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Yes i was wondering if Varicocele does cause infertile problems cause it warms the testicle, can it be reversed?

What i mean is if you do get surgery to remove the varicocele will your sperm reproduction be back to normal?

The chances of having the Varicocele operated on and having yhe sperm productio return to normal is excellent. It can be done in some instances by insertinga wire in to the vein and draining. The answer you want is yes. Good Luck will keep you in my Prayers!  (+ info)


Okay so I went to a urologist and he found a varicocele. He said if I want to have an operation, then I can, but the only problem is that it may cause infertility.

I doesen't create a very great discomfort right now, and I've chosen that if I ever feel that it's gotten worse or if I discover it's affecting my fertility, I will have the operation.

For now, does anyone know any tips to manage it? I usually feel a sort of heaviness or slight ache in the afternoon. I'm going to try to remedy the problem with homeopathy (i know, i know, it's a pseudoscience but it's cured lots of stuff for me and for other people I know).

So any tips to manage this varicocele?
I also want to say that an operation would be kind of unwanted because I'm a drummer and it would most likely affect my ability to go on tour this summer.

i have a Varicocele too. the doctor said to me that as long as it dosnt hurt too much it shouldnt be a problem for me. but if i was having trouble having babies in the future that there is a rlly simple surgery for it that i could get but most guys with this problem dont need it and they can have a bunch of babies. so dont wrry about it its nothing i know alot of guys that get that i m on of em. as long as u dont have rlly big pains u l be fine.  (+ info)

How long does it take for varicocele to disappear after subinginual ligation?

Today I had surgery on a varicocele present in my left testicle. Subinginual ligation, I believe it is called. There is a 2-3 inch vertical incision right above my groin. The varicocele itself was considered to be large. I got out of surgery at 10am this morning, it is 10:31pm right now.

The varicocele is still present, and still prominent. Is it too early to see results? I have read online that some have noticed that their vein was not visible right after surgery. Any insight would be appreciated at this point. Although the procedure was not that painful, it's not something I desire to do again.

It may take 3-4 weeks to see a full reduction in the veins. Also, varicocele surgery is not always 100% successful, and the varicocele can return, or other veins in the scrotum can become varicose. A skilled surgeon increases your odds for a good result. A noticeable reduction is what you are looking for. Don't get discouraged, you're only 12 hours into recovery and you will have some swelling and probably some bruising from the surgery for several days.  (+ info)

How long after you undergo Varicocele surgery can you concieve a child?

My boyfriend and i recently decovered that he has Varicocele. Fortunately it can be fixed. How long after surgery can you actually have a baby? Thanks to everyone that can help! =)

your doctor never told you not to try right? as soon as you feel ready again is the answer babe. also google the answer or go to wikianswers.com but whenever your feeling up to it.  (+ info)

How long does it take for a varicocele to disappear after embolization?

I had a varicocele embolization almost two months ago. The first month it started to shrink and now it seems like nothing has changed and its just as big as it was... I did some running about four weeks after the operation which they acted like was alright to do. I fear the coils that were put in place to block the procedure shifted or something?

Yes, they are barriers. to shrink the pain, and there are side effects to the operation... i found this for you


<3  (+ info)

What is the best method to remedying of varicocele ?

I know that there is many methods to remedying of varicocele : usual surgery , percutaneous embolization , microsurgical varicocelectomy & ...
I think the microsurgical varicocelectomy is the best method .
which one of the methods have the least indisposition after surgery (phenomena) ?

Embolization isn't as effective as normal surgery.
I had normal surgery (abdomen) and it was NOT cool. I didn't complain but it did hurt like a b**** for a while.. the abdomen sucks because it's your core. So any movements must use it and when it ain't there..
I guess microsurgery would work.. haven't heard much of it.  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for a Varicocele?

