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Can a stone move up to calyx from ureterocele (at lower end of ureter)?

the question is related to kidneny stones

yes.it can  (+ info)

can a ureterocele affect my fertility?

It looks like it affects only the ureter and so would not interfere with the female reproductive system. The sites i have read have not mentioned any problems with fertility.  (+ info)

Do discount CT/MRI scan diagnostic centers give a poorer service quality?

Recently, my wife went to an urologist and the doctor became worried about a possible ureterocele or something else causing one of her kidney\\\'s to have some sort of blockage. Because of this she was told to get a CT Scan. Our PPO does not cover this and the hospital where the doctor works (and of course where they wanted us to go) said it would be $7000. We shopped around and found a place for $1500 in town and one about 40 miles away for $400. The doctor says that they don't want us to go to the one in the other town but were never very clear on the reasons (they said something to the effect of how they needed to give specific directions to the radiologist or something). My question is if there is a difference between these discount CT/MRI scan places and other places in the quality of the service or scan, or if the doctor just doesn't care (or is getting something for referring to local medical radiological places) and if we should seek a different urologist.

There may be little to no difference in image quality between the hospital, the local facility and the one 40 miles away. Your doctor can easily write down instructions and/or talk to the Radiologist directly to confirm that they will do the test done exactly as needed.

Check out www.remakehealth.com -- you can shop for and buy Radiology tests, maybe even from the one close to you at a better rate. The site offers negotiated rates for out of pocket and uninsured patients through a network of imaging centers.

Good luck!  (+ info)

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