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STD urethritis: possible to have sex/self sex?

me and my gf were diagnosed with STD and given antibiotics. We were told not to have sex for 7 days. Is it possible for us to have protected sex? Also is it possible to masturbate without compromising the recovery?

I would wait the full seven days. As far doing some handiwork in the meantime, go ahead, you don't want your balls to explode.  (+ info)

can urethritis be caused by masterbating too hard?

While sk8ter posted a pretty good review article summing up urethritis, here's the deal:

YES, you can get urethritis from masturbating too hard. When you masturbate too vigorously, you can injure and irritate your genitals as well as the opening of your urethra (located right there beneath your clitoris). Combine rough friction with a germ-covered hand, and you have the recipe for an infection.

Take the meds as directed. Don't stop taking them early just because the symptoms subside. Let your urethra heal for a week. And in the future, either wash your hands with hot, soapy water before masturbating and use some KY Jelly to reduce friction, or switch to using water from the showerhead or a bathtub faucet.  (+ info)

can you get urethritis in your throat with out sex?

It does not appear so.
Must be some contact from vagina, penis or anus to throat
http://health.act.gov.au/c/health?a=da&did=10079128&pid=1086058421  (+ info)

possible urethritis, no sexual contact?

I have had no sexual contact ever but i do masterbate excessivley. around 4 days ago i had burning sensation at my urethral opening after urinating and i still have a minor burning sensation after i urinate. my urine does not look or smell any different. the burning sensation comes a few minutes after i urinate and my urethral opening looks irritated. im 18, is it possible i have a minor case of urethritis?

OBGYN ?  (+ info)

could this be a cause of Urethritis?

I think I may have Urethritis. It burns a when I pee. threess a little moresensitivityy on the tip of my penis. Its not an std because ive been tested and have safe sex. I do urinate right after sex most of the time. Maybe the acid in the pea or something??? I just wanna know the cause, because i'm still young and I know its not common. Thanks

  (+ info)

Its possible to Getting Back g. urethritis from washed clothes...?

i take 10 days all medicine advise by doctor & discharging problem gone.. also feel good.. but now i feel again some pain & discharge yellow & white from peni..
its Its possible to Getting Back g. urethritis from washed clothes...

It is unlikely, as most bacteria even if it survives dessication (being dried out) would not survive the heat from the dryer. You should contact your doctor as soon as possible. You could have a resistant strain of bacteria or a deeper infection.  (+ info)

do i have non-specific urethritis?

I've had non-specific urethritis many times over the past 30 years. Right now, I have the symptoms of NSU (light discharge, sensation on urinating), but absolutely no white blood cells in my urine (had it checked twice by my doctor). What could it be? Should I treat it with antibiotics anyway?

When I was in the service the medics called a wide variety of STD's NSU so they would not get in trouble with their wife.  (+ info)

Urethritis? NGU in monogamous relationship?

Is it possible to get NGU in a monogamous relationship? she swears she has been faithful, and I know i have been. I got this six weeks ago, about 2 days after she had a yeast infection due to antibiotics.

yes it is possible to get these things in a monogamous relationship....ask web md or a doctor...dont be hard on the person who is faithful...you do get yeast infections from antibiotics...it is almost a guarentee that if you are on an antibiotic you will definately get a yeast infection...urethritis is just an inflammation of the urethra, which can be from a yeast infection that didnt get treated. A yeast infection in just an overgrowth of the natural bacteria that every person has on there body. When the antibiotic kills off the bad bacteria, the good bacteria will take over and they multiply, causing a yeast infection....so relax it is normal!  (+ info)

non specific urethritis?

Have been to dr twice he says i have non specific urethritis. Am on second batch of antibiotics for it now. Symptoms frequency and sometimes i get a shooting pain in urethra. Have been tested for chlamidya and all that and nothing there. Is it possible to contact a bug if you had sex with condom, but fingered a girl then touched your own genitals (girl was prostitute). have contacted gen. warts but unsure if other bugs could get in urethra? Am a bit paranoid i have something else but have been reassured by dr of the condition.
Am 22 years old if this helps

It is very possible to contact the infecxtion even while using a condom. If the doctor has tested you and has told you that the only thing wrong isa NSU, then deal with it.
I had NSU as a young Marine (about your age) and went through a month of treatment.
I am now clean as a whistle inside and out, and have fathered an absolutely gorgeous daughter, and have no physical challenges.
Do your time and it all goes away.  (+ info)

Causes of Urethritis in males ?

I have urethritis. I was just wondering the cause of mine. I use protection and am disease free. Could it be from physical activity ? sports...etc. Could it be from not drinking enough water? Too much sex ? I just really want to know whats causing it. My doc said didnt seem too serious. Im on ibuprofen 3 times a day. I'm fit and healthy, so im not sure why I have it. hmmmm......

Urethritis in Men Causes

The sexually transmitted diseases gonorrhea and chlamydia cause the majority of cases of urethritis. Herpesvirus infection> and bacterial infections transmitted during sexual activity also cause urethritis. How these diseases cause infection with urethritis is not well understood.

Chemical irritation caused by soaps, lotions, and colognes can cause temporary pain with urination. Spermicide in condoms and contraceptive jelly, cream, or foam can also cause irritation.

Manipulation of the urethra, during a medical procedure or masturbation, may lead to urethritis. Irritation of the urethra by manipulation may be complicated by a bacterial infection.

Chronic urethritis (when the condition lasts for weeks or months or goes away and comes back) may be caused by bacteria. But it can also be caused by a narrowing of the tube (urethra) itself  (+ info)

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