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Which anesthesia should I use for my rhinoplasty?

I have the options of local or general.

I know the main difference between the two is that local is just for the specific area that's going to be operated on & the the general produces a state of unconsciousness.

I know general is much more expensive, so I would like to know what the procedure would be like if I decided to go local.

Would I be "awake"?
Would I be able to look around & feel everything?

I really don't know, so thanks for any advice you can give.

Rhinoplasties often involve bone chiseling, and you'll feel the hammer and chisel as the surgeon works if that is part of the plan. Ask you surgeon for more specifics. If it's just some tip work, then you'll be fine with local. (And yes, you'll be wide awake and know what is going on)

You won't see much because there will be a head drape and probably some gauze over your eyes so the light doesn't bother you. (If you are asleep, we tape your eyelids shut to prevent corneal abrasions)

The first procedure I scrubbed in on as a med student was a rhinoplasty. It's not delicate surgery. I got to tap the chisel with the little mallet. Since then, I've given anesthesia for a fair number of them, almost always general, but we do a few under local with deep sedation. (If you have an anesthesiologist, the cost is the same regardless of the technique used).  (+ info)

Has anyone had an operation where the anesthetic did not work or wore off before the operation ended?

Yes I have had this experience and the hard part is trying to tell the operating surgeon and nurses that you can feel and hear everything going on.

It is near impossible and I dread the thought of it happening again, because the pain is incredible and unconsciousness from the shock does not come.

I woke up during both of my C-sections, and on the first one they werer stapling me closed when it happened. I started moving as much as I could under the reminder of the anesthesia, and four people were needed to hold me still to inject more. The thing about it is that I don't remember it hurting, but know it to be true. My OB/GYN told me the next day 'we had to use a dose for a horse on you'. That's how I found out the details, and confirmed it had not been a dream. I am a fairly small person, so it's not that they under dosed me.
Then for the second one I woke up briefly, but the surgery was already over, although I still was in the OR. I tried to scream, but I couldn't. I was awake for about 2 minutes, then fell asleep again. I did not tell that doctor about the first one. I regret I didn't, it could've made a difference.  (+ info)

Can a law be passed that animals be killed immediately sparing them fear & pain?

NO trussing or caging but instant unconsciousness followed by freezing if required? SARS surmised to be caused by abusive handling predisposing to reduced immunity.

People keep trying, and have some
success, but the economies of food production
lead to laxity of enforcement, and lobbying
efforts by industrial farming techniques
both argue how one determines cruel
or painful treatment and the costs associated
with stricter standards.

If pressure could be put on the producers and
processors, they could charge higher prices
and make better profits from some
certifiable standard of humanely treated

Also, aware consumers could avoid
purchasing meat from sources who have
no commitment to humane methods
of production and processing. The
"Eat Local" movement follows this ideal to
some extent by purchasing from small, local
producers/processors, which helps the
consumer pressure their neighbors to
maintain high standards of care when
providing food sources.

Kosher or Halal suppliers are required to
practice humane treatment techniques, and
also higher standards of compassion and
cleanliness than most other suppliers.

While laws can be passed, I believe
educating the consumer about humane
treatment of animals, to avoid cruel
processors/producers can be far more
effective. Additionally, it reverses the
trend of concentrating so much power
into a few mega producers, and empowers
both the local producers and the consumers.

Good Luck!

Addendum: Yes, SARS was probably caused
by industrial farming techniques, and BSE
(Mad Cow Disease) was also caused by the
major industrial production techniques.
And almost all food products are loaded with
chemicals that may be unnecessarily harmful.

Some people avoid these problems by
becoming aware of how food is produced,
and seeking out providers that minimize
hormones, chemicals and antibiotics, and
avoid cruelty. Local co-operatives can enable
people to acquire good foods without paying
prices that are too high, and yet meet
high production standards, and minimize
shipping costs.

~Namaste~  (+ info)

What is it like to die from the exhaust of an old car?

does the person just drift into unconsciousness or fall asleep? Do they choke? I have read that it does something weird with the blood, like coagulate and you die from that. Is it uncomfortable?

  (+ info)

Can you fake unconsciousness or being passed-out?Doctors!!?

