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how long after taking medication will a herpes outbreak last?

i found out i had herpes on sunday and i started taking medicine thurs. its now sunday and my urethritis is goin away but the herpes bumps seem to be gettin worse rather than better...btw, im takin acyclovir(200mg) 5x a day.

i think u need to get the doctor to give u a stronger prescription, or a different medication sounds like its not working for u. valtrex does work wonders for outbreaks, i'm taking it at 500mg. if i have an outbreak i take it at the begining symptoms and it my outbreaks don't last for a week. but if u don't take it until u have an outbreak then it may take longer, maybe 2 weeks to heal depending on the sevarity.
if its the oral type and not a bad outbreak then u don't really need medication, u should use cold sore creams like Abreva or Lipactin. i have type 1 orally and genitally also have type 2.  (+ info)

men's health - Urethritis?

I read that urethritis is a condition where the urethra is irritated from frequent and vigorous sexual activity. and it will result from burning sensation in the urethra and puss secretion. one should take up a course of medication such as antibiotics to relieve oneself from the condtion and refrain from having any sexual activity for the meantime. My question is.. if one should resume to having sexual activity what should be done to avoid it from reoccuring again? REALLY NEED AN OPINION ON THIS ONE!!!!

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OK so i have Urethritis?

apparently i caught it through unsafe sex with another man.
and iv been prescribed Vibrox Doxycycline Capsules 100mg
But all i want to know is what is urethritis ?

Surely your doctor explained this?

Anyway, it's an inflammation of the urethra, the tube you pee through. You should have noticed a burning sensation when urinating or redness around the tip of your glans. It's not necessarily contracted through sex, but it's often a sign of another STD such as chlamydia.  (+ info)

fever and flank pain are indicative of which of the following? urethritis, vaginitis, pyelitis, prostatitis?


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is urethritis an std?

i went to the doctor the other day because i had an infection on my penis, the doctor made me take a piss test and then gave me some pills to make the inflammation go away then he told me i had urethritis and to stop having unprottected sex. i have an appointment with my doctor next week. i just want to know if urethritis is a sign of herpes or some other std?

No, it means that you have some type of inflamtion/infection of the ureathra. This is usually caused by bacteria from uncleanliness on your part or your partners. Aside from a little pain you should have nothing to worry about. But seriously, don't chance unprotected sex man. 5 minutes of pleasure is not worth a possible lifetime of pain.  (+ info)

Urethritis- what not to do?

I was just diagnosed with urethritis, not caused by an STD. I can open up the hole of my penis and see inflammation (redness where the urethra starts). I have decided to stop drinking alcohol and also trying to stop masturbation. I try to drink a lot of water to dilute my urine because every time it is dark yellow, the pee hurts tremendously.

Anyone know of any other ways to help heal urethritis, or if what I am doing is correct?
Thank you for responses, I've had this pain for 10 months now, with no resolve.

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HIV, UTI or reacurring urethritis?

Dec 13th. stupid mistake. had protected sex with a female but had unprotected oral sex. I never hit climax and neither did she. I got tested Dec 23rd and got treated for Clyamidia with zithromax because I had pain and discharge coming out. and 2 weeks later got all my results and they where all negative. But through that time Id had thought I was building symptoms of HIV. I had muscle pain. diarrhea feeling sick ETC that I built anxiety that I had HIV. I got my results and they told me since i was all negative I had built urethritis. and then I got diagnosed with a anxiety disorder because I was so nervous about how I had to wait 3 months to get actual results. January 18th I started to build pain again back pain, muscle pain, pain on my arm and fingers I have a appointment with a Nurse practitioner tomorrow to test me for a UTI or urethritis but Im am getting scared that it might be HIV. what are the odds. After hearing 4 professionals tell me that my chance of contracting HIV is like slim to none. and 99.9% that I don't have HIV I am still not convinced. my question is can I still get urethritis even though I was treated for it. or could it be a UTI? I never had sexual contact since DEC 13th. so this is why I am getting really scared. and can Urethritis and UTI be a symptom of HIV
well I don't have insurance and I am away at school. The nurse practitioners perform the same test as urologist

you need to consult a physician....NOT a nurse practitioner and not any other "professional"....go get checked out by a urologist. it sounds like you're freaking out....don't. Aches CAN be psychosomatic - i get body aches when i have to take a sh!t sometimes....(not to be funny, but it's true...don't read too much into anything right now)

