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vertebrobasilar insufficiency?

Anyone any ideas on this? I have just been told i have this and don't know what it is or what to expect next! Thanks.

What is Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency ?
Vertebrobasilar insufficiency (VBI) means poor circulation of blood in the vertebral and basilar arteries. The vertebral arteries run up on either side of the vertebral column in the neck. They then combine to form the basilar artery. This artery then runs up to the brain. These arteries or their branches may be blocked completely by a clot, resulting in a stroke. They may be involved in a temporary block. The vertebral arteries may also be kinked and narrowed by certain movements of the neck. This is common in older people with osteoarthritis. These arteries supply blood to the parts of the brain associated with balance, eye function, memory and muscle action. They also supply the vital brain stem that controls breathing and consciousness. A major block is occasionally fatal. Mostly it produces difficulties in walking, balance problems and double vision: a form of stroke. Minor or short-lived attacks may cause dizziness, nausea or drop attacks. These seem like faints, except that the onset is sudden. There is often no warning and the patient recovers consciousness in a few seconds. Another symptom is a passing loss of memory, known as transient global amnesia. The patient is unable to remember new information or past events. There is normal consciousness and normal activities such as eating and walking continue. There is some confusion. Recovery from this condition is normally complete.

How does Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency occur ?
Hardening of the arteries leads to irregular narrowing of the artery concerned. Small blood clots can form, further narrowing the artery so that the blood does not flow easily and the brain gets insufficient oxygen. This causes the symptoms. A drop in blood pressure, sometimes because of tablet treatment for heart failure, Parkinson's disease or depression, can bring on an attack. The twisting of the neck, kinking the arteries, is a further way in which the symptoms may be caused.

Why does Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency occur ?
Atheroma (hardening of the arteries) can be due to incorrect diet (too much fat and calories), smoking and high blood pressure. Sometimes, none of these factors seem to be operating.

Treatment Involved for Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency
Blood tests and a heart tracing (ECG) are usually done to exclude diseases which may make the blood too thick. An x-ray of the spine may show bony outgrowths from the vertebrae in the neck. Soluble aspirin may be used to reduce the likelihood of more clots forming on the wall of the artery. If symptoms occur with certain neck movements, these can be discouraged by wearing a soft collar. Sometimes physiotherapy also helps to improve the range of safe movement of the neck. This must be done cautiously.

During Treatment
Most episodes of VBI last only a few minutes. If attacks become more frequent or last longer, the doctor must be contacted. Treatment is usually continuous and requires regular visits to check that the situation is quite stable.

If Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency is left untreated
Injuries may be sustained through falling. Unsatisfactory treatment is more likely to result in the development of a stroke. This often produces permanent disability.

Effects on Family of Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency
VBI is not inherited. Family and friends may help the patient to avoid certain movements known to set off attacks, and also encourage him or her to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  (+ info)

What do you need to be aware of when diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency?

I was told I have adrenal insufficiency and looked on line about what this means as far as how it will affect the rest of my life. I have read you need to wear an alert bracelet (for what?) and other things.

Well if you read up on it you know that improperly treated, it could become a life or death situation if you were in an accident and unable to speak. Your medic alert will tell them of your condition, then they can in tern, contact your Dr and they will be able to find out what they need to do for you. I know, I wear a medic alert. If I didn't and I was in that situation, the first med they would give me for pain would kill me. It's a common pain medication and used at accident sites. For me, it's a death sentence. So you have your Dr. phone # on there as well as your physical problem. They can save your life. So get one. Adrenal insufficiency is a serious problem. Good luck  (+ info)

Could you please tell me the difference between Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Peripheral Vascular Disease?

I was told yesterday by my doctor that I have Chronic Venous Insufficiency which I think I understand. However, I also came across PVD and then became confused. Are they the same?

chronic venous insufficiency is when your veins cant pump the blood back to your heart (so it pools in your legs).

peripheral vascular disease (which common in diabetics or people with high cholesterol) is a problem with the arteries (not veins) that are clogged up (from atherosclerosis) and thus cannot deliver enough blood to the peripheral limbs (such as legs) resulting in symptoms of the pain (intermittent claudication or pain in calves after exertion) or ulcers.  (+ info)

What can I do to decrease the pain caused by Venous Insufficiency?