Just wondering if someone can just fall down and pretend to be passed-out or unconscious just to get attention or CPR
What do doctors do if they think the patient is faking it? and what if your alone and the person donsn't know if your faking it and its NOT a doctor ..say for example im hanging with my friend and he passes out but he was just faking it but i didnt no that what happends then?

No You Should Pretend To Pass Out Just To Get Cardio Pulmonary Resus. When CPR Is Performed It Is Not Likely To Restart The Heart It Is Just to Get The Flow Of Blood To The Brain And Other Vital Organs.Many people mistakenly believe that CPR
can help everyone whose heart stops, even
people who are at the natural end of their
lives. This is not true. On television, CPR
is made to look more glamorous and
successful, and less harmful, than it really
is. Unwanted side effects from CPR can
include brain damage and broken ribs,
which can leave the patient in a worse
condition than before their heart stopped.
In fact, the success rate in any hospital is
low. Studies show that only 12 out of every
100 patients who receive CPR in hospital
live through the procedure and are able to
go home. For hospital patients who suffer
unwitnessed heart stoppage, the benefits of
CPR are virtually zero.  (+ info)

Why do you think some have problems making stories?

Do you think it is because we are too beguiled to ponder in the unconsciousness of our deepest and most profound imagination? Other ideas?

  (+ info)

Choking and Unconsciousness?

Don't worry, I'm not a serial killer or anything. I'm writing a story where my main character (30s, reasonable health but a little beat up) is being strangled into unconsciousness by a much stronger assailant. I was wondering (assuming he struggles and exerts himself) how long would this take, and how long until he woke up again after the pressure was removed?
Oh, and any other tidbits/experiences you have to make it sound more realistic would be cool too. ^^

I watch Criminal Minds and they occasionally address this sort of thing, plus my friends and I would play that stupid (and dangerous) game where we'd choke each other until we lost consciousness when we were kids, so here goes: Apparently strangling someone with your bare hands is actually quite difficult and takes a lot of exertion. It can take over a minute of completely blocking the airway to make a person lose consciousness, less time if the victim is using up energy reserves by fighting their assailant. How long until they wake up varies by how long their airway was blocked. When a person goes unconscious from oxygen deprivation and their airway is suddenly restored they are prone to seizures and they could injure themselves this way by hitting their head on the ground or hitting a nearby object. Assuming the person's airway wasn't restricted long enough to cause brain damage, I'd say the victim could wake up after a few minutes or immediately depending on how long they were deprived. Any longer and it's a sign of some serious brain damage.  (+ info)

What is the body doing when one sleeps?

For a long time I have wondered if the human body could function without sleep. I know that we dream but what is the body doing while we are in that state of unconsciousness? Repairing itself? I know sleep is considered essential, but it seems as though so much of our lifetimes are wasted when we sleep. What is the bigger picture that I am missing?

When the body is sleeping the brain produces a surplus of ATP or complex and simple sugars that energize the body to make it more alert and responsive. It's like if you spend 3 days drinking straight at college, you sleep for 2 days because your body is so wore down you because so many of your cells have died off and you don't get time to replenish. If you don't replenish your immune system weakens and you get sick easier and you get dumber because your brain cells are dying at an increased rate because you didn't give your body proper rest and it has too work extra hard to spend engery that you didn't get from sleeping.  (+ info)

What is the most peaceful way to die?

Is it Hanging yourself or Slitting your wrists and bleeding into unconsciousness?
Also How long would it take to go into unconscious if u hanged yourself when u weigh around 11-12stone?
Just want to know :D

Peaceful way... well people say freezing is you go numb and don't feel any pain plus you start to hallucinate nice things... or something like that..  (+ info)

Unconsciousness and Blackouts?

Hi guys-

Okay, I was found in a park after drinking too much (3 times legal limit) but I was totally out of it and unresponsive. Was I unconscious or did I blackout? People use those terms to mean the same thing but from what I have read you can still be awake and have a blackout.....so anyone know?

Blacking out is when your still awake and moving and everything but you can't remember anything the next day or at all...
It's like temporary amnesia.

Unconsciousness is when you've passed out totally. It's like being asleep only deeper.  (+ info)

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