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what's the difference between unconsciousness and death ?

and what damage gets done by holding a pillow over someones face while they're sleeping ? (like can you kill them or what happens ?) (how long does it take for that damage to happen ?)

no, i'm not suicidle OR a murderer. i was watching a show called persons unknown and that's how a guy killed his wife. it was just random curiostity

sorry for so many additional questions.

thanks in advance though.

you come back from the former but not the latter.  (+ info)

What are the risks (short-term and long-term) of drinking yourself to unconsciousness every single day?

death, alcohol poisoning, liver disease (most likely long term)  (+ info)

Why do you feel all tingly when you wake up from unconsciousness?

Like when you wake up from passing out you feel all tingly and numb but yet not..? Why is that?
I mean like seriously passing out not falling asleep lol

Well if you fall asleep in a bent or awkward position you can slow the blood flow to your extremities, which creates this tingly sensation.  (+ info)

What if you're beaten to unconsciousness & you woke up to find you're invisible?

Wouldn't that be great? You can walk into banks & help yourself, go to high school & change the grades of all students. Check out the girl's gym locker room. Many other things to hav fun at, never eating, drinking, sleeping, and whatever!
All the clothes and anything you touch becomes invisible. By the way, I'm 15.

Well, assuming I wasn't having a psychotic break, the first thing I'd do is head to Washington for some REAL answers. I'd like to see the old files in the FBI, CIA and Pentagon offices as well. Then, maybe a visit to the IRS would be helpful.  (+ info)

Can a fall wake you from unconsciousness?

Recently I was struck on the head by a baseball quite hard, immediately after I was struck on the head I saw a purple light, then darkness. Once I woke up my friends we're around my wondering if I was ok. They said I was "out" for about 10 seconds. Did my fall to the ground awake me to consciousness?


you just come round as a matter of course

The fall will not make you conscious  (+ info)

Why a healthy person collapses into unconsciousness and then regains consciousness?

Can a person under a severe stress collapse and become unconscious because he had not taken anything in for about 10 hours and then dehydration or low blood pressure or low sugar or all combined are given the reason for the collapse?

Many possible causes. Garden-variety "fainting" can be caused by a stress-triggered vagal reaction. Hypoglycemia and dehydration can cause it. But even a seemingly healthy person can have a more serious reason for losing consciousness. It's worth an evaluation.  (+ info)

What is another word for style unconsciousness?

What would that be?

not worried/doesn't care.

=]  (+ info)

Unconsciousness because of pressing common carotid arteries?

I just want to know if I can cause unconsciousness by pressing common carotid arteries. If it is possible (I heard it is), where should I press it, how much and how long? Is it dangerous?

Than I do martial arts and our instructor says that there is a chop headed to the neck, which causes unconsciousness in a moment. Do it cause nerves, or common carotid artery? It is hard to imagine... How can it be done?

P. S.: sorry for my English

Pressing on the Carotid arteries is dangerous because it can stop, or fatally slow someones pulse. As an emergency department worker, I have seen nurses and doctors push on the Carotid arteries of patients whose pulse was in the 200+, causing their pulse to drop to 100 or 90 sometimes lower.
I would not recommend doing it!  (+ info)

is the dizziness and unconsciousness normal with just a little flu?

i've had flu since last 4 days.. and i've had high fever too.. but today im feeling soo dizzy.. and i can feel my head spinning.. what is happening? is it normal? oh and btw.. im 17 year old..

Drink LOTS of fluids (like WATER), you may be dehydrated.  (+ info)

What causes unconsciousness during a bowel movement?

Vagal response. Stimulation of the vagas nerve.  (+ info)

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