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What is the treatment for Vulvovaginitis?

What is the treatment for Vulvovaginitis?

Inflammation of the vulva (vulvitis) and vagina (vaginitis) is called vulvo­vaginitis. Because of the proximity of these two structures, inflammation of one usually precipitates inflammation of the other. Vulvovaginitis may occur at any age and affects most females at some time. Prognosis is good with treatment.  (+ info)

What is vulvovaginitis?

I know it's a confusing word. Every time I go to the bathroom my bottom hurts and then it hurts for the rest of the day. My mom and I have been looking it up but I need more help. Please help me figure more out. Sometimes I have to go home from school because it hurts so bad. My mom said that she had it and when she started her period, it went away. But please help me.thanks!

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Can Vulvovaginitis be cured at home/with OTC medications?

*I know it's a lot to read, but please bare with me here*

A few weeks ago I experienced what I figured was a UTI (burning sensation while urination, and urinating very frequently). I took antibiotics left over from the last time I had had one (I took one tablet twice daily for about 4 days), and the UTI went away. Almost immediately after the painful urination/urinary frequency went away, I started noticing that I had a thick, white, paste-like discharge with an odd but not fishy-like odor. It was also extremely itchy, and I figured it was a yeast infection, so I used some Vagisil, though not regularly, and it helped the itching go away but because I had itched so much and so hard I had a cut right above my clitoris and it hurt around the opening to my vagina.

The itching has been going on for about a week or so, though its cut back the last two days. Me and my boyfriend had not had sex for about 2 weeks, given my condition, but I felt much better "down there" today, and we had sex. Immediately after, he noticed that my vulva was extremely swollen. He took a picture and showed me, sure enough, it was extremely swollen, and painful. He looked at it and said that it looked cracked, too.

Also. and I forgot to mention this earlier, I wash my vagina a lot. I know I shouldn't, but I do wash it out thoroughly with antibacterial soap, and then wash it out with a scented body wash. I rinse every time, but I know I shouldn't be washing it at all with the soaps or body washes. I won't be doing so from not on, so please do not lecture me.

We just looked it up online and a lot of the symptoms I am having seem to be related to Vulvovaginitis:
Irritation and itching of the genital area
Inflammation (irritation, redness, and swelling) of the labia majora, labia minora, or perineal area
Vaginal discharge
Discomfort or burning when urinating or while having sex

Is there any home remedy or over the counter medication/cream that will cure it?

And and all help is very greatly appreciated, thank you.

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i want to know what cause vaginitis vulvovaginitis and why i keep getting it and how to prevent it .?

can u get it from sex

Vaginitis (or Vulvovaginitis)

Vaginitis, now being called vulvovaginitis (inflammation of the vulva and vagina), is characterized by itching, redness, and a swollen vaginal opening. The three major causes of vaginitis are yeast infections, trich, and bacterial vaginosis. Vaginitis can also indicate the presence of other diseases. In addition, it can be caused by irritation as a result of insufficient lubrication due to hormonal changes that affect vaginal secretions.

Menopausal women frequently complain of vaginitis, which is aggravated by intercourse. Lubricating the vagina artificially should clear up vaginitis caused by dryness. The next time your doctor tells you that you have vaginitis, respond by asking, “And what’s causing it?”

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is vulvovaginitis contagious?

Yes, vaginitis, is caused by several different organisms, it can be Gardnerella, candidiasis, staphylococcus, Trichomonas, and some others less commonly, all of which are contagious under certain circumstances. Treat the problem accordingly.  (+ info)

Does it sound like I have a vaginal infection?

My discharge is clear, but the smell is similar to sweat.
I am not sure if this would contribute to the smell, but I just had my period and it ended yesterday.
I have had a yeast infection, and vulvovaginitis before. I am also taking the birth control pill.

when u have had infection of yeast u must take treatment at least once a month. it is just for precaution.
It looks to me it is start of ur disease,
buy a few Canesten Clotrimazole 500mg vaginal suppository and isert in vagina every week it will keep u fit  (+ info)

is vulvovaginitis curable?

Vulovovaginitis is defined as the inflammation of the vaginal canal which has extended to the vulva (the external female genitalia). It can be caused by bacteria (gardnerella), fungus (candida) or protozoans (trichomonas). The good news is there is a cure for the condition irregardless of the cause. Consult your medical specialist for proper management.  (+ info)

Does anyone have a little girl with vaginitis?

I have a 3 year old who has had labial adhesions twice since she was 2and 1/2 but has also suffered recurrent vulvovaginitis for two years. We have tried everything...changed soaps, no bubble baths, cotton clothing, I try to wipe her when she potties, yeast infection medication, etc. Nothing seems to work...I am so discouraged...we have been to the doc on multiple occasions and they keep saying the same...tried vinegar in the water, rinsing off after baths, etc. Does anyone know anything that helps for this and how to get rid of it or keep it from returning?

my 3.5 yr old daughter has very regular reoccurring yeast infections,urinary tract infections and bladder infections. I have done the same things, no bubble baths, wiping,etc but nothing helps, I live in FL now but when we went back home for a visit a little while ago, our doctor in IA suggested getting her kidneys checked. evidently if a valve isn't working correctly it can cause those problems plus a whole slew of others. anyway i am getting her kidneys checked soon so i will know.

ask your doctor about that, just an idea.
hope she gets better and ya'll figure it out soon-----Soul  (+ info)

Pain during intercourse.?

I've been experiencing a bad burning/stinging sensation during sex with my boyfriend. It's getting worse and lubrication is not helping. I think I might have vulvovaginitis. Does anybody know any home remedies that might help ease the pain until I can get to my ob-gyn? Or give me any advice at all? Thanks so much.

Don't have sex. I have this same problem. Doctors never found anything wrong with me. Some women just have this problem, but yes go to the doctor cause u could have a problem.  (+ info)

What do I do if..........?

What do I do if I have vulvovaginitis?

Can I just leave it to get better by itself or do I have to go to the doctors?
My labia Major burns when I pee and is red and sore to touch...

Please help beacuse I am getting worried..
I also have just had a bad cold and am still slightly run down, does it have anything to do with that?

You need to go see a doctor. There are many things that can cause vulvovaginitis. You don't know for certain what is causing it, so a doctor needs to determine that.

It could be bacterial, could be yeast, could be an allergic reaction or an STD.  (+ info)

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