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this is my first baby and i am afraid of a uterine rupture. this is my biggest worry. what can i do?

Well with regular check ups the doctors will monitor that. There's really not much you can do, ask the doctor about it.  (+ info)

Is this serious? Intermenstrual bleeding/uterine rupture?

Firstly,i am planning to go to a dr soon. Just I'm wondering what this could be as I'm not sure.
My symptoms are pain in my lower back/hip&side of my thigh. Resting doesn't make it go. I have this a couple of times per week. I have 3 children and I did have this before during pregnancies,but I am not pregnant now. Also I am suffering from inter menstrual bleeding on an almost daily basis. I have had a complete uterine rupture (the baby was stillborn) which happened about 8 months ago and the intermenstrual bleeding has been on an almost daily basis since. I have never had a cervical smear (I should have,because I'm 25) ,but my guess is the doc would've noticed any problem with my uterus/cervix during the operation to fix my uterus or is that a wrong thought?

Well being that you had the baby 8 months ago your body may not have discharged everything. The doctor would have to do a pelvic exam as a follow up and make sure everything came out. If not it could be causing a serious infection and you may require a DNC. I would seek out an ER  (+ info)

Planning another pregnancy, want to have a VBAC but concerned about uterine rupture?

When I first found out I was pregnant with my son I was sure of one thing, I was NOT having a c-section. Well I learned that not everything always goes as planned and after 48 hours of labor following my water breaking I was only dilated 6.5cm so a c-section was necessary. I was devastated but my son was healthy and that is all that matters. My fiance and I are now planning to try for baby #2 and I desperately want to avoid another c-section but after reading about possible uterine rupture and a few horror stories, I am terrified!!! Not too mention that sometimes I have minor pain on what feels like it may be my c-section scar on my uterus. Could this be a sign of a weak scar? My son is now almost 16 months old, so my incision is over a year old. I will obviously have to discuss a VBAC with my OB/GYN, but does anyone have any success stories about VBACs to help ease my worries??

The only thing that will help you be at peace with your decision it to realize that there is no such thing as a 100% safe, risk free birth. Whether you have a c-section or a VBAC there will be risks either way. If you have a VBAC, your scar has a 0.5% chance of rupturing and your baby has a 1/2000 chance of brain injury or death. If you have a c-section you have the risks of infection, hemorrhage, future miscarriage or infertility, and an increased risk of placenta accreta, uterine rupture, still birth and placenta previa in future pregnancies. Your baby will be at increased risk of being born prematurely due to miscalculated due dates, being cut with the surgeons knife, going into respiratory distress, having asthma later in life and infection, especially the more serious staff infection. The way I looked at it, I had a 99.5% chance of NOT rupturing with a VBAC and me and my baby having at least a 90% chance for getting all the benefits of a vaginal birth and avoiding the trauma and risks of a c-section. And I too had pain in my scar, it is due to adhesions from the scar tissue, they are harmless and don't have anything to do with your scars strength. The risk of you rupturing has about the same chance of happening as the risk of cord prolapse, placental abruption and is far less likely than the risk of fetal distress. If having another c-section to avoid a rupture was the smart thing to do, wouldn't it also make sense to give all first time moms c-sections to avoid the above risks that come with every vaginal birth? No, it wouldn't! As long as you are being monitored, a VBAC is a safer option. I chose to have an unmedicated, natural birth so that if I ruptured, I would likely know immediately and be able to tell the doctor and get the baby out BEFORE he went into distress. I also avoided induction or augmentation as these thing greatly increase the chance of rupture. Go back to those rupture stories you read, see how many of them got pitocin or some other medication to start or speed up labor, I bet most of them did. I also ate lots of chicken and other quality proteins to strengthen my uterus, it is a muscle after all. It sounds like your first labor didn't progress, I bet this was due to the baby's head not being in the best position. This can happen if the baby is not engaged in the pelvis when the water breaks, and if you were laying in bed during labor the baby couldn't have had room to get into a better position. I would recommend you get lots of extra vitamin C to strengthen your amniotic sac next time and when you are in labor, whatever you do, stay out of that bed! I hope I helped, good luck and have a great birth next time!  (+ info)

17 weeks pregnant with 2nd child, i'm afraid of uterine rupture, what should i do?

