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What diseases does the Rhino Virus causes?

I have a couple of more questions-

What are some benefits that the Rhino virus have?
What are Rhino Virus life cycle?

It causes the common cold.All you need to do is look it up yourself.
And try correcting your grammar. What IS the Rhino Viruse's life cycle.
I got these references without even trying.  (+ info)

name 2 diseases of farm animals caused by a virus?

also, two diseases of pet animals caused by a virus.

10 POINTS for best awnser.

Farm--Eastern equine encephalitis, avian influenza

Pets--parvovirus,rabies  (+ info)

Can diseases mix to create a new disease or virus?

Can diseases mix or fuse to make a completely new one.
Same for viruses can they mix to make a completely new one.
Like Typhoid + Bubonic plague = ??? just an example.

Not disease but certain pathogens(viruses or bacteria) may mix up and form a new type(strain). Mixing up means the mixing of the genetic material of both the different types. The newly formed type do not resembles with its parent types, but have a new genetic make up.  (+ info)

A person with AIDS is likely to develop infectious diseases because the virus that causes AIDS?

A person with AIDS is likely to develop infectious diseases because the virus that causes AIDS

Your question doesn't make sense.  (+ info)

Can you get a virus or diseases from female masterbatition?

I know you can get one from a sore in your mouth and saliva touches the vagina, but is there any other way or type?

Not unless you have something on your hands or whatever it is you're using. Just make sure whatever you use is clean.  (+ info)

please relate the nutrition of a tobacco mosiac virus to how it cause diseases?

please, i need a little help for my biology project. your help is much appreciated! :) i will need the source where you got your info too (((: thank you thank you!

  (+ info)

What is a solution made from weakend virus particles that prevents viral diseases is called?

  (+ info)

Which diseases caused by a virus do not have a vaccine?

Also, what is a definition for IMMUNITY. thanks!

Let's see, the viruses that don't have a vaccine:
those are the big ones!  (+ info)

What is the difference between Bacteria and Virus which causes diseases of human beings?

Both infect the human bodies, but both have different genetic structures and can harm you in different ways.

bacteria are single celled organisms with a structure similar to that of a human cell. They have a nucleus, cell membrane and cytoplasm, like a human cell. They reproduce in the human body by asexual reproduction, which means that there is only or 'parent' and the cell splits to create another perfect copy, or clone, of the cell it split from. Bacteria can be slowed or denatured (killed) by anti biotics, except for MRSA bacteria which has formed a resistance to our antibiotics.

Viruses arent really living things as they only posses one of the 7 characteristics needed for life, this characteristic is reproduction. Also, a virus isnt even really a cell. It is a single strand of genetic material covered by a protein coat. Once inside the body it lands floats around until a cell comes by then it lands on it and often injects a poison into the cell. This poison changes the cells DNA, often to create another virus. . Once the copied virus has grown they break out of the weakened cell and float around like the parent virus. Viruses are unnafected by anti biotics because they dont eat like a living organism does, or respire, so there is no way of getting the antibiotic into the virus. So viruses are much harder to treat, as they must be left to be fought off by the body. However because they are resistant some viruses cannot be fought off by the body, an example is HIV and AIDS. this is why there is no cure for them and why it is likely there wont be one in the near future  (+ info)

What are the three diseases caused by a virus that kill the most people worldwide every year?

Aids, Influenza, and Ebola are pretty bad  (+ info)

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