting symptoms to unconsciousness feel like?

Is there a feeling from having symptoms like nausea,tunnel vision, and a decrease in hearing then transitioning to unconsciousness. Can you feel anything when you are dropping?

I have dizzy spells and blackouts. When i black out first i hear a loud ringing and my vision speckles out like when you turn off a tv. Then i feel an intenses pressure in the back of my head,and a weightless feeling in my body. The next thing i know i am falling,or i come to laying on the ground.

But thats what happens to me.

Do you have these blackouts or dizzy spells?  (+ info)

How common is it to be sexually aroused by fainting or unconsciousness?

Some people are turned on by the thought of putting their partners in sleeper holds or inducing unconsciousness on them with the common "pass out game", or are sexually aroused by themselves losing consciousness. How common is this fetish?
I guess I haven't clarified my question very well. I am not asking for dangers. I am not asking for risks. I am not asking for warnings or advice. I'm asking how common such a sexual fetish is.
Maybe I could have received more desirable answers by leaving the "Pass out game" out of the question.

This is not very common but you can look this up in Google under paraphilias or sexual deviations. It is one of the most dangerous obsessions that a teen can buy into and is known locally as "the choking game". Several young people have died in our area from getting addicted to the"rush" that they think they get from choking themselves or others unconscious.  (+ info)

How much blood can you lose before unconsciousness?

I was watching SAW V and one of the contraptions had me wondering- If a person with an average body weight has 10 pints of blood, and has to give away 5, then wouldn't they pass out? If not, how many pints does it take to lose before unconsciousness. Or before you die. Both answers would be awfully helpful?

well what i have known and seen with my own eyes is 2/3, and you are dead, five will usually do it from weakness, one pint has been known to make people pass out,you get weak even giving blood at one pint. but i have known and seen people live at these numbers prior to accident hgb was 14.5,afterwards it was 3.2,the human lost both legs broke both arms,and part of him was carried away and brought back(right leg) train accident human on foot,hit him across groin area,when he left he was alive.
he didnt survive recovery,infection got him
you can watch horror movies,and others, but at times what happens in real life is more scary than many movies ever made  (+ info)

What is the difference between Unconsciousness and Sleep?

What is the difference between Unconsciousness and Sleep?

Unconsciousness is a state of impaired consciousness in which one shows no responsiveness to environmental stimuli but may respond to deep pain with involuntary movements.

Sleep is to take the rest afforded by a suspension of voluntary bodily functions and the natural suspension, complete or partial, of consciousness; cease being awake.

Both involve not being conscious, but unconsciousness is not a normal day-to-day thing. It can be very dangerous, where sleep is a normal and healthy thing.  (+ info)

What is the fear of unconsciousness called?

I am horrified of anesthetics, and passing out because I'm not in control of my body.
Now I'm starting to be scared of going to sleep...

what's it called when you're scared of unconsciousness?
I probably should've mentioned I have a diagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder with OCD...

Sorry, I tried my resources and nothing came up.

Somniphobia is fear of sleep.
Hypnophobia is fear of sleep or being hypnotized.

These were the closest results.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is fear of long words.  (+ info)

Where do you press on the jugular vein to render unconsciousness?

Im curious to know where the pressure point on the exterior jugular vein on the neck is that you can press to cause unconciousness. They do it movies all the time, but i do think it is actually possible. Is it? and how?

You don't.
It is not the jugular vein and yes it is possible. I will not however describe the how, for it is a dangerous procedure. Even police departments have stopped using it due to the possibility of causing irreparable damage.. like death.  (+ info)

What's the difference between unconsciousness, a concussion, and a coma?

Just wondering...please give as many details as you can.

Unconsciousness means that the person is alive (breathing) but is not aware of his environment. This can occur with head injury, poisoning, overdoses of medications or drugs, bleeding in the brain and with certain metabolic disorders. A person who is unconscious is said to be in a coma. These two terms are often used to describe a state of unresponsiveness.

Concussion refers to a head injury. It may be mild or severe. A severe concussion may lead to unconsciousness and a prolonged coma.  (+ info)

What is the difference between fainting and unconsciousness?

There is no difference at all. The definitions are the same. Good luck and God Bless  (+ info)

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