OK, I had my dd in Feb. 2009. I got pregnant again in June 2009.
My doctor said i was "kinda" high risk. But never told me for sure.
She said I could have a Uterine rupture. Ok, Now, When i found out i was pregnant i didnt have symptoms yet, or missed my period yet. I was sitting down one day, and my previous c-section scar started to hurt.
I started to have sharp pains, they were light though. I never had problems whith my scar after it healed. It took me almost 9 weeks to heal from my previous. I was also in the hospital for 8 days from a alias. So, when the sharp light pain started i was like what could be causing this? Than i took a pregnancy test. I know at my 6 week check up the doctor told me to wait 18 months. Well, I had a schedualed pap in july, so i waited for that appointment no point in making two different appointments. So, I told her i was pregnant and she took another test and of course it was positive. So,
I started my prenatal care. On my second visit, I told the doctor that the sharp pains is gradually getting a little more painful. She told me it was probably adhesions and not to worry, i'd have some discomfort. On my third prenatal visit, I told her again, it's hapening more frequent with the sharp pains, now it's radiating across my insicion, and i tried to describe this to her, and sometimes the sharp pain is hurts and it actually makes me stop in in dead tracks...and i wait for the sharp pain to subside and so forth. but now it's getting worse, and it's happening more and more through out the day, at the begining, it was light, and only happened once in awhile, now that im 17 weeks it's happening ALOT through the day and the pain is more painful than before. It's more of a sharper pain and
it varies on the location of the scar. She told me that she think's it's kidney stones, and to drink alot of water to pass it. So i have been drinking alot of water, for the past month, and still nothing has changed. I KNOW she is wrong I can sense it. I just "know". My bf had alot of kidney stone problems his were recurring, and he had to have a few surgeries to remove them. I told him what i was experiencing and he said that doesnt sound like it at all...and i totally agreed. So now i'm worried that this could be a early warning sign that something is wrong. Oh, and when i was pregnant with my first daughter, i felt her moving around by now....and i dont feel this one at ALL...I still have my pregnancy symtoms. Also, i've only gained 1lbs. so far. Not saying that has anything to do with it, but just giving some more info on my situation. I have a ultrasound coming up soon, the second week of november, should i mention this to the ultrasound tech? and see if they can see antyhing? I know that when i was healing from my first one,
i went ot the ER because i had seroma, and they did a ultrasound on my scar tissue, and it was a totally different kind of Ultrasound. So i dont know if the ultrasound tech will be able to see the scar tissue or not. Should I get a second opinion? because i'm really really worried....I really dont want to end up in a bad situation if it can be prevented. But this doctor doesnt seem worried about it, and i need reassurance, and not just blown off.
She hasnt even done any tests on me, to even see if it's kidney stones or adhesions...all the reasons she told me, she hasnt even looked into.
and that really bothers me, because the like the said the pain seems to be gradually getting worse. Should i worry, if the doc isnt worried?
should i gets a second opionon? I really dont know what to do..I would like some advise.

  (+ info)

what is the symptomsof uterine rupture?

Excruciating pain in the uterus/abdomen, internal bleeding, loss of consciousness, death.

If you are able to ask this, your uterus hasn't ruptured. Don't worry.  (+ info)

Ladies..Have you ever had another C-Section after a uterine rupture?

I was goin to have my son natural or whatever and I got so big I decided to go ahead and have another C-Section..Well as they was goin to open me up my uterus(she said exploded) ruptured..Im only 22..I would love to have at least one more..What would you say?

A study done in 1994 revealed that for women who had two prior low transverse uterine scars and attempted a vaginal birth for their third pregnancy, the uterine rupture rate was 1.8%. The maternal morbidity rate was 0.063%. Also important to note, 76% of those women were successful in having a vaginal birth. It is very important that you find a supportive OBGYN who specializes in helping women with VBACs.  (+ info)


Lets say, you had a very natural VBAC, no doctor just a noncertified midwife, who has learned midwife by helping over 200 women in the mountains in Mexico have their babies.

So, then your uterous is about to ruputre. How would you know if it was going to rupture, would you feel different in the contractions? (You cant tell my U/S because your doing a home birth.How do you know if that is going to happen to you?

She had a lady complain once that was doing a VBAC that something wasnt "right" and got her to a hospital and the lady survived and is just fine, she didnt rupture.

Are there ways to know without U/S that you are going to rupture?

