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Any one out there with back problems caused by either Uterine Rupture or Spinal or epidural pain relief?

I am desperate to hear from anyone who have suffered back pain as a result of Uterine rupture or the spinal or epidural given for pain relief whilst in labour. Not only did I lose a beautiful baby girl which has been mentally disabling to deal with, I have also been left with a "herniated/bulging disc" which causes me pain every single day. I have never suffered back pain in my life and have been told by so called "experts" that this is caused by wear and tear!! I believe my disc was either popped out of place when my baby was sucked back into the abdominal cavity by the force of the Uterine Rupture (She was also a big baby, 10lb 2oz). I also believe the spinal has damaged my nerves in my back. If any one can give me any medical proof or help that this can be the cause of my back problems I would be so grateful. All consultants so far are just trying to make me believeit is wear and tear but I totally do not agree at all. Any leads, medical information, please direct me to it.....

I'm sorry I have no answer for you.But I am so sorry for your loss.How horrible for you.You are in my prayers. Have you had MRI done on your back?Or CT scan? Maybe more damage done then you thought .Is hospital responsible for this tragedy? I would get my medical records and have attorney go over them and find out exactly what happened. They may be responsible for your babies death and your back injury . They may not but they might be. What a horrible thing to happen to you. Best wishes to you.  (+ info)

Uterine rupture from previous abortion?

Is a woman at higher risk of uterine rupture if she will be giving birth naturally less than a year after having an abortion...?

Gee - ask your doctor.

Peace.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a uterine tear/rupture?

Can you please tell me your stories about your uterine tear.


Not me personally but I found this online  (+ info)

How common is Uterine Rupture? My sister is High Risk for this and having C-Sec. today....?

She is having her 4th today.

if she is high risk that means it is very likely to happen,  (+ info)

uterine rupture scare during pregnancy.?

I am 5 months pregnant and went for a sonogram. The technician and Doctor told me that since I already had a c-cection before this child, the scar in my uterus appears to be very weak. They are afraid of uterine rupture during pregnangy and wish to see me on a two week basis in order to make sure everything is alright. Do I have to be freaked out or can I relax a bit? does anyone know how this can be strenghtened? Any sudgestions or coments?

Do not freak out ,they are just being cautious .how long ago was your C section?Nothing can be done to strengthen the scar tissue as time would have done this .do not do any strenuous exercises or lifting and relax.do not do exercises un less told it is to late now  (+ info)

Close together Pregnancies and Uterine Rupture?

I gave birth at the end of January via an elective c-section (my son is 12 weeks old). Two weeks ago, I spotted, and now, thanks to a heap of different symptoms, I am beginning to feel that I may be pregnant again.

If I am pregnant again this soon, and taking the c-section into account, what is my risk of a uterine rupture?. Is there any way to prevent a uterine rupture from occuring during this possible pregnancy (bedrest, etc)?. Thanks for any info or advice in advance!

Honey talk to your midwife, otherwise your going to worry yourself sick about this sort of thing, and right now with a 12 week old baby you need to feel happy and contented. Congratulations on your new little son by the way - I bet he is lovely.

Yes, please do seek out medical advice, if worried about something always seek help and get the advice. Lots of women do fall easily and fast after a birth, and have known some who like you had c-sections and fell quickly and even gave birth the natural way with no problem. But I am not a nurse nor a doctor, so do go and talk with a midwife at least and put your mind at rest.  (+ info)

Anyone ever had a uterine rupture or multiple c-sections?

3 years go, I was 5 months pregnant with my 1st daughter and had a really bad car accident. during the impact my uterus ruptured and took the life of my daughter. Since then, i've had a miscarriage and thankfully got pregnant and had a daughter 2 years go by c-section. I had an emergency c-section with my first daughter as well due to the fact of my rupture, she ended up in my stomach cavity. So I'm pregnant again, and due in January, and VERY nervous about being pregnant and with the wound I have and having another c-section. Anyone had a uterine rupture or multiple c-sections??? Were there any complications??? Really appreciate advice!

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What is the risk of uterine rupture during an induced delivery?

I'm 37 weeks with my first baby. Because I have had some health problems during my pregnancy, my doctor has agreed to an induction at 39 weeks. My doctor told me that at that stage in my pregnancy, the only risk with an induction would be a higher risk of needing a Cesarean. However, from reading websitees and the like, I read that there is also an increased risk of having a uterine rupture.

