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my 3d echo reads .. severe left ventricular dysfunction,mild MR,mild TR and PAH,dilated LA/LV,global hypokines?

what does this mean to my life?

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what is ventricular dysfunction?

whats left ventricular dysfunction?

whats left systolic ventricular dysfunction?
whats left diastolic ventricular dysfunction?
um, right ventricular dysfunction?

what does it mean to have low ejection fraction?
(how does that even relate to ventricular dysfunction...O.o)

What is the effect of right ventricular dysfunction on left ventricular form and function ?
and, how can u treat all of those?

whats left ventricular dysfunction?
- Left ventricle isn't working properly
whats left systolic ventricular dysfunction?
- left ventricle isnt contracting properly
whats left diastolic ventricular dysfunction?
- left ventrical isn't expanding properly
um, right ventricular dysfunction?
Right ventricle isn't working properly

Ejection fraction is the volume of blood pumped per beat, having a low ejection fraction would mean there's a possible heart condition.

And how to treat? No idea, i'm only 17.  (+ info)

What is left ventricular cavity obliteration?

I saw my cardiologist today and have been diagnosed with left ventricular hypertrophy. I'm well aware of the condition, but on the echocardiogram, it said "complete left ventricular cavity obliteration." I have no clue what that means. Can't find a thing on the web. Any clues?

LV cavity obliteration is basically what it sounds like, when the LV squeezes in systole the cavity is completely closed off. Normally the LV doesn't completely empty of blood. Depending on how severe your LVH is, that could be the cause. It could also be caused by dehydration.  (+ info)

What is a normal left ventricular ejection fraction?

A year ago I had an echocardiogram and my left ventricular ejection fraction was 62%, now it is 45%. I have cardiomyopathy. What does all this mean? Can you provide a credible website that explains it? Thank you. Any help is appreciated.

A normal LV ejection fraction is on the order of 55%. I'm afraid I don't know which website can explain this, I beg your pardon.  (+ info)

Is it possible to practice martial arts with a left ventricular shunt?

I have a left ventricular shunt due to hydrocephalus, and I've always wanted to learn martial arts (karate, judo, tae kwon do, I love them all), but my parents were always scared to death that I would injure myself or die. Is it safe to practice weaponless martial arts with this kind of shunt?

kung fu like tai chi or wing chun slow and easy and make others aware of your health or do it at home with a tape by david carradine from the library for free once you master a form animal style you just try to perfect the motions and the breathing then to add power and chi meditate while you practice to use for defence speed up   (+ info)

If someone has a valve dysfunction between left atria and the left ventricle, what problems could this cause?

If you were to have a valve dysfunction between your left atria and the left ventricle of your heart, what problems could this cause?

i think u cant breathe, u be real tired leads to heart attack.  (+ info)

Sharp stabbing pain with a left ventricular shunt?

I've had a left ventricular shunt since I was approximately 3 months old due to hydrocephalus. I just felt a stabbing pain on the back left side of my head near my neck, aaaand well, I'm slightly worried lol what could it be?

There are a number of possibilities for what could be causing this such as a pinched nerve in the neck area or a problem with one of the disks in your neck close to the shunt (both examples only).

I would recommend seeing your doctor for further evaluation of the situation to see what they say.  (+ info)

why there is bicuspid valve in left atrium n left ventricular ?

whether it has to work more than other valve in heart.It has to prevent backward flow of blood against high pressure of left ventricular.So has it any structural feature or reason to presence of it.Is there any structural benefit?

In theory if there are fewer moving parts than there are mechanical and functional advantages. Therefore, a bicuspid valve which has two cusps is more advantageous than tricuspid valves which have three cusps.  (+ info)

How to assess Left Ventricular function?

A patient sustained a myocardial infarction 2 days ago. The cardiologist wants to assess left ventricular function. What test should the nurse anticipate the cardiologist will order?

a. bedside echocardiogram
b. electrocardiogram
c. myocardial perfusion scan
d. holter monitor test

My guess was a.........but maybe c..........but I'm really not sure. i can't find the answer in my notes or online and I'm not sure which it is.

thanks in advance!

a. Echocardiograms can show 'live' flow dopplers to asses LV Function. with ejection fractions which can be measured against standards.
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What is the Left Ventricular Assist Device?

Is it considered an artificial heart? When was the first Ventricular Assist Device invented?

No, it is not an artificial heart. It is used to buy time for the surgeons to correct a ventricular defect such as a myocardial infarct. When too much muscle is lost they can install this device through the femoral artery and into the aorta. It's a balloon that inflates while the ventricle is filled from the left atrium. This causes back pressure to build stretching the muscle a little more than it would have and this improves the force of the ventricular contraction. This is Starling's law in action. The balloon deflates allowing the blood to circulate. The cardiothoracic surgeons use this device only rarely and it's always a judgment call. There are inherent dangers in using the LVAD and only a specialist is qualified to make that call. It could make the situation worse so they tend to be cautious in it's use.
I've seen LVAD's since the eighties but you might find evidence of it's use as far back as the 60's. The technology has been around ever since extracorporeal circulation pumps have been in use. It's not a big leap from ECC to LVAD technologically.
Hope this helps.
God bless.  (+ info)

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