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How can I heal a colon fistula naturally without surgery?

I have a fistula between my colon and my bladder. I am not sick nor is it causing any urinary tract infections. I am just passing gas through my bladder. I am looking to find out if my colon will heal naturally. If no, then how will cutting the section of colon out and stapling it back together, how will that heal??

Please be very careful. My sister-in-law and very good friend had a similar situation. She did nothing about it. Soon there were more fistulas . . . and some of them grew out to her abdomen. Presently, she has four fistulas which have grown to her abdomen, and she wears bags to collect wastes. She has had nothing to eat orally for over a year, and they have been waiting to do surgery but must get her protein levels up. Hopefully this will happen in June of this year. If she had done something about this right away, it could have been surgically corrected, and she would not be in the shape she is in now. Have the surgery.  (+ info)

Anyone with severe side effects after radioactive seed implants 4 prostate cancer like vesiculorectal fistula?

My father was overtreated with radiation for prostate cancer and has suffered some serious side effects. The latest is a large defect in the inner wall of the rectum which connects to the bladder and continuously drains urine. Anyone with similar problems of urinary incontinence and or suggestions?
This is a sensitive issue,please be empathetic.

5 years ago I had seed implants for prostate cancer and only someone like you or your dad would believe the side effects I have experienced! There are doctors that occaisionally visit this site and they will be quick to say that the medical literature doesn't support my blaming the seeds and the follow-up external beam radiation I was treated with for these side effects, HOWEVER: Before my treatments NONE of these conditions existed and withing 6 months of the treatments I developed:
1. A weight gain of over 70 pounds which I think was caused by the severe edema in both legs and feet I developed after the seed implants, which in turn may have caused -

2 Very painful neuropathy in both legs and feet AND:

3. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in both legs with a clot that made it to my lung (pulmonary embolism)

4. Total incontinence ( I can't start it, stop it and I never know when I am going to excrete urine, so I wear Depends 24/7) and have a permanent supra pubic catheter with collection bag (3 years now).

The weight gain which I have been able to shed only 40 pounds of, I believe led to my diagnosis of type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes several months ago.

The weight gain also exacerbated my already existing arthritis in my knees and lower back plus the pubic catheter gives me a permanent "catheter infection" making surgery on my knees a no can do according to the orthopaedic surgeon.

The prostate never healed after the initial radiation procedures and the several subsequent procedures that were undertaken to try to fix the damage may have made the problems worse. I have sometimes scary episodes of blood in the catheter. There is also the discomfort of the :diapers" and the at least once every six weeks changing of the catheter.

End result of all this? I am rated 100% disabled and use a wheel chair. When the cancer was diagnosed I was phsyically able to do most anything within reason for a 60 year old.

My brother, who is 5 years older than me, had the same treatments performed at Johns Hopkins in Maryland and he is playing golf, walking 18 holes, three or four time a week!

Life is still good and I am doing my darndest to keep going. I have two new grand kids and a wonderful bunch of caring family and friends that make life worth while. But I have to admit, I never would have dreamed 5 years ago that I would be so excited about having a wheel chair lift mounted on the back of my car!

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your dad. I know some of what you are going through and I sincerely hope you both are getting through it. It sounds to me as if your dad and me have two very important things in common - we are both still alive and we both have caring family.

This was very long and I hope there aren't too many errors.  (+ info)

Are urinary or vaginal bacterial infections contagious?

Hello everyone.

So in the last few months my wife had a hysterectomy. She had some issues and discovered she had a vaginal fistula as well as a UTI because of the surgery. We found this out AFTER I had pleased her a few times orally. My question is, should I be concerned in getting any sort of infection contracted to me?

  (+ info)

What role does a fistula play in the circulatory system?

I guess what I am trying to ask is, if someone who is on dialysis, has a fistula inserted in his forearm, how does that play into the circulatory system? How does the circulatory system function when a fistula is present? What does the fistula do exactly?

the fistula is much like a central line -- the dialysis patient by the means of a fistula or connection is able to have the machine for dialysis plugged into the body and circulate and filter the blood ,,,, as the patients liver is not able to function and do the filtering inside the body == therefore the ""shunt"" or connection for the dialysis filtering machine .... the fistula is like a connection that goes two ways =the blood is removed from the body -- filtered in the machine -- then returned to the circulatory system  (+ info)

When is it suitable to use a Fistula Plug?

