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how do they put kids to sleep when doing a sleep obstruction test in a sleep lab?

my son had to go to a pulmonologist and she recommended a sleep study on him to see if his breathing was being obstructed while he sleeps but, I am not sure that I want to do this since he does not snore or stop breathing while he sleeps he just has asthma which he was diagnosed with at around 5 months old so I am just curious.

I had to take my son to be tested for obstructive sleep apnea. They don't have to put them to sleep. I had to go to the hospital where they do the test about 8pm that night and sign in and went to the study area...we got in our PJ's and fooled around till about 10pm. Then they came in and hooked all these wires up to him, on his head, arms, chest. He just laid there and played his gameboy until he got sleepy and I had a bed too...and then we both went to sleep. They try to make it as natural as possible for your sleep environment. They can't give you anything to make you sleep, it will affect the results. They measure it by different levels of sleep. The main thing they look at is REM sleep. If you reach that just for 2 hrs...that's enough for them to do the testing accurately. It's not a big deal. You will just go and spend the night...nothing out of ordinary except all the wires and not being at home. They got us up at like 6am and then we got dressed and left. The results were back in 3 day. Good luck..hope this helped.  (+ info)

How common is bowel obstruction?

From what i just googled it says that the cause is anything from a hernia to chrohns, cancer, major things. So does this mean it cant just develop? If i had a bowel movement today i shouldnt have an obstruction right? Sorry for tmi and sucha weird question but i am in some discomfort right now..very gassy, im almost 8 months pregnant and i feel like my intestines are squeezed into my ribs. I was just wondering if i am having normal preg constipation and wanted to know what anyone knew about bowel obstruction? Thanks :)

Jeepers! Hard to get any takers on this question! Let me see if I can help. First, congratulations and best wishes to you and your little one. Secondly, from what you've posted, it really sounds like that icky old end of pregnancy consitpation. There are several remedies available to you, some work better than others, and unfortunately for your taste buds, something old fashioned like caster oil usually works best. Please check with your OB before taking anything...most of them have a list of what you can safely use....it's a pretty common problem.

As to your question about bowel obstruction....it's actually pretty common. It is anything that blocks the normal passage of stool through the intestines, from compacted stool to a growth. It is usually diagnosed by x-ray or CAT scan, sometimes with a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy, and treated according to the specific cause.

The fact that you are moving stool is a good indicator that you are not obstructed. While stool below the obstruction will evacuate, most of the time that happens before the discomfort becomes pain. The fact that you are 8 months pregnant is the big give away. Everything is smushed in there, it's difficult to move. Your body is probably requiring every drop of fluid it can extract and causing very firm, dry stool...which has a really difficult time navigating that smushed pathway. Gas builds up behind it, and that is the biggest source of your pain.

Until you can get a recommended remedy from your OB, drink some fluids (water) and .....(please don't scream at me) try to relax. Relaxing will help you pass the gas and help with the discomfort until the morning. If you can't relax enough to pass gas, try walking around and see if that will pass it. Once you solve this episode, try to eat high fiber foods (apples and raw or lightly steamed broccoli are wonderful) and drink plenty of water till you deliver to avoid a repeat performance. Your doctor may suggest a stool softener until you deliver, it's worth asking about.

I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable. This is the part they never tell you about. LOL

Again, best wishes to you and your family on your new addition!!  (+ info)

My son was diagnosed with PUJ/UPJ obstruction antenatally who's 5 mnts now and has moderate hydronephrosis?

I'm asked 2 get his scan done every 3 months to monitor his condition. The urologist also said there r chances of the obstruction getting corrected by itself (as the baby grows) or he might require a surgery if condition gets worse. Is anybody aware of prognosis of PUJ?

First of all, congratulations on having a new beautiful baby. I am sure he/she is doing just fine.

PUJ stands for pelvic ureteric junction obstruction. The ureter is the tube that carries urine from the kidney to your bladder. The pelvis is the part of the kidney that connects to the ureter. If you imagine the kidney as a bean shaped organ, the pelvis is located at the eye of the bean.

In PUJ obstruction, there is a block in this region leading to the kidney side of the junction swelling up or ballooning out. If it is noted on antenatal scans, the scan is repeated soon after delivery to establish the extent of the problem. If it is mild and there appears to be reasonably good kidney function, it is just monitored as quite often, things settle as baby grows. If monitoring shows however that there are significant problems such as severe obstruction or infections, then intervention is planned which could including providing a stent to relieve the obstruction or some other procedure.

Babies with PUJ generally do very well if there are no additional underlying medical problems. What is essential is the monitoring so that if there are problems, they are picked up early and dealt with so baby can have a good quality of life.

I have added some links below which should help explain things better. As you can see, some just need monitoring to ensure problems if they come up are not missed and that is all that happens for a number of babies. For those that need surgery, monitoring picks them up early so intervention is timely.

All the best with your new bouncy baby!  (+ info)

if a dog has an bowel obstruction what are the signs?

My puppy will not eat for me. The other night she ate for my husband and now she will not eat. I did get a little bites of hot dog down her.

Loss of appetite is a symptom for many conditions. Are you sure she has impacted bowels? Has she not had a bowel movement in more than 2 days? If so, then yes she probably does, however I don't know the proper treatment for that so my advice would be to take her to the vet.  (+ info)

I have been diagnosed with a partial bowel obstruction. I can now have no fiber. Is simethicone a fiber?

My doctor advised me to not eat foods with fiber. Is simethicone a fiber or is it water soluble?

Not a fiber. Decreases gas.  (+ info)

If a spirometry test shows mild obstruction does this mean mild COPD. And will this progress?

Test was normal 5-7 years ago when I stopped smoking but a repeat test this month now shows mild obstruction. Can't get a Drs appt for a while and am very worried.

  (+ info)

why would depakote be prescribed for a patient with chronic airway obstruction?

trying to learn if/how depakote would benefit an elderly person w/chronic airway obstruction. thanks!

I really don't see how depakote would be related to chronic airway obstruction. In fact, I think the sedative effects of the depakote would make the symptoms worse!
Please talk to your doctor. He/she may be treating something else (seizure, mood swings) with this medication.  (+ info)

What is the possibility of a person who undrgone intestinal obstruction general operation get pregnant?

umm, your reproductive system and your g-i system are not connected. Your possibility of getting pregnant is the same as it was before your surgery  (+ info)

What will a partial obstruction in a coronary artery likely cause?

a. pulmonary embolus
b. hypertension
c. angina attack
d. myocardial infarction


Can we do all of your homework for you?  (+ info)

what causes obstruction in the esophagus?

i seem to have an obstruction in my esophagus - cannot keep anything down and have pressure on my chest.

It could be GERD or acid reflux. Sometimes it shows itself in the form of constant belching - the air goes up the esophagus and pushes everything up, including food and liquids. Also, you might feel the pressure in the chest. Go to your doctor and he will probably prescribe you anti-acid pills.  (+ info)

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