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what can i do for urethritis ?

I was wondering if I could get urethritis from having too much sex. Im not trying to sound like a perv....but my girlfriend is REALLY tight and I think I damaged my urethra. We have sex about 4 times a week...too much ?? what can I do until I see a doc (other than cut down) im clean and we always have safe sex. so dont give me your diseased or blah blah. serious answers please. Thank you

Does it hurt when you urinate? If it doesn't then there is no serious damage but if intercourse does hurt you, maybe you should see a doctor about why it happens and how to stop it. Good luck.
Also, if your wear condoms then you shouldn't get any pathogens entering your urethra, as condoms are sterile and stop this from happening...
I should also add, that it isn't very common that men get urinary tract infections or urethritis because the urethra is longer, therefore, it isn't likely that bacteria can make its way into the bladder or deeper into the urethra, If you are worried about it, just drink cranberry juice because cranberries actually lift the bacteria off of the bladder and urethra walls...


Cranberry juice info:
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/07/080721152005.htm  (+ info)

What is gonococal urethritis ?

What are it's symptoms ?

Is it treatable ?

If so what is the treatment ?
Yes I've been to be doc .

He gave ceftriaxone injection once so far.
And following medicines :
Ciplox tab
Aceclofenac tabs
Zevit forte

  (+ info)

Urethritis: should I go to the specialist or will it go away?

I had a baby 9 months ago and i have been having problems when I urinate since then. At first it was not that bad, I had a burning sensation and the doctor told me I had a bladder infection which was gone in a couple of weeks. Since 2 weeks ago I started to feel this urge to urinate all the time as I cannot empty my bladder completely. if I don't urinate right a way i will be in pain and I have to go to the restroom every hour, I had c-section done and i remember the nurse had to put a catheter twice and I think that's what did it because every time I feel the pain it feels right where the catheter was inserted.

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Urethritis in Males ? anyone ever have it ?

I have Urethritis and I was wondering if anyone else has had it. I'm pretty sure it was not transmitted sexually (always have/had protected sex) I was wondering what could cause it. Is there anything I can buy other than pain reliever to help it. Thanks

Main cause is not getting enough cleaning in your penis, not necessarily by sexual transmission, urethritis is caused by bacteria or viruses that get inside your penis's urethra.

Go see a doctor  (+ info)

what are Statistics for Urethritis?

Just give basics and and other information about Urethritis.

I hope these links help.
For this one you have to scroll almost to the bottom of the page.
http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/u/urethritis/intro.htm  (+ info)

can overmasterbating can cause mechanical urethritis?

is it really possible?...and if its possible....is mechanical urethritis can be transmitted sexually??.....i did a little research about mechanical urethritis and it is just caused by trauma...hmmm still i need people's comment about it...

thanks for those who will answer....

Unless you're masturbating 25 times a day it's nothing to worry about (unless it's keeping you from work, school, etc)  (+ info)

Any help for urethritis symptoms ?

I have urethritis and the symptoms are...burning when I urinate. A little extra sensativity on the tip of the penis. My urologist put me on 600mg/ibuprofen 3 times a day. I dont feel it is working well enough. What could I do ? they tested my urine and everything was fine. what could it be from ? Thanks

As it is an infection then first of all try to find out the causative agent or infectious agent in the course of urethritis for appropriate treatment.
Avoid trigger foods such as proteins, yogurt, pickled herring, cheeses, citrus fruits and juices. Increase leafy green intake and fiber foods in your diet. Because a high protein content sets a pressure during filtration of urine. Sitz bath is also recommended to relieve these painful conditions and bring cleansing and circulation to the infected area.
Use of uva ursi and goldenseal also support the health. Must try them. For more help visit  (+ info)

Anything I can buy at the store to treat urethritis?

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Urethritis and Minor Yeast Infection?

December 21st my doctor diagnosed me with a minor yeast infection. I was treated for 7 days which ended on December 27th. Today January 2nd my fiance got diagnosed with urethritis. We baby danced on December 30th.

No, I do not have any symptoms like when I had this yeast infection. But, I did have some clumpy mucus but it was white.

Is it possible that he could of passed this infection back to me?

Yes, VERY possible.  (+ info)

my partner has non specific urethritis?

should i get tested too?

Absolutely!! Better get tested because I had a non specific urethritis and it's an infection that gives you STD symptoms but the bacteria could not be identified. I had to take antibiotics to clear it up. Take my word for it, you don't want to keep passing it back and forth to each other.  (+ info)

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