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Can cervical erosion affect my ability to get pregnant?

I was just diagnosed with cervical erosion and I am wondering if this could be a cause of my inability to get pregnant.

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Has Anyone else experienced Cervical Erosion during pregnancy or cervical problems?

If so why whats the cause i had a examination last week as i was leaking fluid, the doc said it wasn't my waters which was good as i wasn't going into early labour but he said he noticed my cervix was red and inflamed called cervical erosion he said the smear was going to be sent off and if needs be i may need to go back for them to be cauterised. Is this anything to worry about?

I had cervical erosion in my pregnancy and there is no reason to be concerned, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at. The name "cervical erosion" is misleading, there is no actual erosion of the cervix, it is not wearing away, and the condition is entirely benign and will not adversely affect your pregnancy in any way.

I had bleeding at 11 weeks and went to the maternity assessment unit. They checked me out and everything was fine, they said it was possibly just an infection. I then had more bleeding at 18 weeks, at which point they said it was cervical erosion. I had more bleeding at 24 weeks and 25 weeks. I was admitted for 24 hours of observation (and allowed home next day). I was also signed off from work for the remainder of my pregnancy, told that bed-rest was not necessary however I had to slow down a little, no standing/walking for excessive periods of time, no sex, and no lifting. I also had to have additional scans (every four weeks) and see the hospital consultant (every two weeks). I was given the option to be induced at 40 weeks too.

I wasn't told it would need to be cauterised and that the best treatment is to leave it alone, especially during pregnancy - doctors here in the UK avoid even touching the cervix unless absolutely necessary in case of infection. It could be though that in your case treatment is necessary.

A cervical erosion is when the cervix enlarges and the inner cells can to move out (almost like a flower opening) to cover the part of the cervix that is in the vagina. The majority of women with cervical erosions have no problem but it can cause excessive discharge (which would explain your leaking fluid) or bleeding if it is bumped (e.g., during sex) or irritated or put under strain (e.g., by standing for long periods).

It can be more common in pregnancy because of the hormones and because the cervix becomes softer and more prone to bleeding and cellular changes. It won't affect your pregnancy and it doesn't mean your cervix is weakening or giving way (there's no actually erosion of the cervix in the traditional sense of the word).

If you have any questions then ask your doctor, he's there to answer them. My hospital monitored me closely as a precaution because any bleeding (even when the cause is as benign as a cervical erosion) has to be kept a close eye on but everything was fine and I now have an 11 week old son.  (+ info)

Another sign of possible cervical erosion?

I bleed when I have sex, usually not a lot and it's a salmony pink colour most of the time. However I just got thrush (itchy, discharge) and treated it with the tablet and cream. But the discharge was tinted pink with bits of blood in it. Could this be another sign that maybe I have cervical erosion?

I used to get thrush alot when I was younger and ive also had an erosion on my cervix, both of which were easily treated.

I was told there were 2 types of thrush - internal and external. With internal thrush, you can experience a bit of bleeding with the discharge so its nothing to worry about, as long as you get it cleared up.

It may be possible you have cervical erosion, its probably best to get this checked out asap. They can treat it easily at the colposcopy clinic, it is quick and painless and usually has no lasting effects.  (+ info)

I have cervical and uterine cancer should I get a particial hysterectomy or a full hysterectomy?

Also what are the chances of the cancer spreading to my ovaries and should the doctor tack my bladder when he's done. Also how long is the healing process afterwards.
Ihave asked the doctor about a full hysterectomy but he said I was to young and thats why he wants to do a particial

I don't know about the bladder part, but I would recommend the full hysterectomy. That procedure will remove all of the type of tissue that has the cancer (your cervix and uterus). Whether or not the cancer will spread depends on the type of tumor you have--is it benign or malignant? If it is benign, then that is a type of tumor that does not spread. A malignant tumor can and will spread unless all of the cancerous cells are removed. If you remove all of the cancerous tissue, then the chances will be lower that it will spread.

Talk your doctor about all of these questions, and if his answer isn't enough, then talk to another doctor--or two or three. This isn't the time to be relying totally on facts off the internet, though researching things yourself is smart and can point you in the right direction. I hope everything goes smoothly, and take care!  (+ info)

does having a cervical erosion make you more likely to get cervical cancer?

I had a cervical erosion after the birth of my son. It was treated successfully but I was wondering whether this had an effect on my likelihood of developing cervical cancer. Any experts out there care to ally my fears please?

Cervical erosion is the cervical cells being drawn down into the vagina. Pregnancy increases the presence of eostrogen & progesterone & causes the cervix to soften & swell, (contraceptive pill increases risk also.)
In some cases the cells that have come down can change into the type of cells native in the vagina. This process of changing is called metaplastia and the chances of the cells becoming cancerous during this transition is increased.
So yes, having cervical erosion can effect the chances of cancer, however if yours has been treated you may not develop cervical erosion again.
Don't worry, that is why us ladies have to go through smear tests & regular exams, and cervical erosion is known to go away by itself.  (+ info)

I think i may have Cervical Erosion i have been spotting after having sex?

I only have one sexual partner whom i have been with for over a year and a half so i am not concerned that it is any type of transmitted disease...it has only been hapening for last month or so and has never happened before..i am 45 and thought it may have been menapause but now believe it is cervical erosion..has anyone gone through this and can anyone shed some light on it for me?

Honestly I think that the best thing for you to do would be to go the doctor for a checkup. Have you had a pap smear recently? If not, do so. As women get older the odds of it being something serious increase. Good luck!  (+ info)

Any girls out there suffer from cervical erosion?

I was told I have a large erosion which needs to be seen to, anyone out there who can shed some light on what the surgery is like? thanks xx

A cervical erosion caused by the soft, columnar epithelium of the interior of the cervix, growing down and replacing an area of the tougher, squamous epithelium that normally covers the outside surface of the cervix that lies inside the vagina. Being more fragile and producing mucous, this columnar epithelium is much more easily damaged, and the damaged area plus the mucous released produces a constant mucous discharge, that may also be bloodstained. it may also become infected in a chronic and low grade way, producing a low grade infection called cervicitis.

Rhianna's answer as to the management using one or other type of cautery is excellent, however though some GPs are happy to carry out this procedure in the surgery, most will refer to a gynaecologist for the op to be carried out in secondary care.  (+ info)

What virus is associated with uterine cervical cancer?

HPV - Human Paplova Virus. HPV is not curable but is treatable, this is essential, it also causes anal cancer late in life.  (+ info)

What is cervical erosion?

I had abdominal pain last month, i figured it was not a menstrual crumps, i heard someone talk about cervical erosion. please help me more to understand.

Check out this site:
http://womenshealth.about.com/od/cervicalerosion/f/cervicalerossio.htm  (+ info)

what is a cervical erosion? want to know why it happens and how it keeps coming back?

I have had cryotherapy ( where they freeze the lining ) on two occasions but it keeps coming back and i dont feel the doctors are very helpful and have the time to discuss why it is happening.


The outer surface of the cervix is normally covered with flat, tough squamous cells, exactly like skin, but with no pigment. The inside of the cervix is lined by more fragile columnar calls, some of which are ' goblet cells ', which release lubricant mucous.

Quite often, for reasons unclear, the more fragile columnar cells grow down on to the outer surface. Here they may cause pools of mucous that may become infected, also they are easily traumatised and may bleed on intercourse.

These erosions can heal and reform on their own, but usually if the area is cauterised the cells that regrow are the flat squamous type.  (+ info)

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