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How can you tell if you have a bowel obstruction.....?

I get bouts of constipation quite often and I'm wondering how you can tell if you have a bowel obstruction. I can go eventually, but the time it takes for me to do so just makes me wonder if something else besides IBS is up.

If you have a bowel obstruction you will begin to experience severe abdominal pains and begin to vomit faecal fluid.

It's time for surgery when that happens.

You'd know about it if this happened to you.

If you're well enough to ask a question here then you don't have an obstruction.  (+ info)

my friend Dancia is suffering from an obstruction in her colon?

my friend Dancia is suffering from an obstruction in her colon. she notices that when she urinates, the color of her urine is much darker than normal, and she wonders if there is any relationship between the color of her urine and her intestinal obstruction. what can i tell her might be the problem

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What is the protocol or general recovery plan for a small bowel obstruction?

1. You are put in the hospital and IV fluids are started
2. They tell you you are NPO which means you cannot eat or
drink anything.
3. The nurse will come in and ask you if your passing flatus
usually once a shift.
4. Ng tube is passed thru the nose into the stomach to keep
your abdomen from blowing up like a big balloon and to
keep you from vomiting. All of the contents of your stomach
is sucked into a canister on the wall or floor
5. It usually takes a couple of days for a small bowel obstruction
to resolve. Usually during this time XR;s are taken of the
abdomen about every 24 hours.
6. When you can poop, hear bowel sounds, and are passing gas
it means the bowel obstruction is resolved. If this does not
occur, surgery becomes necessary which opens up a whole new scenario.
PS: I am just a RN and work on a surgical floor.  (+ info)

I have a daughter suffering from vesico ureteral reflux and needs to be operated to prevent further damage of?

her kidney. Can anybody please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to raised the amount of more or less 100 thousand for the operation of my said daughter............. please help me.... i can be reach at 09195805835

have a benefit dinner in her honor and that should raise alot of money. if you need more hold many because most people are generous in communities.  (+ info)

Does Bowel Obstruction cause GERD and is it so that GERD causes frequent Sinusitis?

Who's ever had bowel obstruction please tell me your experiences!!!

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Okay, I need to information. I am having lithotripsy tomorrow and having a ureteral stent put in.?

I am scared to death. What is going to happen? Anyone had this procedure done?

I do not know specifically about a ureteral stent but a stent is a stent and they do the same thing regardless. The procedure is very safe with pretty minimal risk. They will insert a tiny tube into your ureter and through which they will inflate a tiny balloon catheder expanding your ureter temporarily and then they place the stent which is a little flexible tube that keeps the ureter expanded to relieve inflammation blockages etc. It is commonly used for kidney stones. Many Ureteral stents are removed within a few days to a few weeks. Good luck  (+ info)

What is the medical name for an incision in the windpipe to relieve an obstruction to breathing?

tracheotomy  (+ info)

Can nasal obstruction be the cause of my anxiety?

I have a deviated septum as well an enlarged turbinate. I get post nasal drip, and can only breathe out of one nostril at a time. I also happened to have anxiety that has been with me my whole life. I'm suppose to have a septoplasty/turbinatoplasty next month to fix my breathing. So I was wondering if much better breathing (as result of the surgery) will relieve my anxiety (or stop it all together). Thx

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What not to eat to avoid small bowel obstruction from scar tissue?

hi monkey, unfortunately the only way to avoid small bowel obstruction is to avoid eating stuff like nuts, corn, brussel sprouts, etc. Anything that is hard on the gut to break down.

There really is no cure for scar tissues except trying to eat a liquid diet or bland. I have scar tissue as well and my blockages happen around that time of the month for me.

If the blockages get that bad, surgery is a last option and then the surgeon will cut them out and buy you time until more scar tissue forms again. Stinks I know but that what happens when you have surgery esp. more than 1.

Try meeting w/a dietician at a local hospital and ask him what you can eat. good luck. They deal with folks who have illnesses and require specialized diets.  (+ info)

Is it legal to deprive people of oxygen through means of airway obstruction?

Yes.  (+ info)

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