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When is it secure for someone with herpes zoster be in contact with others?

My aunt has it and she is wondering when can she go back to work 'cause she works at a school and she is scared the kids might get it.

The only thing she can give to kids is chicken pox.
Not shingeles ( herpes zoster) and it is rare that the kids will get it.
Most have had vaccines any way for chicken pox.
There are millions of people walking around with it .
And I know people in teaching who go around kids with it and it has never caused any problems or contacts.

You can spread the infected area on your self though so if she has it near her face, she needs to be very careful.
Also satying out of the sun helps while it is active.

Therei stons of info online about it too.

She only really should be careful around infants ( like not holding them) or an adult who has never had chicken pox and has a weakened immune system  (+ info)

Are there any know cases of one person getting herpes zoster from another?

I am aware that the virus that causes chicken pox is from the same family and is contagious.

"Herpes zoster" generally refers to shingles, the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus which causes chickenpox. A person must first have chickenpox at one point before being able to have shingles, as the virus remains latent in the ganglia of nerve cells until later in life when it flares up again, for whatever reason, be it stress, immunodeficiency, or what have you. I do not believe it to be contagious in the herpes zoster form as the actual virus is deep within the nerves.  (+ info)

How can I reduce the sine on my nose and forehead after washing my face?

I use L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Exfoliating Scrub (the orange one). I love this wash and it makes my skin feel soft immediately but every time I wash my face, my nose and forehead get real shiny (not oily). Even if I try putting makeup on, the shine is still there.

Is there any way to reduce the shine?

Well, you need to moisturize, for openers, but you can use mattifying lotion. It's fairly easy to find.  (+ info)

what kind of food is recommended for patients suffering from herpes zoster?

the patient has got blister's on the left hand and is suffering from pain.The doctor's prescribed medicine is given to the patient.

Avoid foods rich in arginine - Arginine is required for the herpes virus to replicate. As such, eating foods high in arginine, especially peanuts, chocolate and almonds, is associated with more frequent herpes outbreaks. The same holds true for dietary supplements containing arginine. These often include oral growth-hormone secretagogues and supplements designed to correct erectile dysfunction or enhance sexual potency.

Consume foods rich in the amino acid lysine - Studies indicate that herpes viruses extract lysine from the bloodstream, thinking it is arginine, as both have very similar chemical structures. Once inside, the virus attempts to use lysine to make protein VII (an arginine-rich protein that is at the viral core), but the attempt Ms. Thus, the virus is unable to replicate. As such, lysine acts like an arginine substitute, which fools the virus and prevents it from replicating and causing outbreaks. Foods that contain high levels of lysine include most vegetables, legumes, fish, turkey and chicken.

Avoid alcohol - Alcohol weakens the immune system and is a known trigger for herpes outbreaks.

Reduce intake of refined sugars and aspartame - Anecdotal reports suggest consuming refined sugar increases the frequency of herpes outbreaks. Other reports suggest the same holds true for aspartame-sweetened soft drinks.

Vegan diet-Some individuals report success controlling herpes outbreaks by avoiding the consumption of all animalbased foods. Overall, it certainly makes sense to eat a largely plant-based diet and only eat fish, chicken, turkey and low-fat plain yogurt, if animal foods are to be consumed at all.

Consume broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables daily - Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and bok choy contain an active ingredient known as the indole-3-carbinol, which has been shown to inhibit replication of herpes viruses. Individuals consuming these foods daily and supplementing with indole-3-carbinol have reported decreased frequency of herpes outbreaks.

http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3987/is_20080422/ai_n25369673  (+ info)

How does the Varicella-zoster virus interact with the body to cause the symptoms of chickenpox?

What you're asking is what is the pathophysiology of the disease, right? The virus enters the respiratory tract and quickly replicates. VZV is an enveloped, double-stranded DNA virus. It attaches to the wall of the cell it invades and then enters the cell. The virus uncoats and is transported to the nucleus where the viral DNA replicates creating new virions that are eventually released from the cell to infect other cells. Since there's gas exchange in the respiratory tract, the virus is certainly small enough to enter the blood and then is carried through the bloodstream to the skin where it causes a rash. While the virus is in the bloodstream (before the rash begins) it causes typical viral symptoms like fever, fatigue, joint pains, headache, and swollen glands. These are immune responses. Kinda fundamental.

Are you asking this because you have homework to finish?  (+ info)

It has been awhile sine I bought canned tuna, and the can I bought the other day was labeled, "Chunk Light,"

but this not not chucks. It was more like little shreds of tuna meat. Is this the usual way tuna is sold? It was a well know brand name.

it did not used to be like that, but it is now ....... so now I buy only solid white in water. The rest is like mush  (+ info)

How do i know if i have depression? What do i do sine my mom wont get me help?

My mom is just letting me be sad, she doesnt think i have depression, but i do. So does my friend Tracie who my mom wont even let me talk to just because she said that. I was going to a therapist but my mom took me out of it after 3 visits. What am i supposed to do? I have depression and there is nothing i can do about it!

of course, there's plenty you can do about it. go to the library and get acquainted with the self-help section on depression. when you have access to school, get to know your school counselor or psychologist. ask them for resources. join depression support groups online.  (+ info)

Can I get a medical marijuana card sine I have polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

I just want to know, because I know someone that is getting one just because he has nausea. I should be able to get one with my disease, right?

Medical marijuana is prescribed specifically for certain conditions. The three most common are cancer patients to treat nausea, cataract patients to treat interocular pressure, and MS patients to treat neurological pain. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a doc to prescribe medical marijuana for conditions which might be controlled with traditional medications. The three conditions listed above are not effectively controlled by any medications currently in existence.  (+ info)

How many days should i wait to get preganant after recovering from zoster shingles?

From what I understand shingles is the chickenpox that has lain dormant in your system then acted up...also very painful...but once shingles shows up can't it recur whenever it wants to??? If that is the case, then I would wait simply for you to recover and feel better before getting pregnant...  (+ info)

What are sine realli good hair ideas for meduim length har and some awesome outfit ideas?

youre asking for a lot of advice and being really vague..  (+ info)

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