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Is it justifiable to have an abortion, if the mother is at risk of uterine rupture?

Have had 2 previous pregnancies, per OB uterus has thinned so much...would be dangerous to have another pregnancy.I would rather see 2 other kids grow than risk my life for another birth.Spouse unable to rear all 3 kids if the inevitable happens, unemployed right now

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Is a uterine rupture the same as a ?

Is a uterine rupture the same as a placental abruption or are they different?

Placental abruption is when the placenta separates from the inside of the uterus. A uterine rupture is when the uterus itself bursts and rips.

You can hemorrhage to death with either one. You usually need a hysterectomy after a big rupture.  (+ info)

Has anybody had a uterine rupture during labor and went on to have more children after?

i had a lower uterine rupture during a emergency c section as the baby became stuck when i was pushing him out

I did with my last child, I hemorrhaged severely. My husband and I decided that there would be no more children. I would have loved to have had more, but being a mom to the kids that I have is more important.  (+ info)

How do they monitor for a possible uterine rupture during delivery?

Uterine rupture is very rare, even if you have had a previous cesarean section. The symptom most commonly seen when it does happen is that the baby's heart beat will begin to fall dangerously and not recover. Other signs are pain and bleeding.

Most uterine ruptures do NOT happen spontaneously, even if you had a previous cesarean. There are two main things that make a rupture more likely:

Drugs - to induce labor or to strengthen labor contractions
Forceps or vacuum extraction of the baby
Obstructed labor (one that is not progressing in spite of good contractions)

Other factors are:
Type of previous incision (most incisions are low-transverse which are very low risk for rupture)
Length of time between pregnancies (should be at least 18 months from previous surgery to EDD)
Single or double layer suturing of the previous incision

You can read more about VBAC here:

Good luck,
Claudine Crews LM, CPM
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Anyone get pregnant one year after 1st c section and have problems with uterine rupture?.?

Did your Dr. advise getting pregnant so soon?. Did he recommend abortion due to risk of uterine rupture?. Just curious.

My friend had a csection in July of 06 and got pregnant in April of 07 which ended in a miscarriage. The docotr did not suggest an abortion..  (+ info)

If contractions can cause uterine rupture on a previous c-section?

scar, then why wouldn't braxton hicks do the same thing? Just curious because I've had Braxton Hicks for the passed 6 hours, and I have had two previous c-sections. For those who will ask, I'm 28 weeks.

Braxton-Hicks aren't as strong as good labor contractions. And uterine rupture, even during good hard labor, is pretty rare. I wouldn't be too worried. Only worry if you have lots of pain or if the contractions are getting longer, stronger and closer together (like you're in labor). Then I still wouldn't worry about rupture as much as preterm labor.  (+ info)

If VBAC is somewhat risky because the chance of uterine rupture on the previous surgical incision...?

Would that mean that merely being pregnant after a c-section would be a risk of a uterine rupture in and of itself because of the amount of stretching/thinning out that occurs late in pregnancy?
Sarah G that isn't what my question is about.

as a woman that has had two naturals and two c-section i can say that the reason most drs dont do vbacs is bcause the pushing during labor is what streches the uterine inscision not so much the pregnancy its self. though pregnancy cause streching it is sometimes possible that it can reopen the sight but not likely most drs keep an eye on that during pregnancy anyways i hope this has answered your question  (+ info)

Could a Uterine Rupture due to Pitocin have anything to do with causing post partum cardio myopathy?

I already had pregnancy induced hypertension, high blood pressure on bed rest before they gave me Pitocin.

Postpartum cardiomyopathy is a condition of unknown cause which occurs with a frequency of between 1 in 10,000 and 1 in 15,000 deliveries. Patients who have a history of malnutrition or who have hypertensive disorders during pregnancy are at greater risk. I couldn't find any research linking pitocin/uterine rupture and PPCM.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a child after a uterine rupture??

I had a tear in my uterus during labor, it was fixed and it has been 4 years. Has anyone had this happen to them and have had another child?? I cant find case studies or anything.

If its possible (which I don't see why it wouldn't..it would be scar tissue now, like the cut from a c-section), you might be required to do a planned c-section instead of delivering. I know most second c-sections are done to avoid risk of uterine rupture. But I've never had a uterine rupture..just an emergency c-section with my first pregnancy.  (+ info)


Well i was alright until i heard you can have a uterine rupture DURING pregnancy, not only when during your pushing your baby out! i did some research & it said that it can also happen during pregnancy? :l i had a c-section 3years ago, what if this happens with baby#2 during my 9months? im really scared & worried now & concerned

I've had 3 C-sections and the doctor that delivered my last 2 only told me about the risk of rupture during labor. The risk during labor having had one previous C-section is like less than 1%. That's why women are allowed to try V-BAC after only one C-section if all else is normal with the pregnancy. I'm sure you can talk to your doctor about your concerns and they will be able to ease your fears much better than strangers on the internet. I would think that the risk is so low for a rupture to happen that it should not be something that you stress about for the next few months. The stress alone could cause more problems that you would not normally have had. Just relax and enjoy this time. If it will be awhile until your next doctor's appointment, give them a call tomorrow and just ask for a call back to talk about your concerns. Good luck and congrats!  (+ info)

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