I have a fistula which manifests itself on the lower part of my stomach (not precisely sure from exactly where it originates internally). Am doing some research on the Cook fistula plus, but all examples seem to show a fistula very close to the anal opening (both ends) whereas mine is not. Does this preclude it from being an option for me ?

when a large butt plug just wont do...lol..  (+ info)

How can I heal up a dental fistula without the tooth being pulled?

I have a pus draining fistula on a tooth where a bridge is anchored on. Antibiotic treatment hasn't helped. Are there any natural remedies?

Nope, no natural remedies will cure a badly-infected tooth.

You have a fistula because the tooth above it is serving as a reservoir for the bacteria, and no natural remedies can get in that tooth, kill all the germs, and seal it off so it won't be infected again.

The only way to get rid of the source of the infection is to either do endodontics treatment, or get the tooth pulled, depending on the specifics of your situation (to be determined by a thorough evaluation by a dentist).

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Anal Fissure/ Fistula and Hemorrhoid?

I got an abscess which became Anal Fistula. I am not understanding is it Anal Fistula/ Fissure or Hemorrhoid?

How to know the difference.

Let me define things first. An anal fistula is an abnormal communication or tunnel between your rectum towards your anus, it is commonly caused by an anal abscess, which you said you had. so even though your abcess may have healed, there is now a skin tract or tunnel from your rectum, towards your anus, this tract will stay there until you have surgery done.what is done is usually called a fistulectomy,or fistulotomy. tracts can course either to the front or towards your back.tracts towards the front are straight while tracts towards the back are curved.if it really is a fistula, i recommend you see a surgeon and have an operation done.the tract might get infected and will lead to more pain and suffering on your part, not to mention possible complications.
An anal fissure on the other hand is simply a nick or wound in your anal area,usually superficial but still painful and very prone to infection.usually it is caused by trauma or passing of hard stools.
The ano-rectal region has a rich blood supply and veins, these veins sometimes get inflamed, enlarge and form what we call hemorrhoids. though usually seen in pregnant women, men are not spared. there are external hemorrhoids,which are superficial, and internal hemorrhoids which are deeper. hemorrhoids usually present as painful masses which come out during a trip to the toilet. some hemorrhoids go back in by themselves, some don't. some may bleed, some dont. in any case, a surgical consult is warranted.
So, what do you have?
If you feel that you have a superficial wound in your anus, it might be a fissure.
If there is a small hole beside your anus that may or may have no secretions, it may be an anal fistula.
If you feel a mass that seems to be attatched to your anus or it seems coming from inside, it may be a hemorrhoid.
Go see a doctor so that you can get treated before it gets worse.
i hope this helps.  (+ info)

Can a baby suffer a rectovaginal fistula, from bearing down hard while constipated?

I guess I'm worried because my baby girl always cries so intensely while trying to pass a BM and I always find a little poop across the perineum into her vaginal area. Is this normal or could she have suffered a fistula?

I highly doubt it. Ask her pediatrician to make sure... but she'd have to have a horrific case of constipation for that to happen.

Crying while pooping can be normal... I'd be concerned if her BMs were hard, usually little pellets/marbles but especially if she's passing one large solid lump... and from what I'm searching it is also related to diverticulitis, which is super rare in babies.

When babies poop in diapers, it can go everywhere!! I've had to bathe my daughter to get poop out of between her labia majora & minora and from around her clitoris that I was afraid to just wipe off w/ a washcloth/baby wipe in the first few weeks. Finding poop on the perineum is totally normal, just clean thoroughly, especially if it is actually on her labia or vaginal opening (that's when I'd go for the bath, or at least what my mother calls the "booty bath" just sort of sit her in the bathroom sink w/ some warm water and gently wipe w/ your hand!)

Defenitely call your pediatrician for more info on constipation, that alone can be painful!

Here's one good pediatrician's advice on infant constipation: http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/T081100.asp  (+ info)

How long should I wait before returning to work after having an anal fistula removed?

I recently had a fistula removed and was wondering how long before I should return to work. I am a receptionist and sit all day long and do not want to prolong my recovery by returning to soon. But i dooo need the money so I would like to return as soon as it would be ok.... Any suggestions?

3-5 days, work from home if possible. ouch.  (+ info)

What is the after affect of fistula-in-ano surgery?

I have fistula-in-ano and doctor said that you have to remove it by surgery. I am concerned about surgery that how painful is it and how long does it takes to heel up, how many days do I have to take off from work. If somebody has the fistula-in-ano surgery experience then please share with me.


Agree.  (+ info)

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