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Tired of bladder/UTI problems... Please help?

Someone please advise... In the last week of August, I had a really bad UTI; after a week of it being refractory to tons of water and cranberry products, I called my OB/GYN who prescribed Bactrim. No change. A week after the Bactrim course was over, I went to see my MD, where UA revealed WBC's and RBC's. By this time you could actually see debris in my urine. He prescribed Cipro. Little change - still pain (not burning) and feeling of not having completely voided. A second urine culture, however (post Cipro), was completely normal, no infection, and my PCP said my symptoms are because of my IDDM. Yes, okay, I agree - but am I just supposed to live with the pain (a pressure-type suprapubic pain, as if I have a hernia IN my bladder - is that even possible?) and feeling of the inability to go all the way? What if I have a urinoma, an abscess, or uterine fibroids encroaching on my bladder? Sex is somewhat uncomfortable because of this, as well. What's going on? Please help.

Post UTI pain and discomfort can be treated successfully with a course of Pyridium. Doctors don't like to give it to those with diabetes because it can mask symptoms of an actual UTI. But as you have taken the Cipro and produced a clean specimen, I don't see why the doctor wouldn't give you a course of the Pyridium, or you can obtain it now over the counter in a lower dosage. It will turn your urine orange, don't let that freak you out, the orange goes away when you stop the drug.  (+ info)

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