My grandpa is having painfull legs because of Venous Insufficiency.
I'm looking for some kind of remedy to help him cure from Venous Insufficiency.Please help me out.
Thank you.

taking an NSAID like Indocin or Naproxyn help the inflammed vein. Loose fitting clothing. Taking an anticoagulant (heparin will help from getting clots) elevating the legs above the heart. If you have to put him compression stockings (talk to doctor about this). Keep an eye out for any sores that start on his affected leg. This is more than likely the start of an ulcer that he needs to see a doctor for. Applying warm moist heat to the affected area helps. It opens up the vessel letting the leg drain better too. Get him to lie down to get the legs to drain. Changing positions frequently. Walk frequently but avoid sitting and standing for long time periods.  (+ info)

Does anyone know anything about Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Insufficiency?

I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Insufficiency. I am concerned about the Cortef that I am taking for the AI. My face is swelling and I have gained about 8 pounds in two weeks. Is this normal?

Here is an excellent yahoo group for people with Adrenal Insufficiency:
[email protected]
Here is one for Fibromyalgia:
[email protected]
I would join these groups to learn as much as I can. Just pose your question there and someone will be glad to help you.  (+ info)

Can adrenal insufficiency cause high blood pressure also?

I was reading that adrenal insufficiency can cause low blood pressure. but it makes sense to me that it could do just the opposite too! correct?
I have heard of charged water, but given in a different way by readings of Edgar Cayce. Thanks so much for your information.

Primary adrenal insufficiency, also known as Addison's disease, occurs when the adrenal glands cannot produce an adequate amount of hormones despite a normal or increased ACTH (adrenocorticotropin hormone) level. Most patients with Addison's disease experience fatigue, generalized weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss and low blood pressure with lightheadedness after standing or sitting up.

Treatment of adrenal insufficiency involves the administration of adrenal hormones to mimic the normal output by the adrenal glands.
Underactivity of the adrenal glands is called hypoadrenalism. Many of the symptoms of hypoadrenalism are due to a deficiency of the steroid hormone cortisol, which is a potentially fatal deficiency if left uncorrected.

Other corticosteroids may be used to treat hypoadrenalism, including cortisone acetate, prednisolone (eg Deltacortril) and dexamethasone. However, it is difficult to judge the correct dose of prednisolone and dexamethasone. This may lead to the complications of long-term steroid treatment including avascular hip necrosis, osteoporosis, worsening of diabetes mellitus and HYPERTENSION(high blood pressure).
Cortisone acetate must be converted by the body into an active steroid, and the efficiency of conversion may vary between patients.

You should talk to your doctor for more details.
Take care as always!  (+ info)

Where to find about drugs which should not be given to patients suffering from primary adrenal insufficiency?

I would like to know what drugs should not be given to patients who are suffering from primary adrenal insufficiency and take hydro cortisone and florinef for the same.

Hello A S,

I could tell you everything about both but it would take too long for me to cover everything.

If you google in (CONTRAINDICATIONS OF FLORINEF) you should get a site to explain it all to you.

Do the same for hydrocortisone. But if you run into trouble just email me and I will tell you all I know about both.

Hope this helps.

Love Mel.X  (+ info)

Fish oil capsules during renal insufficiency?

I have renal insufficiency (serum creatinine 3.5). My doctor has recently adviced me to take fish oil capsules. (Maxepa fish oil morning and evening).
Does anybody know about the positive or negative effect of fish oil on the kindey especially during renal problems?
1 second ago - 3 days left to answer.

It can reduced the decline of renal function and help with blood pressure. It will also benefit your creatinine levels. Some people complain of rashes or allergic reactions. Make sure you take a brand your physician recommends and watch the expiration dates on your pills. Good luck to you!  (+ info)

Anemia and hypertension usually go along with renal insufficiency. If you are having antihypertensive medicati

Anemia and hypertension usually go along with renal insufficiency. If you are having antihypertensive medication it should be one of the ones that a) protect the kidney and b) prevent/reverse cardiac remodelling. The ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II antagonists have shown these effects where other antihypertensive drugs have not.

so whats the question.  (+ info)

Did you find out you had underlying adrenal insufficiency while treated with levoxyl? What did you do?

My Dr. hasn't been interested in checking adrenals. I am stressed, don't sleep and have recently read that levoxyl is contraindicated when an underlying adrenal insufficiency is present. I have conversion pain because I don't convert t4 properly so I have no energy or metabolism. This will kill me unless I figure out how to get a Dr. who thinks out of the box and understands endocrine systems beyond what conventional medicine teaches.

get cortisollevelschecked. not a big deal. if necessary, see an endocrinologist! good luck!  (+ info)

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