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How do I handle a wound infection after back surgery? I am under my surgeon's care.?

I developed an infection in the surgical wound in my lower back about a week after surgery. I am now on antibiotics and see the surgeon every 2 - 3 days. The wound is still discharging some blood and yellow or white liquid. Do I need to be very careful of my activities? Is this wound dangerous? Is the fact that it is still bleeding some critical? I am not sure what to think, or whether or not to be worried.

I have had 6 surgeries on my spine and I've only had 1 infection. Just lucky I guess. As long as you are taking the antibiotics you will heal just fine!
FYI, you don't need to see the surgeon about the infection unless it's in your spine! I highly doubt that.  (+ info)

I have brown puss coming out of a stitched wound on my arm is this an infection?

I have brown puss oozing out of a wound on my arm that has 10 stitches in it, is this anything serious,an infection of some sort? It is a fair amount coming out of the wound not just a little bit.

It is infection. Get in touch with your doctor the soonest time possible.  (+ info)

What kind of infection follows an untreated gunshot wound?

Say a gunshot wound is delivered to the left shoulder. It is not deadly, but the bullet isn't removed until at least two weeks later with no treatment, medication or anything.

What kind of infections will happen, what symptoms will be there and what are the possible scenarios/treatments?

It depends on what bacteria contaminated the wound.

It's possible (although unlikely) that there would be no infection at all. If there is an infection, it will present with the usual symptoms: swelling, redness, and tenderness around the wound; foul discharge from the wound; fever, weakness, or other systemic symptoms; etc. Gunshot wounds, like puncture wounds, are vulnerable to anaerobic bacteria which cause infections like tetanus and botulism.

Treatment consists of appropriate antibiotics to kill the bacteria and supportive measures for the patient (hydration, pain relief, etc.).  (+ info)

How do you know if your wound has an infection?

I fell down about a week ago. And there doesnt seem to be a scab coming. At the beggining, there was alot of puss, so i put some peroxyde on it everyday to clean it. Now there are purple spots that are very small, and the scabs from the sides have tips that are yellow. Other from that, it is just red skin. Do i have an infection? If i do, what should i do?

pls, see your doctor for further treatment  (+ info)

Can sweat cause infection in open wound?

I have an open wound from a recently popped boil on my inner thigh. It no longer hurts but is still draining / bleeding a little. I want to go work out (just elliptical and circuit weight machines) after work but do you think that it will irritate or cause an infection in the wound if I sweat? I do have it taped up but not tightly.

If it were me I would wait. You have dirt, dust and bacteria all over your body.
If you sweat and beads of sweat carrying dirt and bacteria migrate down from the groin area ( or from any other areas) you could be asking for trouble. Taping it may not do the trick. That could further aggravate it.
Give yourself enough time for it to heal properly.  (+ info)

How long does it take for signs of wound infection to appear?

My husband got stuck in his hand by a date palm spike yesterday afternoon. It hurt all night last night, and not only hurt, but was stiff and painful to move this morning. The spike got him in the area between the thumb and first finger, and the pain radiates up both the thumb and first finger. Can infection show up that quickly (15 hours)? Or, is it more likely that the spike damaged a nerve or something inside his hand?

Thanks in advance for all your great answers!

Infection sets in about 1-2 days after injury.
If the spike was dirty, this increases the possibilty of getting an infection.

All injuries of the hand (includes the space between the thumb and finger) need to be treated. Infections notoriously can go deep into the hand and function can be lost. I speak through experience. I got stuck in my hand by a pin, I leaned back on the rug and it had been hidden. I ignored it. It got infected and it took weeks and weeks to treat.

Signs of infection include: increased redness, swelling, formation of pus. A clear,liquidy discharge is normal.

Puncture wounds are VERY prone to infection. He should receive a tetnus shot and also get it inspected by a doctor.

Meanwhile, have him soak the hand in warm, soapy water and then apply hot compressed to the area.

I wouldn't ignore this.  (+ info)

What is the most efficient way to cleanse a deep open wound and protect it from infection?

How often should the wound be cleansed and redressed?
What are the best products to use for this?

It cannot be restitched again, so it will have to heal from the inside out.

The wound is on the back.

Flood it with saline, using sterile technique apply an antibacterial agent, cover with clean sterile 2x2's or 4x4's depending on the size, cover the 2x2's with a large flat pad like a abdominal pad and tape making a square. Depending on drainage this should be replaced at least daily maybe 1-2 x's a day. You can get everything you need at Walgreens or CVS pharmacy. Also you may need an antibiotic (oral) from your doc. Watch for fever, redness, warmth to the touch as these are all signs of an infection. Good luck...  (+ info)

How long would it take someone with a gunshot shoulder wound to die of infection?

Assume a person is shot in the shoulder but a revolutionary flintlock rifle. They recieve no treatment except an inexpert bandage made from someone's shirt. They are then forced to march for ten days through the African wilderness. How far along would the infection of this injury be? I need the answer for a book that I'm writing.

It also depends on the medical history/ state of your character... a compromised immune system would probably cause infection to spread from the gunshot site to somewhere else, possibly even the heart. this is all hypothetical, and you are going to have to decide how lucky you want your character to be. Also, they might bleed to death anyway, if their blood didn't clot right or bone marrow was leaked into their bloodstream or an artery was knicked...

look up everything you need to know about your characters already existing conditions first (what you want them to be, i mean) and then decide.  (+ info)

Can u get a blood infection by putting hydrogenpyroxide in a deep open wound?

I got a cut that got 12 stitches and before i went to the doctor i put hydrogen pyroxide in it and some idiot in the place(not even a doctor) said something to the effect of putting hydo in a deep cut puts too much oxygen into the blood causing a blood infection is this true? Also can u explain to me if a blood infection is serious.

peroxide isn't good for any cut/scrape/and definitely not a wound......it does clean it, its kills the bad bacteria, but also the good ones, which makes it harder to heal.......use sterile water for deeper wounds and better yet, go to a doctor.  (+ info)

How long does it take for symptoms of staph infection show up in a skin wound??

I cut my hand pretty bad today at 7PM, went to the ER, I was treated at about 9 PM (They cleaned it with sodium chloride and applied stitches, then neosporin, and a band aid).

If my wound were to be infected, how long would it be before symptoms show up? A day? A week?

A couple days. Staph infection will move quickly and you will notice redness and warmth around the cut and this can be very painful. Watch it closely and keep it clean. If it develops redness and puss with heat and increased soreness, go back to your doctor to have it treated. Good luck!  (+ info)

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