Bust out the phonebook and get a urologist.....and really: calm DOWN. conventional wisdom is very much in favor of you NOT having HIV. This may just be one of the more significant lessons of your young life.  (+ info)

Urethritis? Urinalysis? HELP NEEDED!?

I went to the doctor yesterday at an urgent care to be checked for my recent problem. For the last week I have been experiencing a weird problem. My penis has had a mild burning/tingling sensation at the tip when I finish urinating and also feels like i have pressure throughout me penis but when i do urinate it is not vert much and it is inconsistent. I went to the doc and gave a urine sample but everything came back negative. Would this urinalysis have shown chlamydia and ghonnorea? Or does that require a specific test. The doc said it was urethritis and that i should just take ibuprofen for a few days and it should be fine. I have had sex but the last time was 2 months ago and it was protected. Should I return to the doc for medicine or wait it out?

I would advice you to wait and see if there is any improvement.Ibuprofen is just an anti-inflammatory and analgesic,so you will be getting only symptomatic relief from it.So if there is any infection,it wont be treated by it.Wait for 3days if it continues,then visit the doc and inform him about all the problems and the doubts you have.Dont hide anything,as the history helps the doc in diagnosing the disease.  (+ info)

urethritis an std? am I sterile now?

So for the last 6 months I pee every 20 min, I went to my Doc and got treated for it took antibiotics BUT she thought to believe it was a UTI, although bacteria was not in the urine but I had all the symptoms, I told her I thought it could be overactive bladder and she said no because Im too young for that IM only 21 and today she finally told me today that she and other Doctors believe its urethritis, I read online it leads to infertilitiy? is this true? Im not sure if its an STD or how I even got it, Im really struck because I really want to have kids one day and I have only had 1 sex partner :( any one have any info on this or answer my questions thanks

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what you are talking about is an unheard of complication. stop worrying and get on with life.  (+ info)

Does this sound like Urethritis? I've had no sexual contact and there's no discharge.?

I've had an infection on my penis for a number of years now localized around the urinary meatus. There is visible inflammation and the area is red and painful to the touch. It has gotten progressively worse over the past several months and is beginning to concern me a great deal. I'm uncircumcised and had not been able to retract the foreskin until about age 16. I'm 19 now. There is no pain upon urination and no discharge. However, the inflammation seems visually consistent with that of urethritis. I am a virgin and have had no sexual contact whatsoever, so I am somewhat confused as infection normally seems to be caused by sexual contact.

Does this sound like it could be urethritis? My doctor said that it was likely caused by moisture underneath the foreskin and recommended a circumcision, but I would like to avoid this if at all possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this causes a great deal of anxiety and stress.
I should note that I had the area biopsied and they classified it as non-specific inflammation, not being able to give any concrete explanation for what was causing it. While it was good to know nothing is going to fall off, it still didn't provide any course of treatment, as I've tried a whole bunch of different creams.

Go to Medline Plus on yahoo or google, select Medline Encyclopedia, then select U, the scroll down to Urethritis, chronic. This place will give you detailed information about this condition which incidentally does sound like a possibility. It gives you info on causes, symptoms, treatments, it should help you to understand what the Doc is trying to comunicate to you and give you alternative solutions to try before going thru with a circ that you abviously do not really want.
Good Luck this info should be helpful and keep the Medline in your favorites for any ailment or medication you have questions about it is pretty good....  (+ info)

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