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From what percentage of obstruction a heart surgery is recomended?

My father has a 40% obstruction on his right coronary and 50% on his left coronary, and a 80% obstruction on his left marginal. With these levels what is the best approach? Heart surgery, angioplasty or other? Detail: although in good health he is 73 yo.

It is not clear from your answer where the 50% on the left coronory was located....
The reason this is important is that disease in the Left Main or 3 vessel disease (L coronory, R coronory, Circumflex) are the 2 clear cut indications for CABG or coronory artery bypass grafting. Mostly of the other blockages are handled and handled well with Angioplasty with or without stents..
Your cardiologist will look at several different things to decide on the treatment approach including collateral blood flow..pump function of the heart etc..
And by the way some of the answers above are ridiculously flawed...if the lesions are such that your cardiologist suggests CABG then that is what he should have.  (+ info)

How long can a person live with a bowel obstruction?

My mother-in-law is in the hospital and very sick.She's been there for 5weeks now and they just found out that now she has an obstruction on top of everything else thats wrong with her , and she isn't strong enough to have surgery to remove it.How long can she live with it?They say shes had it for about 3 weeks already.

She must not be completely obstructed if she has had it for 3 weeks. The doctors can probably get it moving without surgery. Either way, pray for her and keep up hope.  (+ info)

What condition results from an obstruction that totally blocks the flow of blood in a coronary artery?

What condition results from an obstruction that totally blocks the flow of blood in a coronary artery?

A. Headache
B. Heart attack
C. Stroke
D. Blindness

Answer is B. Heart attack (Myocardial infarction).
Acute coronary syndromes result from acute obstruction of a coronary artery. Consequences depend on degree and location of obstruction and range from unstable angina to non-ST-segment elevation MI (NSTEMI), ST-segment elevation MI (STEMI), and sudden cardiac death. Symptoms are similar in each of these syndromes (except sudden death) and include chest discomfort with or without dyspnea, nausea, and diaphoresis. Diagnosis is by ECG and the presence or absence of serologic markers. Treatment is antiplatelet drugs, anticoagulants, nitrates, β-blockers, and, for STEMI, emergency reperfusion via fibrinolytic drugs, percutaneous intervention, or, occasionally, coronary artery bypass graft surgery.  (+ info)

CPR: Why is it best to immediately ventilate an unconscious person with a severe airway obstruction?

When a person becomes unconscious while receiving the Heimlich maneuver; and after laying the patient supine and seeing that there is no visible obstruction to clear via the mouth, the next step is to attempt to ventilate.

Doesn't this pose the risk of forcing an obstructing object farther down into the airway? Wouldn't it make more sense to immediately perform chest compressions?

Two thoughts: Most AHA text books indicate the rescuer should immediate begin CPR (Which could be interpreted as Chest Compressions First)....
More Likely: The Object will not be forced further "Down" the airway because most objects are "on top of" the airway and if the object could have moved further down, it would have already, by the vacuum the victim (patient) creates by trying to "suck" in air before collapsing.
Also, many victims relax their muscle a bit when falling unresponsive and are no longer "sucking" air in (No Vacuum) and the object falls off the top of the airway to the "other tube" esophagus or other part of the Oral Pharynx. Thanks.  (+ info)

Do twice as many boys get the condition of PUJ obstruction than girls?

I have just had my 18 week ultrasound and was unable to find out the sex of my baby because the legs were crossed. My results read as follows:
Normal pregnancy of 18.5 weeks. No abnormality has been demonstrated. Mild pyelectasis of the left kidney is demonstrated which is most likely physiological, however progress ultrasound at 32 weeks is recommended to exclude underlying PUJ obstruction.
I have heard that twice as many boys get the condition of PUJ obstruction than girls. Does this mean im having a boy?

If what you heard is correct, then you have a 2/3 chance of having a boy. The 2/3 chance of a boy is twice the 1/3 chance of a girl.

I'm not sure about the validity of that fact though, but your question at the end simply asks if it means you're having a boy. Not necessarily.  (+ info)

My friend is suffering from an obstruction in her colon. She is urinating darker than usua ar the two related?

My friend is suffering from an obstruction in her colon.l She notices that when he urinates the color of her urine is darker than normal, and she wonders if there is a relationship between the coor of her urine and her intestinal obstruction. what wold you tell her?

Maybe, maybe not. If she is dehydrated, that contributes to both the bowel obstruction and dark urine. Is she drinking enough water? Is she on any medications? Is there any severe pain? She could have a UTI, a perforation, etc., or simply dehydration. Go to the doctor.  (+ info)

Why did it hurt so bad to have my ureteral stent removed?

Everyone and all the literature says it shouldn't hurt at all to have it removed, but it did SO BADLY! Now I have to have another removed tomorrow and I'm scared to death. What do I do to make it hurt less? It's on a string taped to my leg and just having the string in alone hurts so much I've missed a week of work. What do I do?

everybody's body is different And yours is responding differently than the text book patient. I can understand your being scared. Pain is not something anyone wants. I recommend you call your medical doctor immediately and ask for pain medication. Explain what is going on I'm sure the doctor will give you something that can help you deal with this better.  (+ info)

How to cure a throat obstruction?

My mom has a chicken bone stuck in her throat. She says it's a little painful, she's breathing fine and stuff, but I don't think she should go to bed with it b/c it might obstruct her air way if she rolls. How do you get an obstruction out w/o the hymlec (sorry that's spelled wrong.) - any tips?

Do you have a warm (room temperature) brand name coke in your house.

They say it helps push down things in the throat. My brother has a esophagus problem where he gets things stuck in throat.  (+ info)

what is the size of the ureteral in women?

Could someone please tell what size is a ureteral in womens.In inches and diameter? also please compare to exsample as big around as a apple seed? and long as a what? in inches.I have kidney stone in one and im trying to figure out if it will ever pass through.

It is about 6" long and is normally flattened when not carrying urine. An apple seed is a good example of the space available, but an apple seed is smooth and stones are frequently studded with corners, as you are probably finding out.  (+ info)

What causes Fetal Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction ?

What causes Fetal Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction ? I know the out come but is the cause of it?

Thank you.

  (+ info)

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