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I have been suffering from vaginismus since I had gotten pregnant with my second child a year ago. I spoke to my dr about it and she just gave me a panflet and two types of lube to try. Lube didn't work. I see prices for the dilators and we can't afford it right now. Is there any other low cost ways to help the pain??

Please only answers from people that can help

For women with penetration difficulties or pain, techniques must be learned to allow initial entry without pain. Women practice pubococcygeus (PC) muscle control techniques as they allow the entry of a small object (cotton swab, tampon, or finger) into their vagina, working completely under their control and pace. Any involuntary muscle contractions that had previously closed the entrance to the vagina and prevented penetration are overridden. Women begin to take full control over their pelvic floor and learn how to flex and relax the pelvic floor at will, eliminating unwanted tightness and allowing entry.  (+ info)


Does anyone have vaginismus? And if you do, how did you know for sure you have it? I read symptoms online and it kinda sounds like me...but im not sure. Will a dr. be able to confirm it for me?

You can go to the Gyno and if they can't complete an exam or it's difficult they can confirm it. I diagnosed myself. I can't get anything in not even a finger or tampon. Well I can get a finger in about an inch but its painful. I took a few muscle relaxers and got a finger in an inch or two and it felt like I hit a wall and it was painful. I believe mine comes from fear or pain. I've never been raped or anything. So vaginismus.com is good one and vaginismus-awareness-network.org is a good site as well. Because I have the fear of something going inside of me and hurting there is no way a doctor could examine me so I find it pointless to go in. But you should go in and see what they say.  (+ info)

How can my girlfriend and I advance her vaginismus treatment?

Right now my girlfriend and I are dealing with vaginismus (involentary contractions of the vaginal opening that can results in painful penetration or even prevents it all together) and right now we started using a dilator set. She did just fine on the smallest one, and we moved up to the next size and thats been a challenge thus far, but progress is being made. I was wondering under what circumstances would it be best to move on to the next size, or perhaps know anything else that can be helpful that will eventually let two people in love finally consumate. Thank you.

When she can get the dilator in without effort (this means she can lub the dilator up and slide it in without having to talk herself into it or do any kind of relaxation technique) she's ready to move to the next size.

Good luck.  (+ info)

does anyone have any tips on relieving vaginismus?

I have a lot of pain whenever I have sex. The doctor said everything seems normal with me. While searching online I came up with the condition called vaginismus which is what I think is happening to me. Any suggestions on how to relieve it?
forgot to mention that I was a virgin until a month ago, I've heard that the first couple of times sex is supposed to hurt but it's been a month already and I am still in pain.

I've met women who had vaginismus and they got help from a physical therapist. Some of these ladies had another condition along with that called vulvodynia.

I would recommend seeing your doctor for further evaluation of the situation to see what they think could be going on.

To learn more about vulvodynia please check out: http://www.vulvarhealth.org  (+ info)

I suffer from vaginismus and is this a symptom I have cervix cancer. How to overcome this problem ?

I manage to conceive and I have a 2 year old girl thru a C-Section. I've been married for 3 years now and due to this, my marriage is in the brink. I got scared whenever my husband wants it. It's a painful experience for me and I am embarassed to see a doctor as it is a very private matter.

Vaginismus is NOT a symptom of cervical cancer.

It sounds to me like you are having intercourse, even if it's painful. Vaginismus makes intercourse impossible because the muscle seizes up.

This is definately something that you should discuss with your doctor. You may have an infection that can easily be cleared up with proper medical treatment.

If you are still convinced that you have vaginismus (and it's certainly possible to develop it if you continue to have painful intercourse), visit www.vaginismus.com. You can even order yourself a set of graduated dilators there.

Best of luck.  (+ info)

How can a woman overcome vaginismus (the fear of penetration)?

I have read a little online about this condition, and i would like to know if anyone knows the best way to overcome this fear. Input would be greatly appreciated.

I was diagnosed with vaginismus when I was about 17. It is a HORRIBLE thing to have, and patience and kindness and understanding and empathy towards the sufferer are essential. I was over it almost completely up until recently, and then I was re-traumatised by a very negligent MALE gynecologist. Now I am at the point where I cant tolerate a gyno exam, back to square one after 21 years (im 38 now). But I dont have a problem with sex. It is a condition that can vary from woman to woman. Some women cant tolerate anything penetrating them, some women have "situational vaginismus" (im one of them) where it is just certain penetrations that cant be tolerated.

Anyway, to answer your question. There are loads of websites about this subject. The most common form of therapy appears to be "dilators" (look it up). Time and patience are key factors when trying to overcome this. And may I direct you to the "vaginismus awareness network" (google it). A brilliant website, written by fellow sufferers, with an online forum that you can join too (I am a member myself.

May I wish you the best of luck.  (+ info)

How have you personally relieved Vaginismus?

I struggle with this and cannot find a way around it.

  (+ info)

How can I get help with vaginismus?

I have been suffering from vaginismus for two years, and it doesn't only hurt when I had intercourse, it hurts all the time and everyday. specially when I walk and sit. It has been ruining my life for the past two years and I one wondering if anyone else has been through this and if the dilator kit helped them

Vaginismus is a psychological problem which manifests itself physically. You should seek treatment from a psychologist who can assist in getting to the underlying reason for your condition.
They can also suggest certain medications and topical treatments which will help you get over the issue and the pain - they are inter-related.
I dated a girl for 2 years who struggled with this and we gradually worked through it but it takes a lot of patience, openness and willingness to try many options. good luck...  (+ info)

Are there any women familiar with the sexual dysfunction called vaginismus?

My girlfriend and I feel she may have the symptoms and I want to get a better idea (preferably from someone knowledgable of or familiar with it) on how the condition has effected your life and/or relationship.

Yes, I have vaginismus and am working on correcting it now. It is a condition where the the entry to the vagina tightens and causes pain when anything enters or touches it. I am still learning about it but I do know that it's only PARTLY psychological. My OB told me that its an actual condition. First and foremost if you speculate that your gf has this condition, do NOT have intercourse. It will make it worse! Second, she needs to see her OB. He will definitely be able to help. Mine prescribed lidocaine (which is a cream that numbs the skin) for me to use on myself. He said it is fixable but takes patience and work. He told me it could be up to 6 months before we have intercourse again.
My advice to you would be to 1. Be patient, supportive, and understanding with her. It is extremely painful. So it's understand not to want to have sex, or even look forward to it.
I hope I helped!  (+ info)

What is vaginismus and is sexually transmitted?

what are the symptoms and what causes it and is there a cure

Vaginismus is NOT a sexually transmitted disease.

Sexual intercourse is very painful if not impossible for a vaginismic woman. It is the tightening of the muscle around the opening of the vagina. While it looks to be a physical problem, most often it is psychological.

There are different arguments for what causes it - some may say a traumatic sexual experience, strict upbringing, difficult baby delivery, fear of pain... ultimately, research shows that two out of three women will experience some degree of vaginismus throughout their lives, even if they don't know why they got it.

There is hope - and a cure. Some medical professionals will suggest surgery, alcohol, sex toys, dysfunction therapy, breathing exercises, acupuncture. What worked for me was dilator therapy - graduated rubber dilators until I felt comfortable with one the size of an average penis.

This is not a fun disorder, it is very frustrating and emotionally draining.  (+ info)

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