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What effect would complete obstruction of the pancreatic duct have on?

on the exocrine and endocrine functions.

Honey - The exocrine part of the pancreas is the larger part. It produces enzymes to digest food. Its secretions travel from the pancreas by way of the pancreatic duct into the first part of the small intestine (duodenum) where it mixes with and helps further digest food. If the duct were completely blocked, there would be a backup of secretions which would then begin to kill and destroy exocrine cells, leading to inflammation, acute pancreatitis, possibly pancreatic cysts, and acute abdominal pain.
The endocrine part of the pancreas contains different cells which have the endocrine function of producing insulin needed to digest sugar and prevent diabetes. The insulin does not need a pancreatic duct but slowly oozes out into lymph channels, into the blood circulation, and around the body. Loss of this endocrine tissue leads to high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and diabetes. Blocking the pancreatic duct would not affect this endocrine function.  (+ info)

what surgical mistakes are there that can cause a major bowel obstruction post c-section delivery?

Thank you for your responses.. I forgot to mention that this was a major obstruction that happened only 4 days post surgery, and they had to re enter the same site surgically to fix the obstruction.

No mistakes. I just happens sometimes. I had an obstruction after I had my hysterectomy. It's a trauma to the abdomen and that effects your bowels as well. Just make sure you are taking your stool softeners, and you may need an enema to get things moving again. It can be very painful on your already sore tummy, but as soon as you get things moving again, you'll feel so much better.  (+ info)

Is there a link between down syndrome, spina bifida and a bowel obstruction in a 17 weeks fetus?

Just wondering. We had a sono at 16 weeks and the bowel appeared light in it. The doc. doesn't seem to concerned just wants to rule out those 2. So is there a link? I was 16 weeks and 3 days and the baby was measuring at exactley 16 weeks and 3 days. If it was a downs baby would the head already be enlarged? I am 23 and my husband is 29 and neither run in our families. Are we at a low risk of having a baby with these conditions?

Sometimes the doctor can't tell whether or not a baby has down syndrome until he/she arrives. My sister took all the tests to see if my nephew had downs and they all came back negative for it. However, when he arrived they noticed something about his hands (can't remember exactly what though) and tested him and we learned that he does have down syndrome. He's adorable though and nearly 3 years old with a very mild heart defect and now is wearing glasses which look so cute on him! My sister and brother in law had their second baby last July and Desmond is just as perfect as Henry, only he doesn't have down syndrome.  (+ info)

How can i pass if i have " Abdominal Obstruction " ?

I have an abdominal obstruction and i really NEED to pas gas to relief the pain, please no stupid answers!

I think you better get yourself to the hospital. If you really have an abdominal obstruction you are putting your life in danger by putting your question here instead of asking someone at the emergency room.  (+ info)

Is surgery needed for bowel obstruction if the patient is passing stool?

I believe they hooked her to an iv and gave her some medicine...Do u think she will still need surgery? She is passing stool.

I've taken care of a lot of patients with bowel obstructions, and generaly, if they are passing stool they don't have surgery. The treatment is to let the bowel rest by not feeding them or only giving them clear liquids. IV fluids are given, antibiotics, and pain and nausea meds if needed. Sometimes they put a tube throught the nose into the stomache to decompress the gut.  (+ info)

Can appendictis and a bowel obstruction cause infertility?

When I was 9, I had an acute ruptured appendicitis, and there was loads of complications; then when I was 13 I had a bowel obstruction because of appendicitis. Now I have really irregular periods. Does this mean I am infertile?

Please Help


i agree if your monthly cycles are not as they should be you should talk it over with your doctor, who i am sure will have seen it all before!

your ovaries are hormone controlled by the brain sending chemical signals via your bloodstream and are not connected or have any danger of being affected by the gut.

the gut is a sealed tube that has only two entry points and is a completely separate organ.

your ovaries are high up in the abdomen so if damage occurred you would have to talk to your doctor.

other than that the presence of a period, or menstrual bleeding is an indication that the hormones are present and the womb is shedding its lining once a month, but talk to your doctor!  (+ info)

If I request pain medicine for my ureteral stent removal, do they have to give it to me?

All they give me is lidocaine jelly but it didn't even sting or work at all. Can I make them give me more?

Talk to your Dr. and tell him what they used and the lack of effect, and request something stronger. They don't HAVE to give you anything, but they will. They don't want you to be in pain.  (+ info)

nasal obstruction in the moring these days when I am in bed, why?

I am not using cocaine.
My nose is obstructed and I feel it is difficult to

There could be a number of reasons, among them nasal allergies with congestion (swollen intranasal tissues) or nasal polyps (growths of the nasal mucosa). I'm guessing you're not using cocaine?

If it's allergic congestion you'll obtain relief from antihistamine/decongestants - the antihistamine part cuts back on the histamines formed and the decongestant part shrinks the mucosa. You'll feel "dry" in the nose, and possibly the eyes. These meds can elevate your blood pressure too. You could see an allergist and be tested for allergens. If it's nasal polyps, you need to see an ENT doctor.  (+ info)

Can a bezoar or gastric obstruction be diagnosed with abdominal ultrasound?

GI obstruction is usually diagnosed with a CT scan. The sensitivity of abdominal ultrasound is not as good.  (+ info)

Could an obstruction in the artery that goes to your arm, cause you not to feel cold?

I have known blockages in both arms. The Heart Doc tried to explain it to me but it is still a mystery to me. He said that the same artery that feeds my arms feeds the back of my brain. So I am wondering if the blockage has increased, could this be the cause of me being unable to feel cold?

not likely maybe you are just very resilient to coldness, but it may be possible  (+ info)

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