Is this true? If it is, does it apply to first pregnancies? How rare is it? How could Pitocin cause a uterine rupture? Can anybody give me more information? Thanks!!

I have been induced twice and never had a problem. My labors were short and I delivered naturally with both. With any procedure there are risks, but they are rare and you should not get worked up about them. Just keep your self relaxed with a positive outlook and you should be fine! best of luck!!  (+ info)

17 weeks pregnant uterine rupture?

OK, I had my dd in Feb. 2009. I got pregnant again in June 2009.
My doctor said i was "kinda" high risk. But never told me for sure.
She said I could have a Uterine rupture. Ok, Now, When i found out i was pregnant i didnt have symptoms yet, or missed my period yet. I was sitting down one day, and my previous c-section scar started to hurt.
I started to have sharp pains, they were light though. I never had problems whith my scar after it healed. It took me almost 9 weeks to heal from my previous. I was also in the hospital for 8 days from a alias. So, when the sharp light pain started i was like what could be causing this? Than i took a pregnancy test. I know at my 6 week check up the doctor told me to wait 18 months. Well, I had a schedualed pap in july, so i waited for that appointment no point in making two different appointments. So, I told her i was pregnant and she took another test and of course it was positive. So,
I started my prenatal care. On my second visit, I told the doctor that the sharp pains is gradually getting a little more painful. She told me it was probably adhesions and not to worry, i'd have some discomfort. On my third prenatal visit, I told her again, it's hapening more frequent with the sharp pains, now it's radiating across my insicion, and i tried to describe this to her, and sometimes the sharp pain is hurts and it actually makes me stop in in dead tracks...and i wait for the sharp pain to subside and so forth. but now it's getting worse, and it's happening more and more through out the day, at the begining, it was light, and only happened once in awhile, now that im 17 weeks it's happening ALOT through the day and the pain is more painful than before. It's more of a sharper pain and
it varies on the location of the scar. She told me that she think's it's kidney stones, and to drink alot of water to pass it. So i have been drinking alot of water, for the past month, and still nothing has changed. I KNOW she is wrong I can sense it. I just "know". My bf had alot of kidney stone problems his were recurring, and he had to have a few surgeries to remove them. I told him what i was experiencing and he said that doesnt sound like it at all...and i totally agreed. So now i'm worried that this could be a early warning sign that something is wrong. Oh, and when i was pregnant with my first daughter, i felt her moving around by now....and i dont feel this one at ALL...I still have my pregnancy symtoms. Also, i've only gained 1lbs. so far. Not saying that has anything to do with it, but just giving some more info on my situation. I have a ultrasound coming up soon, the second week of november, should i mention this to the ultrasound tech? and see if they can see antyhing? I know that when i was healing from my first one,
i went ot the ER because i had seroma, and they did a ultrasound on my scar tissue, and it was a totally different kind of Ultrasound. So i dont know if the ultrasound tech will be able to see the scar tissue or not. Should I get a second opinion? because i'm really really worried....I really dont want to end up in a bad situation if it can be prevented. But this doctor doesnt seem worried about it, and i need reassurance, and not just blown off.
She hasnt even done any tests on me, to even see if it's kidney stones or adhesions...all the reasons she told me, she hasnt even looked into.
and that really bothers me, because the like the said the pain seems to be gradually getting worse. Should i worry, if the doc isnt worried?
should i gets a second opionon? I really dont know what to do..I would like some advise.
I know my uterus hasnt ruptured.
I am worried it could. I dont know how worried I should be with this pain.
Everyone i talked to with previous c-section, dont experience this. I just want the doctor to aswer my questions instead of beating around the bush,
If there is something wrong i want to catch it before it turns ugly later on....

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How common is uterine rupture in VBACs?

Another question sparked my curiosity on this. My son was born via C-section because, after 4 hours of pushing, he wasn't coming down(failure to progress) and it was also found that his cord was wrapped 3 times around his neck. We plan to TTC the beginning of next year and I would really love to have a VBAC this time around. However, I do not want to put myself or any future babies at risk.

So, how common is uterine rupture? And, also, are epidurals allowed for VBACs?
Erin, OBVIOUSLY I will speak to my doctor about it but I see no point in calling her up when I'm not even pregnant yet and it won't be happening for awhile.

Uterine rupture with VBAC is relatively rare. It happens in less than 1% of women attempting VBAC. This website has some good statistics on uterine rupture and VBAC.

An epidural can be used.

http://www.vbac.com/uterine.html  (+ info)

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