I cant go to a doctor here, here where I am in Mexico, doctors are soooo money hungery they will Csection you for everything thing possible, and I just want a VBAC. I have a friend whos doctor said she could do a VBAC,and then he did a repeat c section for the stupidest reason ever.

  (+ info)

I had a uterine rupture last weekend,lost my baby boy.It feels all surreal right now.I am still in the hospita?

I never had a uterine surgery or abortion or anything this was my first. I had contractions at 36 weeks and lot of stomach pain.Doc said its gas and pre labor contractions. I went to ER on weekend and baby died and they barely saved me.
I feel cheated by God

Please tell me have you heard anyone have this and will I ever get pregnant again?
I am 31.

My doctor who did the surgery said i shud take a year at least before I start trying

I am so sorry for your loss. After having known you for sometime, reading this literally got me into tears. I am not pregnant or planning or have kids so not the right person to answer your question. But just wanted to give you some encouragement. I have see all sorts of pregnant cases and can definitely say that you will have healthy kids. My sister got pregnant after trying for 8 years, my friend who had crazy menstrual problems was told by doctor that she will have problems but she got pregnant immediately after marriage. I have seen 3 miscarriages in my family and all those women have healthy kids now. My bhabhi's baby boy died soon after birth and now she has 2 cute girls :). My cousin sister had 5 miscarriages and now have a cute girl :) My mom had a miscarriage too and now she has me and my brother. One thing common I saw in all these women was that they were shattered at first but did not lose hope and kept trying and praying. They were positive and only thought about God all the time. Themoment you get negative thoughts, get yourself busy. My advice to you would be to get a job so you dont think about it and feel good. The moment you start feeling good, things start working your way. I am negative person but my jobs takes away 90% of my worries and helps me get positive a lot of times. So to answer your question again- you will not go without a baby next time. My prayers are with you.  (+ info)

Braxton Hicks and Uterine Rupture...possible?

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I have been getting really painful and frequent braxton hicks contractions for the past several weeks and while I know it's totally normal, my question is, since I have had 2 previous c-sections and my Dr.'s don't want me to go into labor because of the risk of utering rupture from contractions, could the braxton hicks cause the same thing? I know I'm probably just paranoid but I get sharp pains in my lower left side and I always worry about the possibility of my old scars opening since my Dr. says it could or could not be accompanied by bleeding. None of which is reassuring to me. Sorry it's so long :)
I guess I was to busy rambling to get out the actual question. I'm wanting to know if it COULD happen?? I'm over an hour away from any hospital so the thought of it is making me crazy. Thanks again :)

I appreciate your worries.

Uterine rupture is the worst possible pain imaginable, causing you to collapse very rapidly and having devastating effect on the baby.

So I think you are unlikely to be having that. Although the uterine wall is indeed stretching as your pregnancy progresses.

You could take some mild analgesics, such as paracetamol and soaks in the bath, but there's not a great deal more that you can do.

If your baby is moving, then that's a very positive sign that all is well.

Try not to worry.

Uterine rupture is worse than ANY labour pains.  (+ info)

I became pregnant one year and a month after my first c section what is the risk of uterine rupture?

My Dr says not to worry since I will be haiving another c section not VBAC but my baby is big and I am a little afraid I will die on the table. What are the statistics on this and is it true that most die if the uterus ruptures. I know it takes two years to heal on the inside properly so I know that I am running a risk and it is much higher than if I would have waited but this is life... Do you know anyone who had a ruptured uterus, when does it usually happen? Can it happen after the C section? Do you think it is a very painful death?

Aww honey, Please dont worry.
I had the same concerns as you. Ive had 4 c-section. my first baby was 10lbs 9oz, second baby born almost 3 yrs later was 9lbs 3 oz. third baby was 9lbs 4 oz, and Last baby was 7lbs 14oz, all of them were born at 39 weeks.

I got pregnant with my last baby just 4 months after i delivered my son by c-section. I too was so scared of uterine rupture, or the host of other problems that conce from multiple c-sections. My OB assured me that i was not at an increaded risk of rupture because my sections were too close, they were more concerned about the placenta growing into the uterine scar. and about all the possible scar tissue there would be from so many c-sections
I also worried about dying, so much so that before i went in for the section I made out a will.
Please just try to focus on a healthy pregnancy and delivery, cause you really can drive yourself nuts with worrying.
You will be fine, tons and tons of woman have csections close together and are just fine!  (+ info)

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