My husband just got diagnosed with a Variococele. This has been a pretty painful year for him and we were both relieved it wasn't anything more serious; however, the doctor told us that there are essentially two options for him: 1) do nothing and get a sperm could to see if the Varicocele is causing any fertility problems or 2) have surgury. I am inclined to encourage my husband to go in for surgery so that he won't have to suffer with the pain. If you or someone you know has had a Varicocelectomy, can you offer any adivice or suggestions? Thank you!

have you googled varicocele? i did and found some good information........hope this helps ......the condition sounds painful....  (+ info)

How do I relieve varicocele pain?

I have varicocele in my left scrotum and it hurts quite often lately. It did not used to hurt and it did not used to be as bad as it is lately. I am only 26 so I don't know why I have this.

I do not have a job, I doubt I could even work with this pain, I have no money, a doctor, a GP, anything and so I am asking here on the internet for advice from people who have suffered similar problem if there are any remedies you know of to fix this. Thanks!

Oh F**** i have it 2 it hurts sooooooooooo bad i take a painkiller, keep an ice pack on it sleep with a pillow between my legs and have hot baths try masturbating its sounds silly but it really helps !!  (+ info)

Can a man with varicocele of the testicles still have children?

My husband has varicocele of the left testicle and has thought his whole life that he was sterile. Recently we got pregnant. But I am worried that this was a one-time thing and we will be unable to get pregnant again. Can this condition correct itself?

Varicoceles are enlarged varicose veins that occur in the scrotum. They are fairly common, affecting 15% of men overall, and 40% of men with known infertility.1 Varicoceles occur most often in the left testicle.

Varicocele repair is performed to improve male fertility. It can usually be done surgically on an outpatient basis using local or general anesthetic. A small incision is made in the abdomen close to where the testicles originally descended through the abdominal wall. The veins that produce the varicocele are identified and cut to eliminate blood flow to the varicocele.

Alternatively, a nonsurgical procedure called percutaneous embolization can be done to repair a varicocele. A small catheter is inserted through a large vein in the groin or neck and advanced to the varicocele, which is then blocked off by a balloon, coil, or medication.

What To Expect After Surgery
Varicocele repair typically is done on an outpatient basis. You can expect to go home within 4 hours of a routine varicocele surgery. Pain medicine is prescribed for a few days after surgery.

You should be able to resume light work duties 1 to 2 days after surgery and full strenuous activities within 1 week.

Why It Is Done
Varicoceles are thought to raise the temperature of the testicles or cause blood to back up in the veins supplying the testicles. Although the mechanism by which varicoceles affect fertility is poorly understood, varicoceles seem to help damage or kill the sperm.1 Varicocele repair is typically performed to improve the fertility of men who have both a varicocele and impaired sperm.

Varicocele repair is a controversial practice. Many infertility experts express concern that it is not effective as an infertility treatment.2

How Well It Works
While some researchers have observed that varicocele repair produces favorable pregnancy rates, others have noted that these pregnancy rates are the same as the rates of couples who have chosen not to have a varicocele repaired.3, 4

A recent review of research has found no benefit of varicocele repair for male or unexplained infertility.2

Infection at the site of surgery
Fluid buildup in the scrotum (hydrocele) that requires draining
Injury to the arteries or nerves in the pubic area
What To Think About
There is no proof that fertility rates improve after this surgery. However, some doctors think that larger varicoceles are linked to sperm problems. It is also possible that varicocele surgery would improve the semen quality, making other fertility treatments easier.4

Small varicoceles that are only apparent with ultrasound testing do not require repair.  (+ info)

Could i expect changes in hormonal levels after varicocele surgery?

I have heard things about varicocele affecting hormones. I had varicocele at maybe about 12 years old. Could i expect anything at all after surgery except for maybe the "heavy-ness" to go away and increased sperm mobility?

Yes it can, however to my knowledge it's really only in sever cases.
Obviously you aren't 12 anymore so you would have caught the issue by now if it was an issue. If you are still concerned go in and have a blood test done to check your hormone levels.

I don't know what you mean by heavyness so talk to a doctor about that one, nothing should feel heavy.
And it shouldn't effect sperm at all.

-Connor  (+ info)

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