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any doctors out there? stress urinary incontinence ?

i tend to have this problem, im 14 years old, i have been going to the doctors about bladder problems all the time and they said im fine. but i know that i have stress urinary incontinence and i was wondering- would they give me medication for it or am i too young ? i have tried those exercise things and they dont work for me.

You tried the exercise 'things'? That word 'thing' has me puzzled, but I'll assume we are talking the same thing. Stress incontinence is not unheard of, but assuming that a pill is the answer for this problem when you are only 14 might be a really bad idea.
You really need to keep working on the Kegel exercises for at least 12 weeks before you give up on it. (That's 3 months) Those same pelvic wall muscles are very important for supporting not only the bladder, but also the uterus during a pregnancy so better to shape up now if possible. Don't you think? These exercises are well known and have been used for years and proven to work if done correctly, so give it another try for your health sake.  (+ info)

Can you have urinary incontinence from being stressed out?

I'm 18. I've been stressed out a lot lately with my college classes, assignments, activities, work, etc.

I've noticed for the past two weeks that I've been experiencing a bit of urinary incontinence. However, today and yesterday when I've been relaxed, I haven't experienced any urinary incontinence.

So, I was just wondering if urinary incontinence can be caused by stress.
I don't have children. I've never had sex.

You should definitely talk to your doctor about it. You could have a rather sneaky infection of sorts.
If you have had children, that could very well be to blame.
I don't know for sure if stress would have an effect.  (+ info)

Medication for Stress Urinary Incontinence?

What are some medications prescribed for stress urinary incontinence?

Flomax will help you empty all of the way when you go instead of a little staying in there waiting to come out when you dont want it to. Go to a urologist, they can help fix the problem!  (+ info)

I have stress urinary incontinence. What can I do?

Im 16 and i pee when I laugh. Not all the time. Idk why, but sometimes I do. I know its something that might've gone through, but I want to know how to stop it. Help

Hmmm, you're so young for SUI and you say it doesn't happen all the time?
Maybe it's more of an immature bladder...do you let your bladder get too full before you empty? Maybe try to go more frequently.
As someone else said, keep your weight in the normal range.
And you're not too young to start doing kegel exercises. Here's a link with a description of how to do them.
http://kidney.niddk.nih.gov/kudiseases/pubs/exercise_ez/index.htm  (+ info)

Urinary Incontinence?

I have a hacking cough that leads to the dreaded "urinary incontinence". Anyone else experienced this? Have Keigels helped? I know it's totally normal, just looking for someone to commiserate with :)

lol I have the same problems... anytime I cough laugh or sneeze... really sucks but my doctor said to try the kegals and that may help but that alot of women have this problem and most of the time within a week after giving birth its gone if not sooner. I just cant stand it because when i start coughing my husband asks if he should go get me some diapers lol (he does it as a joke not in a mean way) the only thing i have came up with is to wear a pad if i know i will be out of the house for a while. just another joy of pregnancy.  (+ info)

Anyone have ideas on urinary incontinence? stress incontinence and overflow incontinence?

I was racing on my bike and as I was getting closer to the finish I really decided to step up and pedal faster. I dont know what happened but I was really pedaling hard and I must have been pushing down on my seat when all of a sudden I felt I peed a little. It has been several months and i think I have a combination of stress or overflow incontinence because after I urinate I tend to have like a couple drops of urine dribble out. I am not old so i must have damaged something. I have been putting some toilet paper in my boxer briefs to catch the excess urine but I want to know if I should consult a doctor or just wait. The incontinence is not as bad as it was in the weeks after the biking but it is still a hassle. Any doctors out there have an idea?

Urinary incontinence: unintentional loss of urine. Inability to hold urine in the bladder due to loss of voluntary control over the urinary sphincters resulting in the involuntary passage of urine. It is often temporary, and it almost always results from an underlying medical condition.

Incontinence is the unintentional loss of urine. Stress incontinence is prompted by a physical movement or activity, such as coughing, sneezing or heavy lifting, that puts pressure — stress — on your bladder. Stress incontinence is not related to psychological stress.  (+ info)

Stress Urinary Incontinence?

How do I stop the drip? I have heard many people had poor results from surgery. Anyone have a good experience?

The best thing you can do is kegal exercises everyday.

kegal.htm  (+ info)

urinary incontinence?

hi there, I sustained an injury 2 yrs ago and have CRPS in my right arm as a result of this injury I have been taking many medications over time and have had many new issues come to light (Depression, Panic attacks, Weight gain and more). I recently developed Urinary Retention and had to have a indwelling catheter inserted to help I had a leg bag for three days and have now a flip-flo valve and have to record all my urinary outputs. My question is what is a good result at this stage should I be urinating alot or immitating my past patterns what is my Doc looking for?? In anticipation thank-you very much for your time and advice everyone

sometimes when you have a catheter fitted, you can get infections which decrease the urine flow, the doctor is probably just checking to make sure this doesn't happen  (+ info)

I will be 21 next month and was diagnosed with stress incontinence today.?

Have been seeing a urologist for kidney stones and kidney infection. Have had stones 2x before. Have a horseshoe kidney and numerous other problems with my urinary tract. He recommended surgery or kegel exercises. 1. Has anyone else had this surgery before? My pelvic muscles are obviously damaged from childbirth. 2. Could the muscle damage be causing my stomach to have really not gone down since my son was born in May? would surgery help it to go down?

I strongly suggest you talk about this with your doctor. Write your questions down on paper and get them answered and be sure to thoroughly discuss both your surgical and nonsurgical options.  (+ info)

How do I stop urinary incontinence?

I have been suffering from urinary incontinence for the past several years. I have tried doing Kegel exercises over and over again and sometimes they do slow the symptoms down, but the problem still has not been solved. What can I do that will make the problem stop?
Note: For personal reasons, going to a doctor and having medical treatment are not options.

They make mens pant liners now days so if you piss yourself they take all the flood of water. Then when you get to the next bus shelter take your trousers and pants off and change the wet liner, putting the wet one in the bin to be recycled by the next unluckey pisser person.  (+ info)

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