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How long does a Karyotype blood test take?

I've been waiting 7 weeks for the results of a karyotype blood test to come back. Does anyone have any experience of how long these tests normally take on the NHS?

About a month.  (+ info)

A male with XYY chromosomes more likely to have a boy child?

I'm doing some Research and i can't find out what the offspring of people with chromosomes paired differently would be. I know it is a slim chance, but what would the offspring of XYY and XXY?
Thank you!

well I did a chart. write xyy horizontally and write xxy vertically (or vice versa), then pair them up. I got, xx, xy, xy, xx,xy,xy, xy, yy, yy. Since you can't have a child with yy, just igorne that. So they have a boy to girl ratio of 5:2 (xx is a girl, and xy is a boy). Hope I help  (+ info)

Is it possible to have XYY in a man ?

What is the possibility of XYY in man because of one I saw on a CSI episode where he had it. My guess if it exists all of them are criminals right or wrong ? Also if it exists what are the extras you have for being a mutant ?

XYY is a genetic mutation basically, not everyone with this mutation is going to be a criminal no. but criminals that have this, it gives us a better understanding as to why. basically XYY, supermale, the extra Y is an extra boost of aggression and the normal things tied into being male. things are doubled like sexual organs, but he'll have more raging hormones and more agression.  (+ info)

How does a karyotype differ from a pedigree?

This is for my science homework and I dont have a book home so... help me

and karyotype is when they take the genes from the baby and match the identical ones up to find any genetic disorders
A pedigree is a chart showing how and where a genetic disorder is inherited.  (+ info)

What are two chromosomal abnormalities diagnosed from a karyotype?

There are many more than two but since that is what you requested in your question, that is what I will give you.

Chromosomal abnormalities that lead to disease in humans include:
Turner syndrome
Klinefelter syndrome

A complete listing can be found using the link below.  (+ info)

Can ALL diseases be identified on a karyotype?&what r2 ways doctors canget cells 4 karyotypes of unborn child?

No, of course not.
Amniocentesis and Chorionic villus Biopsy  (+ info)

How do the chromosomal conditions , trisomy X,XYY syndrome and turner Syndrome differ?

Normally there are 26 pairs ie 46 chromosomes in human body. In trisomy there is an extra chromosome ie 47 (xx/xy + 13 or 18 or 21) where as in turner 's syndrome body is short of one chromosome ie 45 (xo).  (+ info)

On my karyotype how can I tell if its a boy or a girl?

I wanna know what Im having?

  (+ info)

Does anyone know of a website where I can find a Karyotype of someone affected with Parkinson's Disease?

Or a Pedigree chart with family members affected?

You might try the following sites:

You can probably contact the parties involved with this study of siblings because that information is available at the site.

I'm not sure that the next site wil be as helpful:

You might also find info at the site below BUT you do need to be a member:

The sites below reference the same study but differently:


What you are seeking is not going to be that easy to find as you already know.   (+ info)

How long does karyotype testing take to get back, in the USA? We used Quest Diagnostics?

It's usually around one to two weeks, but can vary a little.

Click on the link below for the company's info on test-result times, hope it helps.

http://www.questdiagnostics.com/kbase/topic/medtest/hw6392/results.htm  (+ info)

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