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How would stab wounds to the hands be treated in a hospital?

Hey, so I was wondering (For something I'm writing) how stab wounds to a persons hands would be likely to be treated in a hospital? Stitches? Um...Staples?

Oh and also I need to know what would happen if (After the treatment) the wounds were to re-open? Would there a need for more stitches or something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

depends on the depth of the wounds, if deep enough, then stitches, they shouldn't re-open, but if they did need re stitching. If wounds slight then they can be glued together with special surgical glue, or the use of special strip plasters.  (+ info)

How long do stab wounds take to heal?

how long would a single stab wound (small knife 3"-4"ish) to the stomach if properly / promptly tended to at a hospital take to heal? Or how long is it before a victim of such an attack regains 80% of their full mobility?

Not enough information given here, but I will try.
It really depends on how deep and long the wound was and if it was a stab wound that was a ripping tearing type, such as one done with a dull or serrated knife blade or a smoother- cleaner slicing type of knife wound cut. Also if infection sets in or not and how healthy you are and how well nourished your are and so on.
Also it would depend on where on the body and whether more tendon or muscle-fat tissue was cut, because tendons and ligaments take longer to heal than anything else on or in the body, due to small blood supply and also if any bone was involved or joint areas too....it's hard to say.  (+ info)

How can people die instantly from heart attacks or gun shots or stab wounds?

Thanks, and looking for a medical type answer.

When people suffer these types of trauma, their body's homeostasis (balance) is thrown off. If homeostasis is thrown off enough, the body will not know what to do and will shut down. Heart attacks and gun shots can do it, although i have never heard of a stab victim dying instantly. Usually the bleeding causes death, and even in severe cases that can take minutes.  (+ info)

Can fat protect you from stab wounds?

I want to stab a large man.

I'd like to hit some internal organs, you know, to do a nice, clean job.
Would my regular prison shank work? or would I have to get something longer?

And how well would his fat protect him from the shank? I know that he'd still bleed and all (cause the capillaries have extended throughout the fatness), but would it give him a better chance at surviving the attack over my anorexic friend?
My shank is fairly sharp; I made it in shop from a spoon I stole from the table. It's about 15cm.
Man, what is with you Y!A people? Everyone answers the book recommendation and poll questions, but no one will help me determine the best way to harm a fat man?

You guys make me sick.
I would like to see a news article that left out the person's identity and put in "fat man" instead.

"Fat man stabbed!"

*lack of bio knowledge*
I suppose it depends how fat he is. In general, fat people not only have bigger bellies but bigger stomachs too (sad product of overeating).
15cm sounds long enough to hit the heart, though this depends on the fatness of the man. Wouldn't you just slide it between his ribs?
There might be some hormone/ chemical/ thing fat people produce more of that might help them withstand a stab attack?

I hope not to see a front page article about a fat man who got stabbed :P

Edit: Just imagine... :D  (+ info)

Is there I can make my body tough enough to sustain gunshot and stab and punch wounds?

I need the best recommended training you got.

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Maybe you can find the best protective gear  (+ info)

Are stab wounds supposed to hurt a year later?

Was stabbed with an ice-pick in between the ribs and into the left lung. Went to the emergency room and was stitched up and sent home. A year and a half later, it still "acts up" off and on, but frequently. Kind of feels like being stabbed does. There are no reddened areas or soreness on the surface, the pain is inside.

Wow! That's quite a story!! Mine isn't quite that bad, but when I was 10 (i'm 25 now) i stepped on a steak bone that went through my foot. It kept getting infected and was a nightmare for three months, anyway, it's too long a story. ANYWAYS, finally, they found there was a small piece of bone still in there and the wound closed up after they removed it/stitched it back up. It doesn't ALWAYS hurt, but i get severe "stabbing" pains in it once in awhile. Or if my husband is rubbing my feet and pushes on it, it hurts too. So, I would say yeah, there must be something to it..  (+ info)

How do you treat stab and burn wounds?

i can not get the person to the hospital. they are at their house and they told me they were stabbed and burned via text. i told him to go to the hospital but he wont go. so how do i tell him to treat his wounds?

Depends greatly on where you are. If your at home or in an urban enviroment , stab wounds can vary greatly. But normally if the object is still embedded in the body, leave it there and get to the hospital. removal of an embedded object can cause more damage and can cause the area to bleed out worse , specially if its (plugging) maintaining pressure on a vein or blood vessels. If the object was pulled out or fell out apply steady firm pressure. They do not suggest a tourniquet any more unless under dire condition it can cause more damage if left on too long or if done improperly.
In the Case of a burn, a cold rag or ice and head to the hospital. If its not a bad burn aloe, or some burn creme anti bacterial works fine.

Now if your not at home or in an urban area (lets say hiking, camping or something hours away from no where. Any injury is more dangerous (which is why first aid gear should always be available) but if there is no first aid and you or someone with you has a deep puncture wound you can bind and pressure with a shirt/cloth, sadly sometimes a Tourniquet is required in field medicene simply cause you have no access to other means. the rule about leaving the object in is debatable in this situation and it on a case by case if you need to move (no communication) to get help leaving it in can slow or hamper movement, on a limb you can atleast pressure and tourniquet if you have to, on the torse though its better to wait for help since internal bleeding and damage can be worse after removal. Burns in the wild can be addressed a few ways, non bleeding non open burns can recieve mud packs it draws the heat out nicely, and can be used as ice would normally, or if your near a stream wet cloth. Bad burns there isnt much you can do besides hope you have first aid/medkit with you. mud packs on bad open burns is not good since it can lead to infection and infection out in no where is even worse.

In all cases its best to let a trained medical person address the situation by going to the hospital or calling the ambulance.Sadly its not always possiable though.

And in this case since they are texting and you know the person call the ambulance for them if you feel its not a hoax. i somehow feel someone stabbed and burned would seek help, i know i would.  (+ info)

A friend of mine recently suffered multiple stab wounds. Will he experience any life long damage?

He was stabbed several times in both shoulders. He's going to be okay, but we're wondering what kinds of permanent damage, if any, he may suffer in his shoulders.

Possible decrease or loss of mobility in one or both arms. It all depends how deeply he was cut, whether nerves were hit and how well the doctors were able to stitch him back up.  (+ info)

is there anything that really works to get rid of big scars, such as a couple stab wounds?

i got stabbed a couple times, it was a little over two years ago, but I just want the scars gone.

That's not going to happen unfortunately, when you get scars they're there for the rest of your days. you can however buy cream to reduce their appearance.  (+ info)

Recovering from gunshot wounds or stab wounds?

I was watching Law and Order earlier and it got me to thinking about the subject....

Has anyone out there on YA recovered from a gunshot or stab wound? What did the doctors/paramedics/other medical personnel do for you? How long did it take to recover? Tell it all.

Also, anyone in the medical field is welcome to respond as well.

Hi there,
I was shot in the stomach 2 years ago. This is a very basic rundown of what happened in my situation in relation to my wound.

The doctors removed the bullet in my gut and cleansed and scrubbed the wound with soap to remove foreign material.

They then used a syringe to provide high-pressure irrigation. (very sore!)

They removed the dead tissue from the wound with a scalpel. After cleaning the wound, they put a topical antibiotic ointment on it which I had to apply up to 3 times per day.

Once the wound was clean, they stitched the wound.

They gave me antibiotics for about 5 days after all signs of infection have cleared.

Then I put the bullet in my wallet and it's been there ever since! :-)  (+ info)

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