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varicose veins?

i excercise ALOT!! play loads of sports..the whole lot! and i still have varicose veins! any home remedies to help ease them? i hear apple cider vinegar is good for em? is it so?

Varicose veins are quite genetic. They occur in people regardless of activity background. They are a result of excessive standing/excessive pressure on the legs. They occur when the valves in the veins become weakened resulting in blood pooling in the surrounding areas. The only way to correct these potentially harmful buldging veins is through invasive means --removal or injection of one of several substances to temporary relieve the pooling.

I've never seen any research backing up any of the 'home remedies'.

I'd say ease up on the exercise and take short breaks inbetween sets. Elevate your legs after exercising and avoid wearing tight pants/short while exercising. This won't cure the varicose veins but will stop them from getting worse.  (+ info)

Varicose veins?

I've been working in an office job for the past year. I spend most of my days sitting at my computer. I've suddenly got a bunch of varicose veins (or spider veins? I don't know the difference) on my upper thighs.

I've heard there are "bleaching" creams that you can use on varicose veins. Do they work? Is there anything else I can try? I'm in my late 20s so they're embarassing since I'm younger than I thought is normal for them. Also I have very light skin so they're quite noticeable.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Sclerotherapy works well. The method I had performed was the injected sclerosis agent. Basically a small needle filled with either liquid or gel (depends on vein size) is injected into the vein. You can see the blood disapear from the affected vein immediately. Further use of a compression stocking is necessary after treatment. I had my stocing on for one week, but this will vary with physician. There is also a laser treatment available, but it is more expensive. I started getting varicose veins in my early teens; I wish I hadn't waited so long to get them fixed. I love wearing shorts again!  (+ info)

Varicose Veins?

Does anyone here know anything about or experienced problems with varicose veins? If so, what could be causing an intermittent and irritating "pulsing" feeling in the ankle of the leg which had a vein stripped 2 years ago?

If you are refering to the vein that lines your inner leg near your ankle, then it is the great saphenous vein. Unfortunatly when that vein is removed from the ankle, there are many nerves that interweave around the vein. The Dr. when removing this vein will try to save all the nerves he can, but always there are some that are damaged. It is an unfortunate side effect of "stripping veins near the ankle". The damage the nerves suffer can cause numbness and "weird" feelings at the ankle. I would advise you to contact the Dr. who performed the surgery and ask what they recommend. Good Luck!  (+ info)

VARICOSE Veins!!!!!!!!!!?

im only 20 and because i spend so much time on my feet i have varicose veins
how do i get rid of them and prevent more from happening

Some people are just more prone to them....and you seem to be one of them. The only way they will go away is surgery. Don't think you can prevent them.  (+ info)

what is the best cure for varicose veins?

I've been having this insecurity due to my varicose veins that I couldn't even wear shorts or skirts. So I want to know what is there that can help me get rid of my varicose veins.

I found this on the 'net...hope it helps.

Surgery is used to remove varicose veins from the body. It is recommended for varicose veins that are causing pain or are very unsightly, and when hemorrhaging or recurrent thrombosis appear. Surgery involves making an incision through the skin at both ends of the section of vein being removed. A flexible wire is inserted through one end and extended to the other. The wire is then withdrawn, pulling the vein out with it. This is called "stripping" and is the most common method to remove superficial varicose veins. As long as the deeper veins are still functioning properly, a person can live without some of the superficial veins. Because of this, stripped varicose veins are not replaced.

Injection therapy is an alternate therapy used to seal varicose veins. This prevents blood from entering the sealed sections of the vein. The veins remain in the body, but no longer carry blood. This procedure can be performed on an out-patient basis and does not require anesthesia. It is frequently used if people develop more varicose veins after surgery to remove the larger varicose veins and to seal spider-burst veins for people concerned about cosmetic appearance. Injection therapy is also called sclerotherapy. At one time, a method of injection therapy was used that did not have a good success rate. Veins did not seal properly and blood clots formed. Modern injection therapy is improved and has a much higher success rate.  (+ info)

How can you get rid of varicose veins?

I'm moderately young- 20, and I realized I have what looks like is varicose veins on my right leg. How do I get rid of this?

to prevent them, you must have proper circulation going through your legs which means you should elevate them often (you get those veins form standing a lot), but to get rid of them, the only way thats known is probably cosmetic surgery  (+ info)

What causes and how can you prevent varicose veins?

Is it from standing on a hard floor all day? I have been a part time cashier for over 6 years now, and I'm afraid I will develop varicose veins. Is there a way I can prevent them? I only work 16-22 hours a week, but sometimes am on my feet 8 or more hours a day. Any helpful thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.

i'm 44 and worked retail my whole life and they are coming to haunt me now! You don't see them when you're young, they come later. They are hereditary, so check with your mom to see if she has them. But, you can help keep they at bay by wearing support hose, I know they aren't attractive and cool while you're young, but you'll thank yourself later! Wear good shoes. Rest your legs as much as you can, on breaks, etc.  (+ info)

Are varicose veins around the heart a sign of something serious?

My husband is 31 and has been an athlete most of his life until the past few years. He is physically in good shape and active. But recently he has had some heart palpitations and noticed varicose veins or more like spider veins below his heart on his chest.

gee if he's having heart palpitations you should get him to the doctor maybe even the emergency room. Palpitations can be serious, they may be nothing but this is his heart you are talking about.  (+ info)

How to lose weight and varicose veins?

I'm only 15, 5' 3" I'm about 180 and I already have varicose veins on my thighs, sides of my stomach, and arms. I really don't know what to do. I mean, I'm 15, I shouldn't be OLD enough to have varicose veins. More than once I've been embarrased because for whatever reason one of my friends sees them on my arm and is like, What's that? I want to lose weight, and want to know if there's any way to get rid of, or at least stop getting more varicose veins other than laser surgery which I'm unable to get for obvious reaons. Thnx for anyone who answers
Side question, id it normal for a 15 year old to be getting varicose veins, and so many?

You have a BMI of 32 and over 30 is obese. This is bad for your cardiovascular system but don't worry, obese people do not live that long. See site below for best way to lose weight.  (+ info)

How do you prevent getting varicose veins in the future?

I want to go into cosmetology, and I know that standing on your feet all day sometimes cause Varicose Veins, and I was just wondering if there was anything i could start doing now to prevent them. I'm 15 and I already work in a salon, but I don't cut hair yet, just wondering if I could do anything early to prevent them, thanks.

Don't cross your legs when you are sitting.

Keep blood flow steady.

When possible, wear pressure stockings. (they look much better than our mother's did)

Put your feet up a bit every day.

Unfortunately, part of it is genetics, so you may do everything you can and still get them.  (+ info)

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