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How do I know if I have a urethral stricture?

When I open up my urethral opening a little, I can see a piece of skin connected between both sides of my urethra. For as long as I can remember, I have always dripped a small amount of urine after I urinate. Sometimes, it's not a straight stream either. Does this mean I have a urethral stricture?

no, what it means is you have a concern about your health and need to see a doctor for a diagnosis and any treatment that might be needed.  (+ info)

Do i have a urethral stricture or something of that sort?

Do i have a urethral stricture or something of that sort?
Do i have a urethral stricture or something of that sort?
i am a 15 year old teenager and my penis seems to be "inflated" . ive noticed this get worse and worse throughout the past year and a half or 2. sometimes it hurts to urinate and it seems more difficult to get an errection and it sometimes is slightly painful. and if i do is it fatal? can somebody please help me out here, please..i am very worried...what should i do?

Have your parents schedule an appointment for you with a Urologist for evaluation.
Embarrassment is NOT FATAL. GIT R DONE, BUBBA!  (+ info)

How to cure urethral stricture?

How can urethral stricture be cured/treated at home? How can it be cured if the person has trouble starting a stream (after its gotten to that point already) ?

If you are of the male gender and you are having trouble producing a stream of urine the problem might be your prostate so you really need to get the problem checked out to know the cause. Benign prostatic hyperplasia might cause that. Then again it could be a problem with the bladder or the kidneys. See a doctor and then take it from there.  (+ info)

Will a urethral stricture show up on an ultrasound?

Basically will it show up on an ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder?

female urethra is like a small and short tube surrounded by the pelvic muscles. Therefore, urethral stricture will not show up in ultrasound. it will show up on an urology imaging test called urethrocystography, which examine the bladder and urethra by using contrast medium.  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me about urethral stricture disease?

Does anyone know about this? Does it cause a man to be able to hold his cum in when he cums until he releases it if he has had prior surgery?

urethral strictures are caused by trauma of some sort. what happens is that the urethra scars down and may or may not allow the normal flow of urine or semen
it may not be the choice of the man to 'hold it in'...he may not have a choice and he needs to be treated because strictures are a potentially life threatening problem by causing the kidneys to fail if left untreated  (+ info)

What are the chances of conceiving with a urethral stricture [male]?

If a male has a urethral stricture [stricture of the bulbous(?)gland] what is the likeliness of conceiving naturally?

You need to go ask the doctor that gave you this diagnosis...  (+ info)

Can an urethral stricture in a male be repaired with any kind of laser treatment?

Sometimes a laser is used to make incisions of the urethra around the stricture.  (+ info)

what is the best treatment for urethral stricture.....?????

I have stricture in my urethra in 1998 problem was solved by Operation, but i cant continue after operation treatment (Dialtation)
Now Doctor says that two solution for urethral stricture, first Surgery second Laser Treatment, but i dont like surgery this is pain full
plz tell me somthing wat i do and wat is the best

  (+ info)

My husband has urethral stricture disease and hypospadious we cant get pregnant any ideas?

hi there, you should ask an RE (fertility specialist) they'll be able to answer this question and tell you what can be done, you can ask an RE online for free and get their expert opinion about this condition, try www.FertilityTies.com
good luck!  (+ info)

Can sleeping on my stomach cuz the Urethral stricture ?

I am a 13 years old boy . I haven't reached puberty yet . I love to sleep on my stomach , sometimes . my penis get erected without i feel while i am sleeping on my stomach , can that cuz any damage to the urethra ? or my penis

nooooo, ull be fine.  (+ info)

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