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Why did my 1 millimeter kidney stone make me cry for mama and pray for unconsciousness ?

Kidney stones are often larger than the inner diameter of the ureter or urethra. Even if they are not, the are still going to scrape against the sides of these "tubes" causing irritation. According to the institute of health site, blockage of urine flow can cause pressure build up which also causes pain.

I don't know if the pain that is caused evolved to help trigger an "expulsion" response from the body or if it is just "pain" associated with any form of "intrusion".

All I know is that I've doubled up into a fetal position from the pain before.

Check with your Urologist and have him analyze the make up of the stone so you can figure out what things to avoid in your diet.

My stones were composed of Calcium Oxalate and seemingly caused in part by binges on calcium based antacids for indigestion and high consumption of nuts and teas which are sources of oxylates.

I never go near calcium based antacids any more and have cut back on my peanut butter and tea.

Good luck to you.  (+ info)

help i hit my head what are the symtoms of unconsciousness?

does it just look like u r sleeping or what do people see u breathing
i know i am nto unconscious my head hurts relly bad i have to focus really hard to typr tihs and i am am dizzy
do i og to the dooctor ro wat wat
could i pass uot at any momnet
i am 13 yeas lod

well, if you are sitting at the computer typing, then you are not unconscious.  (+ info)

Awaken Someone From Unconsciousness?

Awaken someone from unconsciousness in a minute from a sleeper hold. Me and my friend are going to have an MMA exhibition match, and If I put him to sleep, I want to wake him up ASAP.

Please, serious answers. Thanks a lot.

I've heard smelling salts actually do work well.

Be careful with sleeper holds though. Theres a reason the police don't use em anymore.  (+ info)

a 26year old male patient came in due to unconsciousness,what will be the proper and correct question?

Personal questions:
What's your name?
You remember your family right?

How many fingers/ (test his eyes)
What happened?
How did you get here?  (+ info)

my mother suffered from respiratory failure ,developed unconsciousness,lungs infection ,suggest homoeopathic?

As much as I love alternative medicine, when it comes to a lung infection you'd better see a good doctor and take whatever prescription he/she gives you. (That is, your mom had better take the prescription that the doctor gives her.) It's too serious to do anything less than the best treatment available. That being said, you should also ask your doctor for suggestions of non-traditional treatments that may help support your mother's immune system, or any supplements that may be particularly useful in her case. Doctors don't go to school for nothiong; they really are your best resource in such a situation. Sorry I can't be more helpful to you!  (+ info)

sleep unconsciousness or coma?

what is the diffence between being in a coma being unconscious or being asleep?
i simply meant if you are asleep are you unconscious? and how do you know if someone is in a coma or wether they are just unconscious? is sleep just a mild state of unconsciousness and a coma is a very deep state?

Your body functions..  (+ info)

Why does the human body allow itself to be knocked unconscious during blunt-force trauma?

What I mean is, is unconsciousness a protective measure by the body (eg, to limit the exposure to trauma), or is it an uncontrolled reaction to injury? Does the body fight unconsciousness, as it means you are left exposed?

Also, are unconsciousness (through trauma) and fainting (eg, from shock or fear) the same thing? What exactly is fainting?Thanks.

That's lack of blood to the brain or a defense mechanism to stop us from sensing too much trauma. The mind just cuts out. Sort of a safey valve.

Even in boxing the art is to knock the head to stop blood flow to the brain.

Fainitng is lack of blood to the brain. Similar thing really.  (+ info)

How long can concussion still show up for after the person with the head injury wakes up?

Say a person hits their head during an earthquake, is conscious for a few minutes, then falls into a state of unconsciousness for a period of 8 hours.

How long after would a doctor suggest he or she stay in Hospital for?

I.e: How long can it take for a concussion to show?

A concussion is immidiate..the symptoms can be immidiate to a few days...as for nthe hospital stay..that's up to the doctors and how severe the bump on the head was.  (+ info)

What are the school`s procedures for responding to and recording accidents and emergencies?

What would the response be to

(a) choking
(b) unconsciousness

and how would you treat minor injuries such as minor grazes, cuts and bumps?

Pleaseee helpp mee! Many Thanks!!


Depends on the age of the child that you are treating. There are several techniques you can do with choking, back slaps, removal of the object (if possible), abdominal thrusts.

Look on the site below for more information on choking and unconsciousness. No point in me writing it on here when you can read it appropriate to the age of the child.

With minor injuries like grazes and cuts they are bathed/cleaned with cold water and a gauze (not cotton wool). With Bumps the are bathed with a cold compress.

All accidents should be recorded in a Accident book and all parents are to be informed.

I work in a infant school and parents are required to sign a accident form to say that they have been informed of the accident.

Hope i helped.  (+ info)

How many different forms do Asthma attacks take?

I have a few questions about asthma attacks:
1.) If someone had an asthma attack and didn't have their inhaler on them, what would happen? Death? Shock? Unconsciousness? Depends on the attack?
2.) Is there a Plan B incase an inhaler is not present. Like insulin? I remember in 'Signs' they had a scene w/ a breathing exercise.
3.) Any other information I'm unaware of regrading asthma attacks?

I find that drinking coffee or getting some caffeine helps my asthma. I don't think insulin would be a good choice. You can die from an asthma attack. I thought I was having panic attacks for years but finally a doctor diagnosed my asthma and I have not had a problem since. So an asthma attack and a panic attack can be pretty much the same.  (+ info)

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